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Kenyan private sector and civil society aim at tackling corruption

NAIROBI (Xinhua) -- Kenya’s private sector and civil society on Monday said that they will adopt a new mechanism to tackle corruption.

Lee Karuri, chairman of the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) Foundation, told a media briefing in Nairobi that a forum on fighting corruption will approach the task in a concerted manner, with the aim of developing sectoral, cross-sectoral and multi-sectoral interventions to curb corruption.

“During this month of October, sector-based conversations shall be held to develop anti-corruption strategies that are specific to the sectors,” Karuri said.

The multi-sectoral forum against corruption is a platform for engagement with leaders from various sectors of society around a unified and well-coordinated multi-sectoral approach to national development and achievement of the national economic blueprint Vision 2030 based on a diverse and inclusive partnership model.

It draws its sectoral representation from the private sector, religious community, media, professionals, youth, women, trade unions, civil society, academia as well as development partners.

Karuri added that the government has shown a renewed commitment in the fight against corruption.

“We also appreciate the efforts of others that have been championing matters around corruption, notably the media and the religious sector,” he noted.

“However, these efforts alone are not sufficient to generate the desired outcome,” said Karuri.

Under the new strategy to combat corruption, all sectors shall go through a process of self-reflection to identify all forms of corruption that exist within their various sectors, and design holistic sector-based strategies, he added.

Some of the emerging proposals include strong sectoral enforcement of existing codes of conduct, including internal disciplinary measures, Karuri said.

He observed that enrolling and mobilizing citizens in the fight against corruption will be one of many cross-sectoral strategies that will be implemented.

“The sectoral conversations will lead up to the National Anti-Corruption Conference that will be held in the month of November,” he added.

Patrick Obath, vice chairman of KEPSA Foundation, said that the country loses up to 8 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) to corruption while one third of public resources are lost to the vice.

It is a high time that corruption was regarded as theft of opportunities, theft of finances and theft of time, and anyone who engages in corruption is therefore a thief, and should face the full consequences of the law, Obath said.



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