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The Rotary Club of Bahari, Mombasa
‘Wazees Day Out’ cum Christmas Party

Coastweek-- The Rotary club of Bahari marked the end of year 2017 in its usual style by hosting the less privileged in its environment for a Christmas Dinner and Dance at the Mombasa Golf Club on the 17th December 2017.

It has been a tradition for the club to throw a Christmas Party for two old peoples’ homes namely Little Sisters of the Poor which is run by Catholic nuns and Mji Wa Salama run by the County Government of Mombasa.

The day began quite early for the Rotarians of Bahari Rotary Club who had to be at the club early in readiness to welcome their valued guests.

However, our President, Mr. Shashi Shah beat all of us as by 8.30am when I got to the club he was calmly seated sipping some juice as he waited.

In a nick of time the Rotarians started trickling one after the other and by 10.00am we had dozens of Rotarians arranging the furniture and decorations in full readiness for the big day.

Our long awaited guests started arriving in buses and vans generously donated by the Tumaini Children’s Home which is one of the projects overseen by our club.


Gifts for the wazees | Coastweek

  Coastweek-- Gifts for the ‘wazees’ in form of our old clothes, shoes and any other item deem fit for them.

As they settled, we welcomed them with drinks of their choice alcoholic or non alcoholic depending on their choice. It must be noted that they wait for a whole year to enjoy this ‘freedom’.

Elderly enjoying their meal | Coastweek  

By mid day we started serving them with the main meal followed by drinks and even cigarettes for those who partake.

The event was made more colourful by children from Tumaini Children’s Home who entertained the guests with their beautiful soprano Christmas carols popped up by our visiting Rotarians from the youthful Mombasa Downtown Rotary club who had joined us in the celebration.

Having had to their fill and quenched their thirst we moved to the more exiting chapter of dance. We joined them in dancing to the various tunes raging from rumba, reggae, bongo to mugithi.

We turned the club to one hell of a discotheque.

Even those ‘wazees’ on crutches could be seen dancing with their crutches up in the air.

During this party we have traditionally brought gifts for the ‘wazees’ in form of our old clothes, shoes and any other item that we deem fit for them.

Coastweek-- Little Sisters of the Poor and Mji Wa Salama’s elderly enjoying their meal.  

This year was no exception and we had plenty of items which we presented to the homes administrators to distribute to their members.

This was a memorable and enjoyable day for most of us and we look forward for the next ‘wazees’ outing which in line with the tradition shall come on December 2018.

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