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Kenya, U.K. Governments Co-Host
First Ever Global Disability Summit

Coastweek-- On 24 July, 2018 the Governments of Kenya and the UK join hands with the International Disability Alliance to co-host the first ever Global Disability Summit.

The Summit, which takes place in London following a Kenya national disability summit held in Nairobi in May, aims to galvanise efforts to address disability inclusion around the world.

It will showcase good practice and innovation from Kenya and elsewhere, and ensure that people with disabilities, including older people with disabilities, are consistently and systematically included in international development and humanitarian interventions.

Talal Waheed, Africa Regional Inclusion Advisor at HelpAge International, said: “Women, men and children with disabilities across all age groups face syst-ematic neglect throughout their life course in various developing countries, including Kenya.

“When age and gender intersect with disability, the vulnerability of persons with disabilities is multiplied.


Jane Miano | Coastweek

  Coastweek-- Jane Miano-committed to voice out issues of ageing with disability-March.

“For example, an older woman with visual disability, who is a refugee or displaced and may have lost her glasses or other assistive device, is more likely than a person without disability to face social, environmental and physical barriers”.

“Mainstream organisations, technical organisations working on inclusion, donors and government departments have to pay more attention to involve older people with disabilities throughout the lifecycle of their project funding,” said Talal.

For too long, people with disabilities have not been included in conversations on policies and actions that affect them. But that is changing.

Jane Miano is a 69 year old activist and Kenyan delegate who will be speaking about her experience of ageing with a disability at the Summit.

Jane has been living with disability since infancy.

Thanks to effective advocacy and lobbying, many people living with disabilities now receive a monthly stipend.

However as a pensioner, Jane does not qualify for this stipend and her pension is not enough to meet the extra costs of a volunteer to provide the support she needs to move around.

Jane Miano said:“The Kenya government has done much aimed at improving the welfare of people living with disabilities, but there is a lot more to be done.

“I and many others like me still cannot access public transport and buildings as the design of vehicles, public bus stops and buildings are not friendly”.

Luke Kizito, founder of Signs TV, Kenya’s first television station targeted at people with hearing impairment said:“In the last few years, the government has gone out of its way to raise the level of awareness on issues of people living with disabilities using a variety of channels including mass media.

“Right now, Kenyans know that all people, including those living with disabilities, have rights, although there are still cases of discrimination perpet-rated against people living with disabilities in employment and education”.

“We still have parents who hide their children born with disabilities from public view denying them the right to education. These children grow into dependence when they age,” he said.

The Global Disability Summit is attended by Government Minis-ters, heads of donor agencies and civil society organisations, and corporate CEOs.

As a stakeholder, we at HelpAge International hope it will deliver real progress on the rights of people with disabilities of all ages.


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