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Truphena Takes the Lady Captain’s Prize Mombasa Golf Club 2017

Coastweek -- “LONG IS TOUGH, SHORT IS EASY” is an easy over simplification that golfers would make, to their peril,  to judge  the challenges of a golf course, reports THE DRIVER.

The matter is more complex than that, there is more to a golf course than mere yardage to make it challenging.

The sea side Mombasa Golf Club course is a good point in question.

It is only a 9 hole course where you basically go round the same nine holes twice, with just a bit of minor, insignificant difference on majority of the holes, to complete a round of golf.

But the narrow fairways, the possibility of slicing or hooking a shot out of bounds on almost all the holes, especially when the wind picks up from the sea, it calls for all the skill and nerves that a golfer can muster to bring in a decent performance.

This is what a lot of the 64  gentlemen who entered the Lady Captain’s Prize 2017 at the Front Club on Saturday 10th February 2018 discovered.

Even with the added benefit of being allowed to tee off  the ladies tees, only just about half of them managed to cross the twenties and into thirties on Stableford points reckoning.

Coastweek -- Truphena Oyaro (centre), Lady Winner during 2017 Lady Captain’s Prize (Mary Mariga), with 34 points at Mombasa Golf Club, receives a prize from 2017 MGC Lady Captain Mary Mariga (left) and Coast KLGU representative Cheryl Bush.  PHOTO - GILBERT ONCHOKE

The fact of having the length cut short even more off the shortish course did not translate into runaway scores.. 

The only player in the entire field, men, women and children combined, who was able to rise above thirties was the junior player Andrew Wahome who just made it to 40 points

Andrew turned in a very creditable performance of two even nines of 20 points each. Starting with a par for 3 and regulation 2 points on the 2nd, Andrew blanked the 3rd  but made up the deficit  immediately with another par on the 4th for 3 points.

Moving on with level score, he lost a point on the 7th to a double bogey but then made that up and picked up 2 extra points with a big haul of 5 points off a birdie on the par five 8th.

On the back nine, another birdie, a 2 club on the 12th earned him 4 points and  three holes, the 10th, 11th and 17th yielded 3 points each to add 5 surplus points of which he lost one to a double bogey on the 13th and the blanked 16th with the final total of 20. 

However, this was primarily a ladies day, the gentlemen were there courtesy of an invitation by the Mary Mariga, the Lady Captain, to play a subsidiary competition and so not only could Andrew not lay any claim to the main prize but his age worked against him from laying his hands on the top prize even  in the Subsidiary event.

This honour was claimed by George Githinji who followed Andrew just a point behind with 39 points.

George made a great start with 3 points each on the 1st and 2nd and although he lost a point to a double bogey on the 4th, picked up 4 points off a par on the 5th, to go into surplus of 3, only to lose two points to the blanked 6th, finishing with 19 points.

After a steady start on the first three holes on the back nine  scoring of 2 each, George made a gain of 3 points off pars on the next three holes, losing only a point to a bogey on the 16th to finish with 20 points. 

George was followed by three gentlemen Sunny Thethy, Bernard Simiyu and Pyara Singh tied on 38 for the next prize.

The tie was resolved in favour of Sunny who had a better back nine score of 20 points to take the second prize in men’s category, Bernard Following next for the third prize on his count back of 16, beating Pyara Singh who lost out, a result of a very unfortunate putting lapse on the 18th, after being on with his second shot !


Coastweek -- George Githinji, men winner with 39 points during 2017 Lady Captain’s Prize (Mary Mariga), at Mombasa Golf Club, receives a prize from Ruth Kooro.

Coastweek -- MGC Chairman, Elijah Ibua, receives a cooker from MGC Lady Captain Mary Mariga. She donated a cooker and a fridge to the club. PHOTOS - GILBERT ONCHOKE

The main contest was however all about the ladies and among whom  the race was tight at the top.

Two ladies were neck to neck, separated in the end by just a point, the winner Truphena Oyaro clinching the title with 34 points, leaving Susan Mwangi in the second place with 33 points.

Truphena made a hesitant start, blanking the very first whole but immediately made up the loss with 4 points earned through a fantastic second shot on the second green close enough to be slotted in for a birdie.

It was however a game of up and down, another blank coming on the 3rd but after which she steadied herself to pick up regulation 2 points on the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th and added 3 more off a par on the par five 8th, with 15 points in hand by then.

She could add no more, blanking the 9th.

