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Mozambique gets 515 mln USD aid to fight HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria

MAPUTO  Mozambique (Xinhua) -- The Global Fund to Fight HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis on Thursday allocated 515 million U.S. dollars to support Mozambique’s combat against the three infectious diseases, the leading cause of deaths in the southern African country.

“HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria remain responsible for high morbidity and mortality in the country,” Mozambique’s health minister, Nazira Abdula, told the official launching of the triennial program.

According to the minister, with this grant, the number of new HIV/AIDS infections is expected to be reduced from the current 3.6 to 2.4 per thousand people by 2020. The rate of HIV infection in newborn babies will also decline.

In the fight against tuberculosis, it is expected to reduce the incidence of cases from 551 per 100,000 inhabitants in 2015 to 423 and contribute to reducing the mortality rate from 120 to 63 in 100,000 inhabitants, he said.

In 2017, about 15 million mosquito nets were distributed throughout the Mozambique, and the antiretroviral treatment was made available to a total of 1,320 health units.

Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, the global fund is a partnership organization founded in 2002 to provide support to countries fighting AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria as epidemics.

In Mozambique, 13.2 percent of people aged 15-49 are living with HIV/AIDS.



MAPUTO Mozambique (Xinhua) -- Mozambique on Monday received an invitation to attend the International Solar Alliance (ISA) summit to be held in the Indian capital of New Delhi, as its efforts to increase accesses to energy in the country has been recognized and its integration to the ISA ratified.

The invitation was issued by Indian Minister of External Affairs V. K. Singh, who has been visiting Mozambique since Sunday to evaluate the level of cooperation between the two countries.

“I had the opportunity to be well received by the president of Mozambique, and we discussed many topics. Also I am here on a remarkable day, when the country’s integration to the International Solar Alliance was ratified and I conveyed the invitation to His Excellence the president to attend the summit in early March,” said the minister after meeting Mozambican President Philipe Nyusi.

Energy coverage in Mozambique continues to be low, though the country owns one of the major dams for producing electric power.

According to authorities, solar energy has an estimated coverage of around 10 percent, mostly in social and economic infrastructure such as health utilities and schools.

The ISA was set up to address energy needs and provide a platform of collaboration on tackling identified gaps through a common approach.


Mozambique and Morocco discuss means to reinforce military cooperation

RABAT Morocco (Xinhua) -- The Inspector General of the Moroccan Royal Armed Forces (FAR), Fathallah El Ouarrak, and Vice-Minister for National Defence of the Republic of Mozambique, Patricio Jose, on Monday discussed in Rabat means to cement bilateral military cooperation.

The talks touched on prospects to create conditions conducive to reinforcing bilateral cooperation between the Royal Armed Forces and Mozambique’s armed forces in the different areas, mainly regarding training and visit exchanges, according to a statement by FAR’s general staff.

Patricio Jose is on a working visit to Morocco on Feb. 11-14, along with an important civil and military delegation.



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