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Coastweek -- Martin Wahome [left], Overall Winner with 39 points during 2017 Chairman’s Prize at Mombasa Golf Club receives a prize, a return ticket, (Mombasa - London) from Ingaribe Betty, Sales Manager Rwanda Air. Looking on [from left] are, Bashil Amran, MGC Charman, Elijah Ibua, Daniel Owadeh, John Okuku, Rwanda Air Sales Executive and Maurice Manzi, Sales and ticketing agent Rwanda Air.

A Weekend Packed with Golf Fixtures

Coastweek -- It was a weekend packed with golf fixtures, the last of the official’s day, the Chairman’s Prize at Mombasa Golf Club, and Winners’ Mug and Medal combined with the February Mug and Medal at Nyali Golf and Country Club, all on Saturday 24th February 2018, reports THE MARKER

A little birdie whispered to me, the Captain’s Prize at Vipingo also took place over Saturday and Sunday. 

With so much on offer, a choice had to be made for those who could choose, which resulted in divided numbers and thinner crowds at each venue.

The Winners’ Mug and Medal is of course limited only to those who qualified by featuring on the winners’ list at  the mugs and medals played during the year and the monthly mug and medal usually do not attract the same numbers as other sponsored competitions where prizes are big! 

Considering all that, the number of entry at the February Mug and Medal at Nyali played in conjunction with the Winners’ Medal, a total of 79 was quite impressive.

The Chairman, Elijah Ibua too must have been pleased to see a good turn out of 63, including his invited guests  for his prize at the Front Club.

Martin Wahome beat the entire field to claim the Chairman’s Prize with an excellent score of 39 Stableford points.

Coastweek -- Florence Karimi, [centre], Best Lady with 28 c/b, during 2017 Chairman’s Prize At Mombasa Golf Club, receives a prize from Winenjiru Director, Wanjiru Mureithi. Looking on is MGC Chairman, Elijah Ibua.

This came off 79 shots, Martin having played every single hole to the end, no blank on his card !

Martin made sure of a good count back by starting steady and reserving his best play on the back nine.

His first nine score was regulation 18 points, the result of three dropped points off bogeys on the 1st, 3rd and 7th, all three made up with 3 points collected off pars on the 2nd, 4th and 9th.

With a birdie start on the 10th, Martin went two over par 38 shots on the back nine, dropping only three shots against the birdie, on the 12th, 17th and 18th, the latter two being stroking holes, so no damage as far as points go, both yielded 2 points. 

The birdie on the 10th and pars on the 11th, 13th and 15th, earning him 3 points each, Martin picked up 4 surplus points, losing only one to the  bogey on the 12th to finish with 21 points on the back nine.

There was another card with 39 points but it belonged to Gitari Warui, a guest and so did not affect Martin’s position at the top on the main event.

Gitari would in any event have given way to Martin on count back.

Having picked up 20 points in the first nine, off 3 points each on the 4th, 5th and 6th, losing just one on the 7th, Gitari had a great start on the back nine, picking up 4 points off a birdie and 3 a piece off pars on the 11th and 15th.

However, he dropped points on the 12th, 13th and 17th to finish with 19 points.

A mention must also be made of Qamar Somji’s card.

He had a less than satisfying start, one short of regulation 18 on the front nine, the result of dropping a shot on the 3rd and two on the blanked 7th, of which he managed to make up 2 with pars on the 5th and the 9th.

Qamar then had a real flying start on the back nine, with three consecutive birdies, the third a 2 club on the 12th, followed with a par on the 18th, to pick up 3 points each.

However, his troubles on par threes continued with the blanked 16th and  one more dropped shot on the 17th resulted in 20 points, a total of 37, two behind the Overall Winner Martin to earn him the Winner Man prize.

Martin’s seventy nine gross was matched by the lowest score of the day  on the other side of the creek.

It was in fact the only score in the seventies, carded by Vishnu Dhutia and earned him the Best Gross prize for the Winners’ Mug as well as the February Mug.  

