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Mburu Kariuki Wins Chairman’s Prize at Nyali Golf and Country Club | Coastweek

Coastweek -- Mburu Kamau, [second left], overall winner with 40 pts during 2017 Nyali Golf and Country Club chairman’s prize (Thushara De Silva), receives a prize [from left] Rapthi De Silva, Thushara De Silva and Joyce Masai. PHOTO - GILBERT ONCHOKE

Mburu Kariuki Wins Chairman’s Prize
at Nyali Golf and Country Club

Coastweek -- As you are going up, do not look down on the people whom you are leaving behind because soon you will meet them on their way up as you are coming down, reports THE DRIVER.

Simple but profoundly meaningful words contained in this wise advice were brought to life by Mburu Kariuki in his winner’s speech at the Chairman’s Prize at Nyali Golf and Country Club on Saturday 3rd February 2018.

Mburu was tracing his slow but steady progress from his once higher to the current handicap of twelve during which journey he played in a four ball comprising of partners playing at lower handicaps, one of whom in particular looked down jeeringly, albeit in a friendly , teasing way, upon him but Mburu had the last laugh when he not only caught up but overtook his playing partner who was on his way down or up in terms of handicaps .

Not only last laugh, but Mburu will continue to enjoy his little chuckle as his handicap goes further down as a result of the 40 Stableford points he amassed which clinched for him the Chairman’s Prize 2017.

Mburu made a steady start with regulation 18 points in the 1 st nine, three holes costing him a point each, the 3rd through a bogey and the 5 th and the 7th through double bogeys but levelled off with three holes yielding 3 points each, the 4th and the 8th with pars and a 2 club birdie on the 6th.

It was the par on the starting hole of the back nine that set the tone, followed by pars on the 11 th, 14th, 15th and 18th and a birdie on the 17th resulting in back nine score of 22 points, which obviously would be a hard count back to overtake.

No count back was needed however as Mburu stood alone with 40 points in the entire field of 172 players.

Had a count back come into play, Mburu may have lost out as great as his back nine score was, there was someone else who turned in an even better count back with 23 points.

The player in question was however a point behind Mburu with a total of 39 points.

This was Wambui Warui who shared her score with another player, Rohan Perera but between whom there was no contest, each playing in a separate class and so claimed the top prize in their respective class.


Coastweek -- Wambui Warui, Lady Winner with 39 pts during 2017 chairman’s prize (Thushara De Silva), at Nyali Golf and Country Club, receives a prize from Ismail Gulamali.

Rohan Perera (left), men winner with 39 pts, during chairman’s prize 2017 (Thushara De Silva), receives a prize from Chintha. Looking on is 2017 Nyali Golf and Country Club Chairman, Thushara De Silva. PHOTOS - GILBERT ONCHOKE

At the end of her 1 st nine, Wambui may not have entertained any hopes of winning the top prize, despite having made a great start picking up 3 points with a par and then a birdie on the 2 nd yielding 4 points but she then lost her way a bit with two consecutive double bogeys costing a point each, greater loss coming through the blanked 7th and yet another double bogey on the 9th, ending with 2 below regulation, total of 16 points.

Not to be disheartened, on the back nine Wambui went on a blitz of pars, on the 11 th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th and the 18th, all but the last carrying 3 points each, the only small blot on the card being a double bogey on the 17th costing her a point.

Rohan, the winner in the men’s category had a more balanced round of 19 points in the 1 st nine and 20 in the back.

He made the gains of a point each with pars on the 1 st, 6th and the 9th but lost two to double bogeys on the 5th and the 8th.

On the back nine too, three holes yielded 3 points each, with pars on the 10 th , 16th and the 18th, with only a point lost to a double bogey on the 15th.

Right behind Rohan on 38 were two gentlemen, from two end of the handicap arc, Suresh Hirani playing off 21 and William Kaguta off 3.

It was the higher handicapper Suresh whose count back prevailed over the steady round of William with two evenly balanced nines of 19 each.

William produced his 19 in the 1 st nine with one over par 37 shots, gaining a shot on the very 1 st hole with a birdie, following with a par on the stroking 2nd which yielded 3 points each.

However, he dropped two shots to bogeys on the 4th and the 7th , the latter costing a point, overall a surplus of one.

On the back nine, birdies came along on two holes, the 12 th and the 14th and a par on the only stroking hole, the 13th, all yielding 3 points each.

But he lost two of the surplus three points by uncharacteristically blanking the par five 17th.

Suresh made a steady start with regulation 2 points off one over on the 1 st, then gaining three extra points with one over on the stroking 2 nd and 4th and a par on the 3rd.

However, he lost all three surplus points to double bogeys on the 5th, 6th and the 8th to finish with 18 points.

It was on the back nine where Suresh improved his tally with 4 points coming off a par on the stroking 13th and 3 off another par on the 14 th to gain 3 extra points, out of which he lost just one with a double bogey on the 17th.

Vanesa Peris was the Runner up Lady with 36 points. Good scores were also recorded by the Best Senior Peter Kariuki and the Best Caddy Solomon Majanga both with 37 points.

Apart from the winners, the level of scoring was generally good, no less than 68 players getting into 30s.

One of the reasons advanced for this was that every player who started felt like a winner.

After all, it is not often that you pocket a pack of balls even before you indicate an intention to participate in the ball pool and pay for your 2 club bet.

It may be this starting off gift packet of three balls perhaps that put everyone on a winning mode and made the going easier, combined with the fact that the pin positions were more friendly than at any time in the last several months which could account for the better scores on the board.

Apart from the gift pack, there were other rewards for the participants, half time refreshments, lunch, tea and dinner to wind up the day with a free bar for all, the beautiful prizes for the winners and tokens of appreciation for the Committee and all who helped the Chairman through the year.

The Chairman had a team of sponsors, led by his own company Empire Kenya, Nyali Centre and Johnnie Walker and G A Insurance put up an enticing prize of a gleaming white Polo Vivo for the first hole in one on the 18th.

G A could however rest assured, there were 2 clubs, the Nearest To The Pin shot coming fairly close to the hole but not close enough to claim the car.

The Chairman thanked the players for turning up in large numbers to make his day a success.

He also recognised the services of the staff members who made his task during the year easier and enjoyable by giving cash gifts.

The staff reciprocated by coming out in their customary manner to show their appreciation to the Chairman, dancing to the tune which had everyone thumping their feet, bearing a delicious cake.

The Chairman called upon his significant half and a group of friends to help him cut the cake which was demolished quite quickly!


Winner Chairman’s Prize 2017: Mburu Kariuki 40 points, Man Winner: Rohan Perera 39 points, Man Runner up: Suresh Hirani 38 points, Man Third: William Kaguta 38 points, Lady Winner: Wambui Warui 39 points, and Lady Runner up: Vanesa Peris 36 points

Best Past Chairman: Gulam Khaku 32 points, Best Senior: Peter Kariuki 37 points, Best Junior: Kelly Rob 35 points, Guest Winner: Steve Rukwaro 32 points, and Best Caddy:  Solomon Majanga 37 points,

Longest Drive (Man) Japheth Obonyo, Longest Drive ( Lady) Joyce Masai.

Nearest to the Pin (Man ) Raphael Thyka, Nearest to the Pin (Lady) Wambui Warui.



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