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Cerebral Palsy Centre Tudor Improve Job Coaching System

Coastweek -- The job coach is a critical link between the school and employment community and plays a pivotal role in the student’s transition into the world of work.

KIPIDSA trophy | Coastweek


Students with special needs, need a vast opportunity to succeed in adult life. The Individuals with special needs requires transition to adulthood, including employment, starting at least by age 16, as part of Individualized Education Plan.

At Cerebral Palsy Foundation Centre, we have improved our job coaching system to enable all our young people to become productive and responsible citizens, who can take their place in the world with confidence and pride when employed.

We ensure they are equipped with the skills, knowledge, attitudes and values to thrive in the modern world, while being confident and proud of their rich cultural heritage.

We help our students and their families think about their life after school and identify long-range goals future and consider what they want to do after school;

Coastweek -- Our student far right holding the Trophy they won in 2017 KIPIDSA  

The team members will decide the services that will be provided to help the student achieve the goals.

Students with different levels of disability have different needs.

For example, it would be appropriate and meaningful for a student to learn to sort laundry; wipe and arrange utensils after washing; however it would be a meaningless activity for a student to spend time sorting colored pegs.

Sorting colored pegs does not provide a useful experience or result in usable information.

For cerebral Palsy Foundation Centre instruction in the actual environment is necessary.

One of our student Aisha Bakhrani is now on job coach placement at N.A Rahim Nursery School Library, she is learning the skills through experience by practicing the skills in the community.

We thank the Board and Administration of N.A Rahim for offering this chance to our student, we therefore request other corporate donors, well-wishers and good friends to emulate N.A Rahim and offer more chances for our students who are on job coaching; Computer design and Graphics, Cleaning, Saloon and Hairdressing.


Student Aisha Bakhrani | Coastweek

  Coastweek -- Aisha making resources ready for children at N.A Rahim Library.

Clubs like swimming, football, dancing, art and cycling to visit Cerebral palsy Foundation Centre and choose the appro-priate child for their organization we have a good number on job coaching in the mentioned areas.

Our student in 2014 represented Coast region in Kenya Institution of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities Sports Association Nationals in Embu.

She emerged with position 2 in softball games.

Same year in National Music and Drama Festival finals here in Coast region we excelled at the Oriental dance class and poem.

Computer job coaching | Caostweek

Coastweek -- Computer job coaching at the CPFC Abdul Razak Athman and Sleyum Said.     

Still on sports of persons with intellectual Nationals 2017, our student represented Mombasa County in the Coast team in football.

Three trophies were brought to Coast Region; Football, Volleyball and Handball.

In 2018 two of our students represented coast Region in Kenya Special Olympics Games Nationals in Nairobi in swimming, football and cycling.  We appeal to the minister of Youth Gender and Sports as well as Education to assist in job placements/higher learning institutions for all the challenged children above 18 years in our County 001.

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