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Coastweek August 03 - 09, 1999:

Huge Boost for Islamic Education - Nine Million Shillings at weekend Harambee

Coastweek -- MOMBASA’s Madrasatul Munnawwarah Al-Islamiyya Educational Institution had received a huge financial boost from a weekend ‘Harambee’ conducted at Majengo during which many prominent Coast Muslims helped raise more than nine million Kenya shillings, wrote MOHAMMED WARSAMA.

Numerous and  generous cash donors included:

Madrasatul Munnawwarah Al-Islamiyya Committee K. shs. 4,247,500/-; Guest of Honour, Abdul Rahman Abbass K. shs. 245,000/-; Assistant Guest of Honour, Mr. Awadh Omar Bayusuf and Friends K. shs. 1,000,000/-; Sheikh Ali Bin Taib K. shs. 500,000/-; Anonymous Donations 161,500/-; Mr. Haji Mwinyi and Sons K. shs. 100,000/-;  AfricaOnline K. shs. 100,000/-; Minister of Culture and Heritage, Hon. Shariff Nassir Kshs. 50,000/-; Students 28,830/-; Mr. Said Hemed - Ex-M.P. Kisauni K. shs. 20,000/-;  and, Mr. Omar Mwinyi Shimbwa K. shs. 20,000/-. 

Very handsome pledges included:

Ahmed Ali/ Islam Ali (Mombasa Maize Mill) K. shs. 1,000,000/-;  Said and Brothers K. shs. 550,000/-; A. O. Bayusuf K. shs. 510,000/-; Sheikh Ali Taib K. shs. 500,000/-; Rashid Amir K. shs. 400,000/-; Haji Mwinyi and Sons K. shs. 80,000/-; Highway Carriers K. shs. 60,000/-; Taib Family K. shs. 50,000/-; Jamal Bayusuf K. shs. 50,000/-; Shah Jahan K. shs. 50,000/-; Abdulwahab K. shs. 50,000/-; Abdulhakim Bahakan K. shs. 50,000/-; Omar Taib Bajaber K. shs. 50,000/-; Aslam Ahmed Raza K. shs. 50,000/-; Nagib and Fauzi Gadim K. shs. 40,000/-; and Mohd Islam Transporters K. shs. 40,000/-;

Other pledges came from:

New Star K. shs. 30,000/-; Mohd Islam K. shs. 25,000/-; Timamy & Co. Adv. K. shs. 22,500/-; M.G. Builders K. shs. 20,000/-; Omar Ahmed K. shs. 20,000/-; Mwangi Coffee K. shs. 20,000/-; M.S. Bawazir K. shs. 20,000/-; A. A. Kawish K. shs. 20,000/-; Doto Mauji Abdalla K. shs. 15,000/-; Unex Import K. shs.15,000/-, Masumin Holdings K. shs. 10,000/-;  Island Tyres K. shs. 10,000/-. Arab Welfare Society K. shs. 10,000/-; Cllr. Salim Bajaber K. shs. 10,000/-; Ahmed or Amina Abdalla K. shs. 10,000/-; F.S. Abdalla K. shs. 10,000/-; Tal Holdings K. shs. 10,000/-; Shamzu Khosla K. shs. 10,000/-; Haj Awadh K. shs. 10,000/-;  Addi Jamil K. shs. 10,000/-; Awadh A. O. Bayusuf K. shs. 10,000/-; Hamada Central K. shs. 10,000/-; and Star Transporter K. shs. 10,000/-.

Donations and pledges also came from:

Shafquet K. shs. 3,000/-; Chairman of Changamwe Muslim Society K. shs. 3,000/-;   Moh’d Hassan Noor K. shs. 2,000/-;   Sheikh Khalifa (Chairman Mazrui) K. shs. 5,000/-; Nahya Hemed K. shs. 5,000/-; Abdulrahman Mwinyi Faki K. shs. 3,000/-; Abdalla Baghazal K. shs. 4,000/-; Yusuf Shebwana K. shs. 5,000/-;   Formax Ins. K. shs. 3,500/-; Bhanji K. shs. 5,000/-;   Sajad Awale K. shs. 5,000/-; Africana Imp. Ltd. K. shs. 8,000/-;  Abdulhaq K. shs. 2,500/-;  Mohammed H. Awadh K. shs. 2,000/-;  and Zubeir Noor Husein K. shs. 1,000/-; 

Madrasatul Munawwarah Al-Islamiyyah is managed by a Council made up of the nine members of the Board of Trustees and eight committee members.

Together they constitute the ‘Majlis” in planning the development and management of the institution.

The Council (Majlis) comprises of prominent Muslim business-men, professionals and intellec-tuals of Mombasa.

They are all men of high positions, solid achievement and sound integrity, noted for their staunch commitment to serve the Muslim community.

Board of Trustees: Mbarak Ali Gadim, Abdulhakim Mbarak Hamada, Brek Rubeya Suwad, Ali Muhammad Hassan, Idha Yislam Magram, Abdulmajid Karama Suwad, Fawz Omar Gadim, Ali Salim Nasib, and Muhammad Nazir Osman

Committee members: Muhemmad Rubeya Suwad, Anwar Mbarak Hamada, Abdulmajid Abdulrahman Bashaeb, Omar Salim Bajaber, Muhammad Ali Bajafer, Salim Ahmad Toya, Ali Ahmad Islam, Mohammad Islam Ali, and Abdulrahmen Sheilk Ahmad

Executive Board - Chairman Mbarak Ali Gadim, Secretary Abdulhakim Mbarak Hamada, and Treasurer Brek Rubeya Suwad.



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