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Coastweek -- Naomi Wafula (left), Nyali Bowl Winner with a score of 151 during 2018 Ladies Coast Open at Nyali Golf and Country Club, receives a trophy from KLGU Chairman Lucy Mahimga and NGCC Lady Captain Pauline Gachihi.
Celebrating 70 Years of Ladies Coast Open

Coastweek -- Every year around this time there is a special week of golf fiesta in the golfing ladies’ calendar which brings together the largest number ladies from all over the country and also from some of our neighbouring countries, a strong contingent of Tanzanians being a regular presence for the last several years.

The occasion is the Ladies Coast Open Meeting. 

This year’s Coast Open was however even more special because it marked an important landmark in the journey that this event has made, being played continually 70 years from the time it started way back in 1948 at Mombasa Golf Club, which was the only golf course then in existence at the Coast. 

The men’s Coast Open had already been initiated earlier and was held regularly over the last weekend of July when the weather is generally cooler at the Coast and being the time of the long school holidays, it drew golfers from up country in large numbers who combined it with a family holiday at the Coast. 

It was therefore not surprising that the ladies at the Coast decided to stage their own competition to give an opportunity to the up country ladies accompanying their golfing husbands to indulge in some swinging activities of their own.

Thus started the Ladies Coast Open following the weekend after the men’s Barry Cup.

In due course of time, Nyali course came into being, having been developed from an initial 9 hole course to 12, 15 and finally what is now the full fledged 18 hole course.

In a sisterly spirit of sharing, Mombasa ladies invited Nyali to join in and co host the event.

This was expanded further to include Leisure Golf Club in 2000 and Vipingo Ridge Golf Club in 2013 to crystalise into what is today a marathon of 7 rounds of golf over 6 days on 4 courses, comprising a   medal round at each of the Clubs, Nyali staging two rounds in a day, while Mombasa and Nyali continue with their original arrangement of hosting alternatively Ladies Foursomes and Mixed Greensomes.

What makes the event gripping is that every course played on presents its unique challenge.

There is no time either for warming up and gently getting into the swing of things.

It is straight into the deep end from day one which opens with a medal round  at the demanding Leisure Golf Club with its water hazards and hundreds of bunkers strewn all over the course.

The 36 holes medal round at Nyali is a real test of endurance while Vipingo combines its water hazards with deep rough verging just off the fairways.

Mombasa is deceiving in being  considerably shorter than the other three courses but demands utmost focus and attention, with a potential of out of bounds on practically every hole due to its tight, narrow fairways combined with strong wind blowing from the sea that takes the ball off its intended path.

Over the last few years, the Tanzanian players have dominated the Open Meeting and were expected to continue with their good performance.

But this year, our Kenyan girls came with intent and on Monday 30th July, the opening day at Leisure, the defending champion Angel Eaton from Tanzania nearly lost her Leisure Trophy title to a determined Kellie Gachaga.

Eaton managed to retain her   title by the margin of just a shot with her five over par 76 to Kellie’s 77.

The same pattern repeated further down with the Tanzanian Iddy Madina taking third spot with 79, Naomi Wafula from Kenya following a shot behind on 80 in the fourth place.

After an interlude of a less taxing game of Ladies Foursomes at Nyali on Tuesday, on Wednesday it was back to medal round at Nyali, not one but two squeezed in a day.

Angel Eaton  did not have the best of starts, making a double bogey on the 4th and a bogey each on the 7th and the 9th,  saving just one shot off a two club on the 6th, finishing three over par 39 on the first nine.

Worse was to come in the second nine, with a double bogey on the par five 11th and  bogeys on the 12th, 13th and the 17th, with just a shot saved with yet another two club, on the 15th, to finish four over par 39, a total of 78.

In the afternoon session, she played better, no double bogeys but seem to have lost her touch on par threes, dropping a shot each on the 3rd, 6th, 10th and the 15th and with one more dropped on the par four 8th, with the only birdie on the par five 11th, she finished with 75 and the grand total of 153.

