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KSPCA’s Upcoming Diani Goat Derby, Shaggy Dog Show

Coastweek -- I do hope everyone is well and enjoying some sunshine down here at the coast after all that rain.

What a soggy mess everything was.

We still think that we have a python around here as three of our office cats have gone missing and these are cats that never stray far from the office.

The problem is that it probably goes straight back into Haller Park  after ‘dinner’.

We now shut up the outside cats at night.

We have had some very stressful cases brought in over the last two months.

A 4 week old kitten whose throat had been cut and was full of maggots.

At lease someone found it and brought it here.

Several dogs and cats have been brought in that have been hit by vehicles, including a monkey.

We have had three cases of rabies – two in one day.

One was a dog from the Bamburi Police Station, the second one was from a vet in Shanzu.

One of his clients had brought in a dog and he suspected it to be rabid.

The third one was a report of a suspected case of rabies at Msambweni, down by the Tanzania border which we had to go down to deal with.

That took up most of the day.

We have been in contact now with the Government Vet for that area and asked him to go and check the other dogs on the premises and the area in general.

We had four puppies brought in from the Ribe School three weeks ago.

Suddenly they started to show the classic signs of rabies and they have had to be put down.

The heads will be taken to Mariakani Vet Labs for confirmation.

We continue to have an endless stray cat problem at the coast with so many requests for cat trapping from hotels, schools etc. At the moment we are only trapping the most serious cases.

We have managed to check out several slaughter houses in the last couple of months, 2 in Malindi, 1 in Vipingo, 2 at Mtito Andei, 1 in Taveta and 1 in Voi.

The next lot to be visited are down at the South Coast, Msambweni and Kwale areas.

Also the Mariakani and Mombasa slaughter houses.

As you know, our Chief Inspector arrives in the middle of the night, unannounced.

Even if the cattle have been slaughtered early, he can still check the heads to make sure that the stun gun (captive bolt) had been used.

He found several problems and these were dealt with.

We have had a very good couple of months of fund raising.

In June we started with our Golf Event up at Vipingo Ridge.

This was so successful with most of the holes being sponsored and many golfers came up to play, including a lot of people from Diani.

My very sincere thanks to Vipingo Ridge for allowing the KSPCA to use their beautiful golf course for this incredibly successful fund raising event and to my wonderful fund raising team who helped to organize this for me.

Our next event was the Summer Fair at the Bahari Beach Hotel organized by Nova and Carine.

We had almost 60 tables and there were also car boots in the car park.

Despite the rain there were many visitors and the event was held in two of their air-conditioned conference rooms so everyone was cool and comfortable.

Then we had our Fun Game Count at the Ngutuni Conservancy and I understand that everyone thoroughly enjoyed this.

Then there was the Diani Dog Show organized by Pauline McKenzie who, as usual, put on a great event.

We had a total of 32 dogs.

My sincere thanks to Aquapet who provided so many prizes that we were able to add on a couple of extra classes.

We ended up with a three way tie for Champion so it was decided to bring the three dogs back into the ring and the first one to shake the Judge’s hand would be the champion.

Well, they all refused! So we ended up with three champions and only one rosette!

Despite the fact that plastic bags have been banned for some time now the garbage which is strewn around this country is unbelievable.

I lost a very beautiful German Sheppard recently.

I took her on as a half dead starving puppy and slowly she gained weight and turned into such a lovely dog.

She became ill and I took her to the vet.

They could not find anything wrong despite the various tests that were done and she just refused to eat.

I had to have her put to sleep and they did a postmortem and found she was full of black plastic bags!

I do not have any plastic bags where I live and the only way that this could have happened is the crows picking them up and dropping them on my plot.

We got a call from a farmer a little while ago.

He had had to have a cow slaughtered for the same reason and when she was opened up, again, she was full of plastic bags. 

He asked KSPCA to collect the cow and use the meat for the dogs and cats.

Seriously, people in this country need to be educated about garbage disposal.

Too many animals have been lost this way.

Driving along the road one will find cows and goats eating at garbage dumps.  e asked  Crows down here at the coast – well that is another story

We have two confirmed fund raising events coming up:  The Diani Goat Derby is on the 14th October and the Shaggy Dog Show  is at Vipingo Ridge on the 27th October.

So please put these dates in your diaries.

We do not do fund raising during the months of August and September as too many people are away overseas.

We really do need to teach people to be more compassionate towards animals.

This includes not only domestic but wildlife as well.

The way some dogs and cats are brought in to the KSPCA reduces us to tears sometimes.

It is quite unbelievable how badly they have been mistreated.

We have had many cats and cats with kittens brought into our office tied inside a sack, sometimes this sack is then put into a box, which drives me absolutely crazy.

Peoples just don’t think – perhaps if we tell them their brain is an ‘App’ they will use it!

The way chickens and ducks etc. are transported, upside down by their legs, crammed into tiny containers on roof racks, pigs tied on the back of motor bikes.

It is very difficult to deal with these people as by the time we get the report they are long gone.

How can we deal with this issue?

They should be apprehended at the many road blocks that we are subjected to each day.

The next time that I am asked for ‘chai’ I shall give them a tea bag!

Must remember to buy some and put them in my car.

I would like you to meet our Branch Manager and our Assistant Branch Manager.

I have to admit that they do not pull their weight around here but are more than happy to spend the entire day pulling each other around by their Branch.

My sincere thanks to all our wonderful supporters and my team of awesome fund raisers who keep the Mombasa Branch of the KSPCA going.

From Di Purchase, the staff and her fund raising team and our many furry
four legged friends who would just love to have a happy, caring home.

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