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Coastweek -- Top Boys Team - Bandari Swim Club [in blue on right] and  First Runner Up Boys Team - Mombasa Aquatic Club [in red on left] and top Girls Team - Bandari Swim Club [in blue on right] and  First Runner Up Girls Team - Mombasa Aquatic Club [in red on left].
National Records Broken at Inter Clubs Swim Gala

Coastweek -- Traditionally the end of the swimming season at the coast is marked by arguably the most enjoyable and competitive gala showcasing the coast clubs, coaches and swimmers – the annual CASA Inter Clubs Swimming Championships.

Only the teams from swimming clubs compete in this event and the Top Overall Club trophy is the most desirable of them all.

This year the CASA Executive Committee decided to give it a new twist and made this gala an invitational event, the decision which added an extra edge to what was already expected to be a very exciting competition.

A total of 8 clubs participated in the Inter Clubs Championships which took place over three days – from 29th of June to 1st of July 2018 at the Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa, swimming pool.

In addition to 4 clubs from the coast – Bandari Swim Club (60 swimmers), Blue Ocean Swim Club (7), Mombasa Aquatic Club (31) and Octopus Swim Club (1), there were 3 visiting clubs from Nairobi – Kenya School of Swimming (5 swimmers), Otters Swim Club (28) and USIU Dolphins Swim Club  (21), as well as Bluefins Swim Club (11 swimmers) from Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania.

The competition was also open for individual swimmers, and 2 swimmers from Nairobi used the opportunity to compete at the coast, even though they swam to register their time only and could not earn points or take any place on the podium as they did not represent any clubs.

There were over a thousand entries with a total of 166 swimmers participating in this end of the season event.

The atmosphere of the competition was electric from the first to the last race.

Coastweek -- Top Overall Team - Bandari Swim Club with Coach Fakhry Mansoor [left].

Entry qualification times introduced throughout the age groups made this event event more competitive than before.

In the true spirit of sportsmanship and in support to their clubs a number of swimmers came out to swim in relays even if they did not qualify for individual races.

It was heartwarming to see older swimmers mentoring their younger teammates, and athletes from different clubs displaying great degree of sportsmanship keeping rivalry to the waters only.

No amount of rain made the spectators following the races move an inch; swimmers took rain in their stride laughing it off with water being their ally both from the sky and in the pool.

Tradition has always had it that National Records are broken at the Inter Clubs, and this latest gala did not disappoint !

In three days the spectators and swimmers alike were treated to a total of 17 new National Records: 8 in individual and 9 in relay events.

While some records fell gently, most were smashed by the swimmers despite the weather and the gruelling competition schedule.

In individual events Ivan Hart, 11, of Mombasa Aquatic Club, showed his swimming prowess by setting all 8 individual National Records in 10/11 years category.

Ivan broke 3 of his own previous records and added 5 new ones to his haul of 16 individual National Records held before the competition started.

When asked about the rain Ivan said: “the worst that can happen is that I get wet”, and true to his words he set a new record in 200 m backstroke in pouring rain.

The new records are as follows: 200 m freestyle – 2:19.67 (previous record of 2:27.84 set by Kunaal Khagram on 07/11/2015), 400m freestyle – 4:55.97 (previous own record of 5:08.25 set on 09/12/2017), 200 m backstroke – 2:38.48 (previous record of 2:43.19 set by Karan Khagram on 19/04/2013), 100 m butterfly – 1:12.87 (previous record of 1:13.62 set by Thomas Tabuka on 30/05/2015), 200 m butterfly – 2:41.25 (previous own record of 2:46.87 set on 10/12/2017), 100 m Individual Medley – 1:16.88 (previous record of 1:17.12 set by Nobby Obuya on 03/06/2012), 200 m Individual Medley – 2:45.03 (previous record of 2:49.81 set by Thomas Tabuka on 30/05/2015) and 400 m Individual Medley – 5:41.39 (previous own record of 5:54.42 set on 10/12/2017).

What an incredible performance by this young swimmer who has been smashing his age group National Records since December 2017 in both short and long course !

Our congratulations go to Ivan, his coach Abdulmalik Abubakar, his parents and his teammates from Mombasa Aquatic Club.

Coach Abdulmalik was very brief when we caught up with him: “I am happy about Ivan’s performance but we have a lot of work ahead of us”.

The rain kept pouring so did the National Records !

Boys and girls of Bandari Swim Club under the guidance of their coach Fakhry Mansoor had set their eyes on a few relay records and did not disappoint the crowd !

The water practically boiled when relays were swum and 9 relay National Records got broken by Bandari Swim Club athletes.

There was no stopping the 16+ boys team of Ridhwan Abubakar, Nobby Obuya, Danilo Rosafio and Swaleh Talib setting three records in 800 m freestyle relay with the new time of 8:05.26 - Allcomers, Open and 16+ categories, improving the previous record of 8:07.45 held by Bandari Swim Club since 05/11/2017.

The same strong relay team went on and broke another record in 400 m freestyle relay with the new time of 3:35.70 in Allcomers category smashing the previous time of 3:46.39 held by their own club since 28/10/2016.

Another All comers record in 400m Medley Relay fell to this powerful relay team setting a new time of 4:14.63 against previous time of 4:20.60 held by their own club since 31/05/2015.