Unlike at Leisure, Kellie Gachaga was not in hot pursuit of Angel, in fact she was quite a way behind with both rounds in eighties, 80 and 81, respectively.

Coastweek -- Sammy Kamau (left) and Florence Karimi, winners during Mixed Greensomes at Mombasa Golf Club during Ladies Coast Open, receives a return ticket, Mombasa to Dubai from Ibrahim Temam, Traffic and Sales Manager - Mombasa, Ethiopian Airline.


Angel was however chased and overtaken by Naomi Wafula.

Naomi made a perfect start with a brilliant  first nine of three under par 33, setting the tone with a flying birdie start on the par five 1st, followed by a bogey but two 2 clubs on the 3rd and the 6th and another birdie on the 8th put her three  shots ahead.

The momentum was however lost on the second nine, where two double bogeys, on the 12th and the 13th and a bogey on the 16th put her back to five over par 40, a total of one over par 73.

Her afternoon performance was less impressive, with a bogey start on the 1st, followed by two more, on the 3rd and the 4th and worse a double on the 5th.

With five over par 41 in the first nine she was in danger of losing the plot but steadied herself on the back nine, dropping only two shots to bogeys on the 13th and the 14th, closing the afternoon session with 78 and the grand total of 151 which turned out to be the best of the day and clinched the Nyali Bowl for her.

Angel took the second position but not without having to fight off a challenge from her compatriot Iddy Madina who also brought a score of 153.

With a good opening round of 74, Madina threatened not only Angel but also challenged Naomi.

However, she fell back in the afternoon carding  a string of bogeys,  on the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th and 9th   finished with a six over par 42 score in the first nine which combined with her back nine score of two over par 37 ended with eight over 79, losing  out on count back to Angel.

On the parallel side of handicap scoring, Carol Kiengo playing in Bronze Division produced an impressive ten under handicap round of 61 in the afternoon, following upon her morning round of nett 70 to take the Rose Bowl trophy for the Best Nett score.

Her gross score of 93 placed her ahead of seventeen players in Silver Division.

Naomi prevailed again the next day, Thursday 2nd August at Vipingo albeit not without fighting off a challenge, Madina Iddy being involved in the tie with the same score, but the level of scoring at Vipingo dropped to eighty, the ever present rough not too far from any fairway taking its toll on the entire field, not a single score in the seventies.   

The course extracted a heavy price from Naomi through a triple bogey on the 3rd and three bogeys, on the 2nd, 7th and 9th she ended with a total of 41 in the first nine but then she settled down to do a better back nine with 39, losing three shots to bogeys, on the 13th, 15th and  16th.

Madina played a more even round of two equal nines of 40 and thereby lost out again on count back by a shot to Naomi’s 39 on the second nine.

She dropped four shots in the first nine to bogeys on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 7th and in the back nine although she dropped six shots to bogeys, including a double on the last hole, she made up a couple of shots with birdies on par five 11th and 15th.

Action then moved to Mombasa Golf Club, the sea front course being back in the game after being excluded for a couple of years for allowing women caddies without Kongu handicaps to participate in the Open in contravention of KLGU rules.

To side track a little, this should serve as a good lesson, always obey the law.

If you disagree with the law, mount a campaign and put up your case to try and change it but while it is on the books, do not flout it.

It was fitting therefore that on its 70th anniversary, the curtain on the Ladies Coast Open 2018 came down at the Front Club where it had all started way back in the past.

Equally fitting was the fact that Mombasa Cup was retrieved back for Kenya by Kellie Gachaga who, having tried and failed to assert herself in the contest at Leisure, finally succeeded at Mombasa.

Kellie not only won Mombasa Cup but did it in great style with a fantastic one over par score of 73, her nearest rival Naomi being eight shots adrift.

After starting steadily with three straight pars, Kellie fumbled a bit on the 4th and 7th, which she bogeyed but worse, a double bogey on the 6th set her back four shots.

She however made a great recovery with two consecutive birdies to end the first nine with two over par 38.

