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Refrigerated Volkswagen Vans For
Delivery of Special Pharmaceuticals

Coastweek -- Laborex Kenya, has added two refrigerated Volkswagen vans to the company’s fleet of ten Volkswagen delivery vehicles.

Usha Nagpal, the DT Dobie General Sales Manager-Kenya for Volkswagen handed the vehicles  to  Ms. Mwende  Musunga, the CEO of Laborex Kenya, at the DT Dobie Showroom on Lusaka Road.

The Volkswagen Caddy and VW Transporter vans have purpose built refrigerated cargo bodies for carrying “cold-chain” medicines.

These medicines need to be stored and transported between temperature ranges of 2°C and 8°C to ensure that their quality is maintained prior to administration to the patient.

The vehicles are being used for distribution of medical supplies to all parts of the country.

Usha Nagpal, the DT Dobie General Sales Manager for Volkswagen, said, “The Caddy van is an excellent choice for delivery of fairly small quantities of goods and medicines.

“It is tough and reliable and the 1.6 litre engine with five speed gearbox makes it extremely fuel efficient lowering the cost of transport.”

“The VW Transporter is ideal for bigger quantities of goods and its roof height and larger load space allow for carrying equipment.

“The cabin is big enough to accommodate the driver and two salesmen. Both vehicles have an unmatched warranty of two years.”


  Coastweek -- VOLKSWAGEN REFRIGERATED VANS - Laborex Kenya, has added two Volkswagen refrigerated vans to the company’s fleet of delivery vehicles. Ms. Usha Nagpal (left), the DT Dobie General Sales Manager for Volkswagen handed the vehicles to Ms. Mwende  Musunga, the CEO Laborex Kenya at DT Dobie Showroom on Lusaka Road.

Mwende  Musunga, the CEO Laborex Kenya, said,  “Fitting these vehicles with a cooling system that keeps the vaccines and other “cold-chain” medicines within World Health Organization (WHO)-recommended temperature ranges enables us to guarantee our customers that the cold chain management process is maintained at all times and that the quality of these medicines is not affected during transportation.”

DT Dobie is the sole distributor of Volkswagen in Kenya and other globally renowned brands like Mercedes Benz passenger cars, trucks and Buses, GMW Wingle pick-ups and Hyundai light trucks.

The Company has comprehensive stocks of spare parts at the Lusaka Road premises in Nairobi and branches in Mombasa, Nakuru and Kisumu. Vehicle servicing and repairs are carried out by factory trained workshop staff.

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