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Murtaza Beats Jagjit Singh in Burhani
Sports Club ‘Open Snooker Tourney’ !

Coastweek -- The tournament started as per schedule on Wednesday 21st of February with the opening match between Murtaza Esmailjee and Jagjit Singh, reports ALIHUSEIN NAMAJEE.

The veteran Murtaza beat Jagjit Singh in two straight frames and showed his old class with a break of 22 points.

The other matches were between father and son Amin Haji Babulal against Rahim Haji with the youngster winning in two frames.

Sumaria against Suheil Khan was a very exciting match with Suheil playing some excellent snooker to pip Sumaria in a close match.

Nuruddin Haji beat Shanawaz Haji two frames to one.

Another veteran Abdul Pele caused the first upset when he beat much fancied Yusuf Najmi of Nairobi in two straight frames but lost in the next round to the defending Champion Cliff Osano in three frames the highlight of the match was a break of 38 points by Osano which is the highest break so far.

Gavin Fernandes, Toby Darugar, Shiraz Esmailjee, Sammy Amoni, Alpesh Khimji, James, Hussein A,  Alihusein Namajee and Faroukh Khan all won their matches comfortably and are through to the next round.


Coastweek -- Burhani Open Snooker Tournament’s youngest entrant, 8 years old, Murtaza Khuzema Pothiwalla.

This week will see some exciting matches Eric Ngeno v/s Waiyaki, Sikander Pasta v/s Krish Bhagani, Rishi v/s Moiz Esmailjee, Khuzema Pothi v/s Huzeifa Haji, Mustafa Pirbhai v/s Top player from Nairobi Collins, Deepak Vyas v Hassan Namajee, Shk. Mustafa Faiz v/s Juzer Bata, Shashi Malde another veteran v/s Alphonse and the highlight will be the match between veteran Azhar Mughal against the youngest player in the tournament 8 year old Murtaza Khuzema Pothi.The young man has been practising very hard and can give Azhar Mughal a run for his money.

The entrants from Tanga also will be playing during the weekend of 3rd and 4th March 2018.

Spectators are welcome to watch the matches and cheer for their players, snacks and soft drinks are available at the club canteen.

Full Results:-

Murtaza Alltech 2   Jagjit Singh 0
Gavin Fernandes 2 Neeraj 0
Suheil Khan 2 Sumaria 0
Abdul Pele 2 Yusuf Najmi 0
Rahim Haji 2 Amin Haji (Babulal) 0
Nurruddin Haji 2 Shahnawaz Haji 1
Toby Darugar 2 Burhan 0
Shiraz Esmailjee 2 Sadam Khan 0
Sammy Amoni 2 Taha Sule 0
Charles Kayembe 2 Kunal Shah 0
Alpesh Khimji 2

Mufaddal Zoher 0

Alihusein Namajee 2 

Shk. Mukarram Ezzi 0

James K. 2 Rummit Shah 0
Hussein A. 2 Munna 0



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