Back nine contained birdies on the 13th and 17th, but her two shot gain being lost by just a shot through a bogey on the 16th, ended with one under par 35.

Naomi had a disastrous start with a double bogey on the 3rd, bogeys on the 4th and 6th and worse, a horrible quintuple bogey on the 7th adding up to a big number of eight over par 44 in the first nine from which she never quite recovered although she made a valiant effort with two over 37 in the back nine.  This came in spite of a bogey on the 16th and a double on the easy par five 17th, thanks to birdies on the 11th and the 13th.

There was some silver lining to the dark clouds though, her back nine 37 coming to aid her fight off a challenge, again from Madina Iddy who also carded 81 but with a breakdown of 39 and 42, thereby losing on count back yet again!

The last day was, as always a fun day, in the form of Mixed Greensomes at Mombasa Golf Club, ladies inviting gentlemen to join in the fun.

Congratulations to the winners and all the participants and many thanks to the Lady Captains and their team of organisers who worked tirelessly to present a successful and very enjoyable Coat Open Meeting.

Last and not the least, asanteni all the sponsors, too numerous to name here, for your very generous support for the ladies golf.

Full Results

Leisure Golf Club

Silver Gross       Silver Nett
Winner: Angel Eaton 76 
Runner up: Kellie Gachaga 77 
Third: Madina Iddy 77
Fourth: Naomi Wafula 80
Faith Ortune 71
Allison Thety 73
Mwongeli Nzioki 74
Vicky Elias 76


Bronze Gross   Bronze Nett    
Winner:  Kerry Venturini 98
Runner up: Maureen Wroe 101 
Third: Jaimmie Gachaga 101  
Fourth: Naomi Wafula 80
Alice Mwangi 81
Maria Muthee 82
Mary Wainaina 84
Mary Mariga 85

Nyali Golf Club

Scratch Winner Nyali Bowl Naomi Wafula 151.

Best Nett Winner Rose Bowl Carol Kiengo 131.

Silver Gross       Silver Nett
Winner: Naomi Wafula 151    
Runner up: Angel Eaton 153
Third: Madina Iddy 153
Fourth: Vicky Elias 156
Loise Akinyi 142
Susan Stokes 143
 Lucie Maina 144
Rachel Ndei 145

Best Nett A M: Ashley Awuor 68

Best Nett P M: Faith   Ontune 68

Bronze Gross   Bronze Nett    
Winner: Rosemary Kioni 185
Runner up: Kerry Venturini 187 
Third: Mary Kandu 188   
Fourth: Hilda Mugure 188
Jammie Gachaga 141   
Alice Mwangi 142
Catherine Mungai 143
 Lena Breitner 145

Best Nett A M: Petty Kigwe 70

Best Nett P M: Grace Kibe 70


Winners: Irene Auma & Carol Kienga 278

Runners Up: Loise Akinyi & Joy Ndonga 291

Mombasa Golf Club

Silver Gross       Silver Nett
Winner: Kellie Gachaga 73
Runner up: Naomi Wafula 81 
Third: Madina Iddy 81 
Mary Kandu 73
Rachel Ndei 73 
Terresia Wainaina 74


Bronze Gross     Bronze Nett
Winner: Jaimee   Gachaga 94
Runner up: Jayne Githere 96
Third: Rita Njeru 96  
Hilda Mugure 73
Susan Mwangi 76
Petty Kigwe


Scratch Winners: H Wanynche & V Elias 33 Points

Scratch Runners Up: N Oloni & A Eaton 28 “

Nett Winners: A Mwangi & V Kona 36 “

Nett Runners Up: J Kamau & C Okcotch 36 “


Winners: F Karimi & S M Kamau 42 Points

Runners Up: F Mbandi & A Achilla 40 “

Third: A Mbogori & S M Wambugu 36 “

Best 1st Nine: A Wahome & M Wahome 20 “

Best 2nd Nine: M Kimemia & T Githagia 20 “



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