Time to make amends to off set the loss and so straightway Truphena picked up 3 points off a par on the 10th, only to drop the gain of a point by losing one to a double bogey on the 11th.

The roller coaster continued as she parred the next, the par three 12th for 3 points.

Now with a point in hand, she went steady with regulation 2 points each on the 13th and 14th and then came the big bang, a birdie on the difficult double stroking  par four 15th yielded 5 points to take her to a total 16 points with three holes to play.

Two more points came off a bogey on the 16th but the 17th which earlier in the round, numbered as 8th, she had parred, failed to produce any point at all this time round and the final hole, the 18th produced only a point, to make a total of 19 points.

But Truphena’s grand total of 34 was good enough to clinch the Lady Captain’s Prize.

Truphena’s nearest rival Susan Mwangi played out better first nine with 19 points, losing a point each on the 1st, 3rd, 4th and the 9th but made up three out of that with 3 each on the 2nd, 6th and the 8th and 4 points earned on the double stroking 5th with a par left her with a point in hand on the front nine.

Her back nine however turned out less profitable, a point each lost on the 10th, 16th and the 18th and the blanked 12th set her back five points of which she could only regain a single point with a one over on the 15th yielding 3 points, finishing with 14 points, taking the Runner up Lady prize.

Some considerable distance away were Warui Wambui and Florence Karimi  tied on 25 for the Third Lady Winner prize.

Warui beat Florence with her count back of 12 over the last nine holes, where Florence fell one short with 11 points.

In between the Runner up Lady Winner and Third Lady Winner were several guest ladies to vie for the Lady Guest Winner and the Lady Runner up Guest Winner prizes, among whom were two Paulines, Gachihi and Gichara, both from Nyali Golf and Country Club tied on  27 points.

The Nyali Lady Captain Pauline Gachihi beat Pauline Gichara with a better count back of 16, in spite of dropping three points, on the 10th, 12th, 15th and 15th but making up two by scoring 3 each on the 13th and 14th.

Pauline Gichara  suffered a loss of 6 points by blanking the 10th, 13th and 16th and could only make up a single point with 3 on the 14th to finish with 13 points.

Her 3 points on the 14th were largely as a result of a good drive which also earned her the Longest Drive prize.

This report would not be complete without the mention of an excellent performance resulting in fact in the best score of the competition, 45 points carded by another Andrew, Andrew Koliga, the Caddy Winner prize.

It may not however be appropriate to compare this score to the scores in the main event as the Caddies played on a different day, Friday 9th February  and the conditions may not be comparable to those that obtained on Saturday.

The Front Course offers spectacular views of the Indian Ocean from wherever you look out which makes it an interesting experience to play, whether you play well or not.

Some people actually admitted to being there simply for the view, quite understandable, looking at some of the  scores.

The course was made even more interesting to look at than normal by the very colourful view on the field, the ladies, in their usual meticulous planning with great attention to details, having arranged the dress code of red and white.

It was good to see a lot of gentlemen attired in  the same colours and more colour was added by the red T-shirts worn by the caddies, bearing the logo of Huawei, one of the sponsors.

There was more in store for the participants courtesy of the sponsors, KPA, DSTV, INTERPEL, HUAWEI and  NIC Bank, including the refreshing drink of madafu at the banda by the 5th hole, tea and  coffee at half time and for those coming in at the end of the round who found it tough going on the course an array of more comforting drinks to go with the snacks.

The day ended with prize giving, dinner and  more drinks.

Thank you very much, Mary Mariga for a very enjoyable Lady Captain’s Day, helped by her Committee, friends and supporters and her group of sponsors.

Full Results:-

Winner Lady Captain’s Prize: Truphena Oyaro 34 points, Runner Up Lady: Susan Mwangi 33 points, Third Lady: Wambui Warui 25 points.

Guest Lady Winner: Pauline Gachihi 27 points, Guest Runner up Lady: Pauline Gighara    27 points.

Winner Man: George Githinji 39 points, Runner up Man: Sunny Thethy 38 points, Third Man: Bernard Simiyu 38 points.

Best Senior: Paul Macharia 31 points, Best Junior: Andrew Wahome 40 points.

Nearest To Pin: Elijah Ibua.

Longest Drive (Man): Willie Mbote, Longest Drive (Lady): Pauline Gichara.

Winner Caddy: Andrew Koliga 45 points, Runner up Caddy: Solomon Majanga 39 points, Third Caddy: Swaleh Omar 38 points.



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