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Coast Based Gap Kenya Charity Celebrated Its 12th Anniversary

Coastweek-- The Millennium Charity Support celebrated its 12th anniversary of support to Africa in style with events and presentations in the coastal city of Mombasa, reports TITUS MUSAU.

The charity organisation head and founder member Mr. Colin Carter-Harrold spent three weeks celebrating the achievements of the City-based charity, Gap Kenya (Mungu Anaweza), and participated in activities at their centers across Mombasa County.

The activities coordinated by Paul and Gayle Woods of Gap Kenya began with a presentation of certificates for women, who had completed their nine-week Shine Hope course, at Stepping Stones Drop Center at VOK.

Colin and his wife Tanya said after the presentation that the course run by Gap helped enhance the women’s confidence and self esteem and would help them achieve their potential.

The contingent later toured the Gap Kenya family home where eight children from the streets have been brought in, nurtured, loved and will be given a good education.

The head of the charity support organisation which is based in the UK, told journalists the eight children stand a good chance of being future role models and pillars of Kenyan society.

The visit also included time at the charity’s Joseph centre located on the Mwakirunge tip site which supports single mothers who live and work on the dump site to empower them with skills.

The women go to the centre to learn machine sewing, needle-craft and with the education given the women continue to develop life skills that will strengthen their chances of future employment.

During their time at the dumpsite the charities supplied a meal for all living there so all could celebrate.

The climax of the celebrations was marked by a sports day for all the street children who go to the stepping Stones Drop in Centre.

All the children, staff and visitors got involved and a great day was had by all.

Colin vowed to support the work of Gap Kenya in the City and help all their personnel achieve their goals in life.

Colin told journalists that the support company plans to donate medical supplies and a vehicle when they return in May.

The contingent will now head up North to check on their container arrivals and other projects in the Rift Valley before flying out to Ethiopia and South Africa.

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