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Coastweek -- Seen [from left] are Deepak Vyas, Zarak Rana, Ali Jeneby, Vishal Shah, Vijay Bij and Zahra Suleiman.
Bowling Green Turns 60 and a Tie Breaker at June Monthly Mug

Coastweek -- It is the last end of the Trips game on Rink 4.

Score reads 13 shots v 14 shots.

Skip Vijay Bij is on the mat to deliver his last wood.

It is a tense moment and as the wood is delivered and it rolls down the rink to come to a stop next to the jack and what a bowler are the shouts heard on the Green.

It got the team 3 shots to complete at 16shots up to 14 shots for the opponents.

Another rink had the same score of 16shots v 14 shots so a tie breaker end had to be played to decide the Runner up team.

Skip Vijay and Skip Kusum played the last woods in the tie breaker end.

Both their woods were next to the jack so an Umpire was called to decide the winner.

And Skip Vijay Petro’s team won the end by 1 shot to claim the Runner up slot.

All these happened at the June Monthly Mug at the Bowling Section of the Mombasa Sports Club on the 30th June 2018.

A total of 18 Bowlers registered for the Monthly Mug and so the format of play was Trips.

On the day Bowlers trickled in as from 2.00pm.

Captain Ali Jeneby welcomed all Bowlers after a month break when the Bowling Green was closed for temporary maintenance.

Teams were drawn and play commenced at 2.30pm on schedule.

RINK 4: Skip Vijay Bij with 2nd Vishal Shah and Lead Zahra Suleiman played Skip Pankaj Shah with 2nd Mariam Hassanali and Lead Shobha Bij.

Zahra Suleiman is our novice bowler with just under 3 months of training but played like a professional. Keep it up Zahra !

The game was neck to neck at 13 shots for Team Vijay and 14 shots for Team Pankaj.

On the 18th end Skip Vijay Petro delivers his last wood which comes to rest on the jack to give his team 3 shots to win 16shots up to 14 shots.

RINK 5: Skip Chandu Shah with2nd Alihusein Namajee and Lead Jaleel Suleiman battled it out against Skip Kusum Patel 2nd Norbert Fernandes and Lead H Walijee.

Skip Kusum’s team was 10shots down against 14 shots for Team Chandu.

Without giving up Skip Kusum bagged 6 shots to finish at 16shots up to 14 shots for Team Chandu.

RINK 6:  Skip Deepak Vyas with 2nd Ali Jeneby and Lead Zarak Rana (Another Novice bowler currently residing in Australia) against Skip Kirti Chaniyara with 2nd Totahira Suleiman and Lead Dr S Dhillon (oldest bowler of our section).

This Game had very interesting score.

After 10ends Team Deepak was at 22 shots up to 0 shots for Team Kirti.

Then Team Kirti took 3 shots to come into the game and the final score after 18ends was 35 shots up for Team Deepak vs 5 shots for Team Kirti.

So on shot average Skip Deepak Vyas’s Team was declared the winner.

And Runners up being team Vijay Bij.

Prize Giving followed and then Cake cutting to celebrate 60yth year of our Bowling Green which opened on 28th June 1958.

Senior Bowlers Chandu Shah, Dr S Dhillon, Dr Charlie Patel, Kusum Patel and H Walijee cut the cake for the 60th Anniversary…more celebrations to follow as the year progresses.


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