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Rajiv Dhutia and Kim Lanxe shine during Nyali Mug and Medal

Coastweek -- It was either the fact that the end of the year festivities continued beyond the first day of the first week of the new year, Monday 1st of January 2018 and into the week, or that the hang over was too heavy for most who had indulged a bit during the festivities to shake off and achieve full recovery by the time the first serious golfing day of the week end arrived, writes Coastweek golfing correspondent, The Driver.

This was the explanation that suggested itself when looking at the scores of the first mug and medal of the new year played at Nyali Golf & Country Club on Saturday 6th January 2018.

Tricky pin positions on every single green has become so normal a feature for these two already demanding formats that it does not even come to mind as a contributory factor for scores that would look great on the score board in a cricket match.

In the combined field of 88 men and women who obviously felt sufficiently recovered at least to enter the competition, only two players, Rajiv Dhutia and Kim Lanxe were able to remain in the seventies, albeit just on the verge, averting a fall over into the eighties by a single shot.

This duo of Rajiv and Kim together with two others, Dominic Makau and Pyara Singh were the only players in the entire field able to beat their handicaps, the rest of the 84 contestants not only not being able to play below but even to their handicap.

Of the four, playing off ten, Rajiv’s knock of 79 placed him at the top of the ladder with nett 69 for the first position in A Division and a chop in the handicap by one, taking him into the hallowed rank of single figure handicap.

Rajiv achieved his two under handicap 69 with two evenly balanced nines of one under handicap, 35 and 34 respectively.

Starting well with pars on the 1st and 2nd, the 2nd being a stroking hole, Rajiv dropped a shot on the 3rd to go level but then picked up two shots off pars on the 4th and 5th, both stroking holes, the 5th as a result of the recent revision in the stroke indices which has lowered its stroke index to 7.

The two shot advantage was however short lived as Rajiv dropped another shot on par three, the 6th, followed by another bogey on the 7th which has had its stroke index revised up to 11.

But a par on the 9th resulted in one under handicap score of nett 35 for the first nine.

Par threes seem to be causing Rajiv some problems as he started with a dropped shot to a bogey on the 10th, but then steadied himself with a par on the 11th, now a stroking hole for Rajiv as a result of being revised to stroke index 8.

Three more pars followed, all on stroking holes, the 12th, 14th and the 16th, placing him ahead by three shots but of which he dropped two with bogeys on the 17th and on another par three, the 18th, to finish one under handicap nett 34.

Kim Lanxe who shared the same gross with Rajiv lost out the top place in A Division, his 79 translating to nett 70 off his handicap of 9.

He however had the consolation of beating Rajiv on count back for the Best Gross.

In the 1st nine, Rajiv was ahead with his total of 40, Kim having shot 41, through six dropped shots resulting from a double bogey on the 2nd and a spate of bogeys on the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 7th, reduced by a shot to five over through a 2 club birdie on the 6th.

On the back nine, his superior count back of 38 worked in his favour against 39 carded by Rajiv.

Kim’s three dropped shots came from a succession of bogeys on the 13th, 14th and 15th, the rest being all pars.

But Kim was denied the second place in A Division too, finding a rival in Dominic Makau also on nett 70.

Dominic also shot 38 on the back nine, dropping three shots to bogeys on the 11th, 16th and 17th.

Being three higher with handicap of 12 over Kim’s single figure 9, Dominic’s better count back of 32 prevailed over Kim’s 33.5.

Pyara Singh, the fourth player to beat handicap with nett 70, took the top place in B Division.

Pyara Singh dropped a shot each to a double bogey on the stroking 2nd and the 4th but made up the loss with pars on the stroking 7th and 8th to finish nett level 36.

On the back nine, another double bogey on the 10th cost him a shot but made up with a par on the 11th.

A par on the 13th put him a shot ahead, only to lose to a double bogey on the 15th but back again with a par on the 17th to end with one under handicap 34.

Pyara Singh was followed by Khurram Batt on 74 and Yobesh Oyaro on 75 for second and third place respectively.

Yobesh had to fight off a challenge from the Captain, Jon having carded 75 too losing on count back of nett 35.5 against 35 carded by Yobesh.

In C Division, Bruno Gerber won with 73 while three players, Sal Davis, Sandeep Gudka and Justin Kaburu were in a tie for the second place, Sal beating the younger players with a count back of 35.5.

Between the other two another tie at 36.5 for both required a further scrutiny where Sandeep got the better of Justin with his count back of 24.67 against Justin’s 25.67.

Unlike Jon, his counter part on the ladies side, the lady Captain managed to stand her ground over others and took the top place in Silver Division with nett 76, followed by two ladies Wambui Warui and Truphena Oyaro who were tied on 77.

Wambui was the clear winner with a count back of 36.5 over Truphena’s 38.

Lena Breitner took the top place in Bronze Division with nett 78, followed by Farida Saeed in the second place with 78 and Jayne Githere in third place with 79 .

For the Best Putter, there was a tussle between Pia Swatton and Florence Karimi, both with a putting score of 29, quite remarkable given the pin positions.

Pia beat Florence with her break down of 15 and 14, exact reverse of 14 and 15 carded by Florence.

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