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Warning! VAR can be bad for your health

MOSCOW  Russia (Xinhua) -- The Video Assistant Referee review system has already been the cause of much comment and controversy so far in the World Cup, but until Wednesday nobody knew it could also pose a health risk.

Iran coach Carlos Queiroz complained about a VAR-assisted decision which saw what would have been an equalizing goal correctly ruled out for offside in his side’s 1-0 defeat against Spain.

As well as being furious over the disallowed goal, Queiroz also revealed that one of the members of the Iran press office, Mohsen Mogamedkia, needed hospital treatment following the decision.

“We are worried because a member of our staff suffered health problems following the Video Referee’s decision. He had to go to hospital and we hope that he is alright,” said Queiroz.

After being removed from the stadium in Kazan and checked over in hospital, Mogamedkia was able to rejoin the rest of the Iran team later that evening.

But be warned - although it may help the referee make the right decision, VAR can be bad for your health.



UN condemns deadly ethnic violence in South Sudan refugee camp in Uganda

KAMPALA Uganda (Xinhua) -- The UN refugee agency on Thursday condemned the ethnic violence in a South Sudan refugee settlement in northwestern Uganda that left four people dead and 19 others injured. 

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in a statement said it regrets the tragic loss of life that followed a scuffle between two male refugees of Dinka and Nuer tribesmen at Rhino Refugee Settlement in Arua district on Sunday. 

The refugee agency said the sporadic violent attacks on refugees by fellow refugees in the subsequent days resulted in four confirmed fatalities, including that of a minor and 19 others injured. 

“The acts that caused these deaths and injuries are criminal and the perpetrators must swiftly be brought to book in accordance with the laws Uganda,” said Joel Boutroue, UNHCR Representative in Uganda. 

The four Dinka tribesmen were killed in clashes with the Nuer following a dispute between two male refugees while watching a World Cup football match on television at a recreational center, according to the Ugandan police. 

It’s alleged that one of the males left the center and when he returned he found that the other had taken his seat, prompting a heated argument between the two, which led to the fight that in turn sparked off a series of violent attacks in different villages in the Settlement. 

Boutroue cautioned that the misdeeds of a few should not be attributed to an entire community. 

“It is telling that such a minor incident should trigger a tragedy of such magnitude. It has created an extremely volatile situation for refugees in Tika Zone who are mostly women and children without the protection of their menfolk,” said Boutroue. 

“We are following the situation closely and reviewing durable options to maintain peace in the area,” he said.

The Uganda government through the Office of the Prime Minister and UNHCR has agreed to separate the two communities as a priority in order to prevent the escalation of already high tensions between youth on both sides, according to Boutroue. 

“We are also going to work with the communities to promote peace and reconciliation,” he said. 

More than 1 million South Sudan refugees, according UNHCR, have fled to neighboring Uganda since December 2013. Some left their home country because of the ongoing ethnic violence there.


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