Bandari Swim Club girls were not about to let the boys take all the glory, and the relay team of Riva Karia, Justine Nelson, Samira Oberson and Alisha Varia swam their hearts out to smash the previous 200 m Medley Relay record of 2:33.70 in 16+ category held by Imani School since 21/11/1982, setting a new time of 2:26.65.

As if this was not enough, the same girls set another record of 2:07.87 in 200 m Freestyle Relay in 16+ category breaking the ISK record of 2:10.63 held since 29/04/2001.

The girls did not stop there and went on to set yet another record in 16+ category in 400 m Medley Relay with the new time of 5:22.23 improving the previous record of 5:35.27 held by Aga Khan Kensec since 29/09/2001.

The younger swimmers of Bandari Swim Club also tried their hand in records and the girls set a new record of 5:43.31 in 14/15 category in 400 m Medley Relay breaking the previous time of 5:44.90 held by their own club since 03/06/2012, the new record holders are Lanisha Salim Kitendo, Josette Njeri, Kimberly Nyawira and Saloni Patel.

That was a fantastic team effort from the boys and girls of Bandari Swim Club !

Kudos to the swimmers, their coach Fakhry Mansoor, parents and teammates.

Top spots in overall boys and girls categories were claimed by Ivan Hart, 11, and his younger sister Alexandra Hart, 9, both with maximum possible 63 points each and both representing Mombasa Aquatic Club.

Gakenia Mwige, 12, also of Mombasa Aquatic Club took the second spot amongst girls with 61 points, while the boys second spot was claimed by Aryen Muravvej, 13, of Bandari Swim Club with 57 points.

Riva Karia, 16, of Bandari Swim Club scored 59 points, which placed her third amongst girls, with Hakeem Salim Kitendo, 11, taking the third place amongst boys with 55 points.

Emma Wappler, 11, of Otters Swim Club emerged fourth amongst girls with 54 points with her teammate Lucia Ruchti, 15, coming fifth with 52 points.

Maria Bianchi, 12, of Blue Ocean Swim Club, Justine Nelson, 16, and Alisha Varia, 16, both of Bandari Swim Club, Jasmin Kimani, 14, of Kenya School of Swimming, Tugi Mwige, 11, and Juhaina Islam Ali, 15, both of Mombasa Aquatic Club, and Kario Karani, 11, of Otters Swim Club scored between 41 and 49 points.

In boys’ category Danilo Rosafio, 16, of Bandari Swim Club and Isaac Mukani, 9, of Bluefins Swim Club shared the fourth position with 50 points each.

Sathyam Gohil, 11, of Mombasa Aquatic Club, Trevor Mwamisi, 13, Aheer Chatterjee, 14, Ridhwan Abubakar, 17, Mohammed Iqbal Khandwalla, 15, Scott Kithikii, 14, and Siegfred Katumwa, 14, all from Bandari Swim Club scored between 41 and 46 points.

The same two clubs whose swimmers emerged in the top three positions in individual scores also claimed the top two positions in all clubs’ categories, with Bandari Swim Club claiming all top spots followed by Mombasa Aquatic Club in the second.

In the girls category Bandari Swim Club led the way with 645 points followed by Mombasa Aquatic Club with 442 points in the second place taking the Top Girls and Girls First Runner Up trophies respectively.

Two visiting clubs claimed the third and fourth spots – Otters Swim Club with 303 points taking home the Girls Second Runner Up trophy, and Bluefins Swim Club with 74 points claiming the fourth position.

The girls of Blue Ocean Swim Club emerged fifth with 66 points followed in the sixth place by Kenya School of Swimming with 45 points and USIU Dolphins Swim Club in the seventh place with 11 points.

In the boys’ category the first four places were taken by the same clubs as in girls’ category, with Bandari Swim Club scoring 938.5 points to claim the Top Boys trophy, followed by Mombasa Aquatic Club with 351.5 points taking home the Boys First Runner Up trophy.

Otters Swim Club with 204 points went home with the Boys Second Runner Up trophy, and Bluefins Swim Club with 127 points emerging fourth.

Kenya School of Swimming boys brought 87 points taking the Club to the fifth position followed by the boys of USIU Dolphins Swim Club with 33 points and Blue Ocean Swim Club with 15 points in sixth and seventh positions respectively.

A strong team of Bandari Swim Club took the prestigious Top Overall Club trophy with a massive combined score of 1,802.50 points followed by Mombasa Aquatic Club with 938.5 points and Otters Swim Club with 597 points in the second and third overall position respectively.

Bluefins Swim Club team returned to Dar-es-Salaam with 257 points and fourth overall, while Kenya School of Swimming team emerged fifth overall with 132 points.

Blue Ocean Swim Club came sixth overall with 81 points and USIU Dolphins Swim Club went back with 64 points and the seventh team overall.

It was encouraging to see visiting clubs coming to compete in what was traditionally a coast only event.

The Executive Committee of Coast Amateur Swimming Association got a positive feedback about the competition from the participating clubs with visiting clubs asking to be invited to other CASA hosted events in the new swimming season, thus giving a vote of confidence to the organisers.

As expected, the competition did not disappoint the spectators who came to support their clubs and to witness the high level of Kenya swimming.

A total of 17 National Records is a testimony to the improving standards of swimming, and with all National Records set by home boys and girls it is the recognition of the swimming might of the coast athletes.

With the 2017/18 swimming season coming to an end we are looking forward to the new 2018/19 season and will be closely following our home grown swimmers.



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