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Operated patients with NMJ sponsors and eye hosppital staff | Coastweek

Coastweek-- Standing with operated patients [from left] are MEH Chairman and Managing Director Sanjeev Agarwal, NMJ Welfare Vice Chairman Abdulhamid Haji Mohammed, NMJ Welfare Member Abdul Sattar Noorani, NMJ Chairman Osman Yusuf Mithwani, donor Samia Salim Juma, Salim Juma, NMJ Welfare Chairman Mohammed Shueb Varvani, NMJ Vice Chairman Iqbal Musani, Consultant Optometrist Dhirendra Kumar, full time Resident Surgeon at MEH and Laser Centre Dr. Vaibhav Pednekar.
Nasserpuria Memon Jamat Holds a Mega Successful Eye Camp

Coastweek-- On Sunday 22nd July 2018, Nasserpuria Memon Jamat, Mombasa in conjunction with Mombasa Eye Hospital and Laser Centre holds a Mega successful Eye camp at their community centre, kindly sponsored by Mr. Salim Juma and family.

The activity started at 8.30 am and ended at 6.15pm.

Patients were diagnosed with Glaucoma, Cataract, Retina and other age related eye ailments.

The total number of patients screened were 1064, male 420 patients and female 644.

Free medicines were dispensed to 333 patients, 361 patients were also dispensed with reading glasses at no cost.

173 students Refraction was done for prescription glasses to be given at absolutely no charges.

79 patients were identified with Cataract and were referred to the hospital in Mkomani, Nyali for the operations. 42 patients were referred to the hospital for further eye examinations.


Full time resident Eye Surgeon | Coastweek

  Coastweek-- Full time resident Eye Surgeon Dr. Vaibhar Pednekar () checking a patient’s eyes at Nasserpuria Memon Jamat Campsite.

A total number of 19 doctors and paramedical staff attended to all the patients in two different streams of ladies and gents.

Nasserpuria Memon Jamat Chairman Mr. Osman Yusuf Mithwani along with NMJ Welfare Chairman Mr. Mohammed Shueb Varvani and their management committee along with all the volunteers worked tirelessly for the success of the activity.

NMJ Chairman Mr. Osman Yusuf Mithwani thanked Mombasa Eye hospital and Laser Centre team and the main donor Mr. Salim Juma along with all the volunteers for their full support and wonderful work. Overall, the eye camp was a tremendous success.

“Let us work together to eradicate preventable blindness”

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