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Coast 2WD Champions Akbar, Kago
Ready to Sign Up For MMC KNRC 6

Coastweek -- Spurred on by his sons, Akbar Khan possesses an insatiable craving for success!

“My children Fayyaz, Anwarali and Zahir bought me this car and paid for all the modifications to rebuild it,” said Akbar,  reports SAMSON ATEKA.

As if to prove his unquenchable thirst for success in a Nissan Bluebird, Akbar and his partner David Kago were crowned the 2017 Two Wheel MMC Coast champions on their very first year of competition.

The duo will be entering the MMC KNRC 6 Rally which starts at Mombasa Cement Vipingo on August 11.

“We have worked together with Kago in many aspects. We built our rally car together in 2016 then started rallying together in the 2017 KNRC at Mombasa Cement.

“Sadly we were out of our debut rally due to wiring issues.

“We really enjoy rallying together and the fun of it is having push as hard as we can to finish and secure a good position,” said Akbar, adding: “Our expectations for the 2018 MMC Rally is to chalk up positions one in two wheel drive class.

“I managed third overall position on the KCB MMC Autocross which wasn’t that bad for a national event.

Coastweek -- Nissan Bluebird David Kago and Akbar Khan 2017 Two Wheel MMC Coast champions.

“All in all, I was the MMC two wheel drive champion which wasn’t a mean achievement last season.

“The essence going forward is to always win in two wheel drive non turbo when the big action comes to the coast.”

Meanwhile, Amit Vaja - one of the newest rally drivers from the evergreen MMC ranks - believes he can carry forward the momentum from his club racing experience as he finally makes his maiden KNRC appearance on the home rally on august 11 during the MMC KNRC Round 6.

Amit was all smiles in an interview.

“I feel as though we’re getting better all the time and learning more about the car every time we get behind the wheel.

“We had a great set-up in Vipingo last time round, the best we’ve had all year, and with a thorough going-over of the car, we go into our fairytale KNRC debut in a positive mood,” he said.

Mombasa Cement Limited track in Vipingo, the venue for the 2018 MMC Rally ceremonial start and rally HQs holds special memories for the Team Carmex pilot who realized his racing potential there in August 2017 in a Subaru Impreza 4WD machine.

“We’ll be aiming to bring the car back in one piece. We’ll also need to be fully focused from the first control as there are so many things to consider in front of home fans.”

“Transport road sections will obviously be longer than our home rallies and competitive stages somewhat technical, given the logistical setting of the KNRC type.”

“We’ll also be experiencing firsthand the grueling nature of the KNRC adventure which could mean more tyre wear, attrition and a need to manage such situations.

Coastweek -- Amit Vaja - one of the newest rally drivers from the evergreen MMC ranks.

“We got no idea of what to expect when we tackle the stages, but we hope to be in a position to push to the very end,” said Amit.

Amit, a career mechanic was inspired by Kishan Rathod who drove a Datsun pickup in the 1980s.



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