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“Fan-ID” during World Cup utilized by
non-European asylum seekers: report

HELSINKI Finland (Xinhua) -- The temporary lifting of visa requirement by Russia during the ongoing FIFA World Cup has been used by non-Europeans for going to Finland to seek asylum, Finnish media reported on Tuesday.

Last week a non-European on his way to Russia interrupted his journey at Helskinki-Vantaa airport and filed an asylum request. Finnish Border Guard told national broadcaster, Yle that the person told them the purpose of buying a ticket to Russia was to enter Finland.

On the land border between Finland and Russia, three Moroccan nationals walked over the border last week outside the authorized crossings. They will be charged for a border violation. A Nigerian person tried to enter Finland with an allegedly forged Brazilian passport.

Marko Saareks, head of the situation and intelligence unit at the Border Guard, told Yle the use of the Russian visa relaxation was expected. “But we thought it would begin towards the end of the games”.

Foreign spectators who have purchased an official “fan-ID” are allowed, without visa, to enter Russia, where the 21st FIFA World Cup games are held from 14 June to 15 July 2018. Travellers can route their flights to Russia with transit landings in the EU area.

Last year Russia applied a similar system during the Confederations Cup. The visa free travel system was not utilized by asylum seekers on Finnish borders then.



World Cup TV incident in Israel, “Players look small as ants”

JERUSALEM Israel (Xinhua) -- Most Israelis continued Tuesday to be bothered by the TV broadcasting quality of the soccer World Cup.

People in Israel have been bothered these days much more by the TV broadcasting quality rather than the results of games.

The channel that broadcasts the matches in 4k quality has a major problem of a high shooting angle, without any zoom.

“I could not recognize any player on my TV screen, not even Messi,” David, a soccer fan from Israeli coastal city of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, told Xinhua.

“The players look like ants,” Daniel from central Israeli city Rehovot added, “I gave up and turned off the television.”

In the first days of the tournament, a nationwide discontent broke up as the viewers found out about the shooting angle in both main and 4k channels that are showing the games.

The disappointment was especially huge considering the 4k rush during the last weeks before the games. The public broadcasting cooperation “Kan”, who owns the World Cup rights, promised - for the first time in Israel - a sport event in 4k resolution quality, and people stormed up the electronic stores to buy 4k TV sets.

At the same time, communications companies opened aggressive campaigns offering 4k cable boxes and routers. It seems afterwards that customers spent hundreds of dollars for nothing.

After being severely criticized, Kan had to admit last Sunday that the 4k shooting angle they used is a really bad one, but blamed HBS Swiss company, which is responsible for shooting and marketing the games. Kan also filed HBS an official complaint.

On Sunday night, when Nigeria and Croatia were playing, Kan started to broadcast in one of their channels with a better angle, but in a lower HD quality. However, the other channel continues to broadcast in 4K resolution, but still with the far angle. 



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