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Coastweek -- Seen [from left] Shobha, Beatrice, Vishal, Nigel, Deepak.
Norbert Fernandes in the Top 8 at the National Singles

Coastweek -- The National Singles Championships of Kenya Bowling Association for 2018 were held at Limuru Country Club Bowling Green on 21st and 22nd July and 28th and 29th July 2018.

For the very first time we had a total of 7 participants from Mombasa Sports Club Bowls Section.

They were Norbert Fernandes, Shobha Bij, Vijay Bij, Deepak Vyas, Vishal Shah, Totahira Syed and Jaleel Syed.

The weather in Limuru was extreme cold to hot sun and showers in the second week.

A total of 27 Bowlers registered for the Championships divided into Men and Ladies categories.

We had 20 Men and 7 ladies in count as we commenced on the 21st July 2018.

Men were organized into 4 leagues f 5 men and Ladies were going to be playing Round Robin.

Week 1:  21st and 22nd July 2018 were league games for Men. League A had Vishal shah with Charles Wambugu (veteran international bowler), Cephas Kimwaki (Current champion), J Kamau and Joseph Kitosi (2016 Champion).

Vishal battled with Charles Wambugu and lost 16 shots v 20 shots for Charles. Then Vishal won 21shots v 9 shots against J Kamau.

With the reigning Champion Cephas Kimwaki, lost 10 shots to 21 shots.

Norbert Fernandes was in League B with Andrew Jones (KBA Competitions Secretary), Bernard Ndungu (Men’s Team manager for AST and Commonwealth Games), David Salmon and J Muchina from Limuru.

Norbert won both his games against David and Muchina 21 shots v 10 and 21 shots v 9 shots respectively.

Norbert then won one more game to enter the Quarter Finals in the second week.

League C had Deepak Vyas with Joseph Njagi (AST Player) James Ngugi (Former Singles Champion plus International Bowler), Mutisya from Ruiru and Benson K Wambugu from Karen.

Deepak unfortunately lost all his 3 games and opted to forfeit his last game in the 2nd week.

League D had Vijay Bij and Jaleel Syed with J Karimi from Ruiru, J Gachuiri from Limuru and Maina from Ruiru.

Both Vijay and Jaleel won 1 game each and battled it against each other in the 2nd week.

Jaleel won 21 shots v 15 shots for Vijay.

Our lady participants Shobha Bij and Totahira Syed had good experience playing Kenya’s Top lady Bowlers namely Susan Wambugu (Former Singles Champion for 2016), Eunice Wambui (Current Champion), Essie Walker (Best Player in AST 2017 in Johannesburg, South Africa) and Sophie Kahumu (AST Player).

Shobha won 21 shots v 9 shots for Totahira.

Eunice Wambui maintained her Title as the ladies Champion with Sophie Kahumu as Runners Up.

In the Men’s Championships Andrew Jones and Benson Wambugu and James Ngugi and J Gachuiri battled it out in the Semi Finals.

And in the finals we had 2 Karen Bowlers namely Andrew Jones and Benson Wambugu.

Benson won 21 shots v 18 shots for Andrew to lift the Championship Trophy for the First Time.

Congratulations to Benson Wambugu from Mombasa bowlers!



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