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Marijuana is now legal in South Africa for
private use, rules constitutional court

JOHANNESBURG South Africa (Xinhua) -- The South African constitutional court on Tuesday ruled it is legal to cultivate and consume marijuana for personal use.

The highest court in the land has decriminalized the private use of marijuana. Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo has upheld the Western Cape High Court’s ruling that marijuana can be used at home and ruled that Parliament must change its Drug Trafficking and Medicines Control Acts.

However, the judgment did not spell out the amount that can be used by an adult in private use. But Justice Zondo said this must be determined by parliament. It must be for the personal use of the person.

The court admitted medical studies that showed alcohol caused more harm than marijuana and that there was little data to show that criminalizing marijuana reduced harmful use.

Justice Zondo said he took into account international law allowing the private use of marijuana at home.


Tanzania to support South Africa in teaching Kiswahili: minister

DAR ES SALAAM  Tanzania (Xinhua) -- Authorities in Tanzania said on Tuesday they were ready to support the government of South Africa’s move to teach Kiswahili in its schools.

Tanzanian Deputy Minister for Education, Science and Technology, William Ole-Nasha, said the east African nation was ready to offer South Africa Kiswahili teachers.

South Africa Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga said that Kiswahili has been approved to be taught at public, private and independent schools as an optional language for learners.

Ole-Nasha said the Kiswahili Council of Tanzania and the Tanzania Professional Swahili Institute were ready to grab the opportunity because they have enough teachers.

“We are aware that we will face competition from other countries, including Kenya but I am confident that many Tanzanians will be employed because we have the best Kiswahili teachers in the world,” said Ole-Nasha.

Selemani Sewangi, the Secretary General of the Kiswahili Council of Tanzania, said the move by the South African government to teach Kiswahili will open employment doors for Tanzanian Kiswahili teachers.

Kiswahili is Tanzania’s official language spoken by almost all Tanzanians regardless of their over 120 tribes. Kiswahili is also regarded as a unifying language in the country of more than 50 million people.


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