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Impressive Performances by Children
in British Ballet Organization Exams

Coastweek-- Congratulations are certainly necessary for the 24 very hard working and talented children who were entered for the British Ballet Organization Exams at the beginning of this year.

Their teacher Mrs. Jean Hughes was thrilled with their efforts and the English based examiner Mrs. Pamela Darlington was very impressed with their performances and for their general appearance, discipline and level of preparation.

Taking part in the Introductory ballet exam were 12 girls with ages ranging from 6 to 8 years.

These children attend Tiny Tots, Aga Khan Nursery School, Braeburn, Oshwal Academy, Shree, Mombasa Academy and Aga Khan Academy.

They were Jazmine Rogers, Saiya Shiraz, Bianca Knight, Jabrayah Ibrahim, Tiana Shah, Niva Pandya, Tatyana Njikari, Ivana Onyango, Donata Fonseca, Brianna Stokes, Yashvi Manpura and Serene Kinyua.

They all looked so beautiful in the regulation pink ballet leotards, pink ankle socks and pink ballet shoes and Mrs. Darlington was very pleased with their work.

Taking the pre-primary ballet exam were Aleena Butt, Maya Shah and Sarina Muravvej.

They danced very well with Aleena gaining 40 distinction, Maya 37 Merit and Sarina 44 Distinction.

Two girls were entered for Grade 2 ballet and both Nadine Weragoda and Ilana Alibhai gained Distinctions at this level.


  Coastweek-- Mrs. Pamela Darlington with Taseen Butt.

Four girls were entered for the Grade 2 tap exam and Anoush Alibhai, Mishal Lalani, Ayesha Lalani and Nadine Weragoda all performed to a very high standard.

There were 3 candidates for the pre-primary tap exam, Sarina Muravvej, Ammaarah Natha and Jean is very pleased as for the first time ever in Mombasa a young boy participated.

This is Mombasa history! This talented boy is Taseen Butt.

He delighted Mrs. Darlington with his determined perfor-mance.

In fact, she enjoyed him so much that she asked if she could take him home!

Further exams will take place at Easter and Jean hopes that all her students will continue to work very hard and to excel in their dance studies.

Well done to you all!

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