All  the extra shots taken by Vishnu came in the first nine, eight over par 44 resulting from bogeys on the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th and double on the 4th, finishing with nett 39.5., having used up all his handicap allowance plus one.

The seven handicapper had to make a determined effort which he did  by playing the back nine level par 35.

Although he dropped a shot on the very first hole of the back nine, Vishnu made it up with a birdie on the 12th.

He dropped another shot with a bogey on the 13th but made a birdie on the 17th to level up for the nine, finishing  31.5 nett, total of 72 nett which was also gave him the top prize in A Division.

The best nett in the Mug however came from Paul Maiyo playing in B Division with nett 68, which earned him the top place in his Division.

Paul had not qualified for the Mug of Mugs and so could only win the top prize in the Subsidiary which was run along side the Mug of Mugs for those who had not qualified for the main event, but he obviously secured a place for the Mug of Mugs next year !

Paul made a perfect start with nett 36, off 44 shot in the first nine.

He dropped a couple of shots on the stroking 2nd and the 5th, by playing both two over par, but made up with pars on the 3rd and 6th.

He went even better on the back nine picking up three shots with three straight pars and playing the remaining   within his handicap allowance, a par on the 15th and one over for the rest.

There were a couple of good scores in the Mug, nett 69 carded by Tariq Jamal in C Division, followed by Inyet Kudarati with nett 70 which was also the score carded by Aameen Dhanji in B Division.

Tariq’s nett 69 turned out to be the winning score for the Mug of Mugs.

Tariq played the first nine to his handicap, despite two triple bogeys, a horrible eight on the 1st hole and seven on the 4th, but recovered with a shot saved on the double stroking 2nd with one over and pars on the 5th and the 6th

It was another triple bogey six on the 10th but Tariq saved both dropped shots  with pars on the 11th and the 12th and gained a shot with a par further down on the 15th.

One over on the double stroking 13th also helped to bring his total to nett 32.5.

The best score on the Winners’ Medal on the  ladies’ side was also nett 69, carded by the young lady Alyssa Jamal, a name sake but no relation to Tariq Jamal it must be said.

Alyssa had more evenly balanced nines, 35.5 on the first nine and  33.5 nett on the back.

With a par on the first and one over on the double stroking 2nd, she was off to two under handicap start but lost the gain by one shot to a triple bogey on the double stroking 5th.

On the back nine it was all within handicap allowance until the 16th which she parred with a single putt, quite a feat, considering the pin position !

She dropped a shot to a triple bogey on the 17th but in the end finished with one under handicap.

Alyssa also won the top prize in her Division and a chop in handicap, from 23 to 22 taking her closer to Silver Division !

Tariq Jamal also progressed from 21 to 20.

A couple of other players too received chops, the Runner up in the Mug of Mugs Reaz Alibhai and the third placed player in the Mug of Mugs Aameen Dhanji on nett 71 both moved from 17 to 16.


Chairman’s Prize Mombasa Golf Club 2017

Winner: Martin Wahome 39 nett

Winner Man: Qamar Somji 37 nett

Runner up Man: Mburu Mwangi 35 nett                             

Third Man: Wilfred Achilla 29 nett                                                             

Best Lady: Florence Karimi C/B 28 nett

Runner up Lady: Mary Mariga 28 nett

Best Past Chairman: Mburu Kariuki 29 nett

Best Senior: Anthony Gatemba 26 nett

Best Guest: Gitari Warui 39 nett

Best Caddy: Andrew Koligah C/B 36 nett

Runner up Caddy: Salim Ali 36 nett

Best Lady Caddy: Peris  Bahati 20 nett


Winner     Runner up      Third 
Tariq Jamal 69    Reaz Alibhai 70      Aameen Dhanji 71
Alyssa Jamal 69 Alice Wahome 72 Truphena Oyaro 74


Paul Maiyo 68, Inayet Kudarati 70, Hilda Mugure 77.


   Winner     Runner up      Third 
A Division: Vishnu Dhutia 72 Alnoor Dhanji 73 c/b   Ismail Gulamhussein 73
B Division: Paul Maiyo 68   Reaz Alibhai 70    Aameen Dhanji 71



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