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Coastweek -- Bandari Swimming Club proud to have won the CASA Open Junior Swimming Championships.
Bandari Swimming Team Wins the Junior Gala

Coastweek -- On the 9th and 10th of December, Coast Amateur Swimming Association (CASA) concluded the long awaited 9 years and under Swimming Gala held at the Bandari KPA College Mombasa.

The event attracted swimmers from The Aga Khan Academy, Aga Khan Primary School, Bandari Swim Club, Blue Ocean Swim Club and Octopus Swim Club.

A total of seventy four young athletes swam their hearts out for the red ribbon gold medal.

It became even more specta-cular when two young swim-mers attempted time trials for national records in the junior gala giving the younger swimmers an insight of what their potential could be in the future.

CASA is very proud to see that coaches are raising the level of swimming at the coast as the two young swimmers managed to break seven national records.

On Saturday, Ivan Hart under the coach Abdulmalik Abubakar of Mombasa Aquatics broke his first record in the 400m Freestyle in boys 10/11yrs category.

Ivan swam a time of 5:08.25 erasing the old record held by Kunaal Khagram with a time of 5:14.19 set on 10th October, 2015. The young 11yr old swimmer got his second record in the 200m Butterfly on Sunday.

The old record was being held by Thomas Tabuka with a time of 2:55.08 set on 31st May, 2015.

Ivan set the new record with a time of 2:46.87 in the boys 10/11yrs category.

His third record was the 400m Individual Medley with a new record time of 5:54.42 erasing the old record of 6:00.72 set on 10th October, /2015 set by Kunaal Khagram. The second young swimmer was Lubaina Islam Ali under the same coach, broke her first record on Saturday in the 400m Freestyle.

The 11 yr old swimmer swam a time of 5:10.99 breaking the girls 10/11yrs category record of 5:12.95 which was set on 20/11/2010 by Rebecca Kamau.

Her second record was the 200m Freestyle where she managed to swim a time of 2:28.39.

The old record was held by Victoria Okumu was set on 28/11/2016 of 2:29.39 in the girls 10/11yrs category.

Lubaina’s third record was the 200m Butterfly held by Eva Donde in the same age category.

The old time was 2:55.54 set on 21/01/2001 and the record time is 2:55.14.

On Sunday morning, she went for the 400m Individual Medley which was being held by Maria Brulnehner with a time of 6:05.16.

Lubaina swam a new time of 6:03.08 erasing the old record in the 10/11yrs girl’s category.

The Bandari Swim Club took first position as they won a total of eighty two medals from their twenty seven young swimmers gaining 607 points, while The Aga Khan Academy came sec-ond with 301 points from their twenty two swimmers winning a total of thirty nine medals.

Third position was taken by Blue Ocean Swim Club with nine young swimmers who took home a total of twenty medals giving them 161 points.

Fourth position was awarded to Mombasa Aquatics with five swimmers taking home five medals as they earned 27 points.

With four swimmers, The Octopus Swim Club came fifth with a total of three medals giving them 25 points.

And in sixth position, Aga Khan Primary earned 20 points from six swimmers who won a total of two medals.

In the Girls category, Alexandra Hart-8yrs of The Aga Khan Academy, Duini Caffini-9yrs and Jasmine Pendo-9yrs of Bandari Swim Club had a very good swim in most of their events taking home 75, 62 and 39 points respectively.

The boy’s counterparts Iqbaal Bayusuf-8yrs of Bandari Swim Club, Ameir Muravej-9yrs of The Aga Khan Academy and Hashim Sheikh-8yrs of Bandari Swim Club had some wonderful perso-nal best times and took home 57, 52 and 48 points respectively.

CASA takes this opportunity to inform the swimming community that it held its AGM on 26th November 2017 at and that a new committee has taken over.

The new team  comprises of Mr. Ahmed Kadernani (Chairman), Mr. Fauz Bani (Vice Chairman), Mrs. Larissa Hart (Secretary), Mr. Tony Rosafio (Assistant Seceretary), Mr. Tafawa Zubeir (Competition Secretary), Mrs. Zarina Khan (Treasurer), Mr. Thomas Bifwoli (Assistant Trea-sure), Mrs. Salma Jezan (Public Relations), Mr. Abdulmalik Abu-bakar (Life Saving), Mrs. Halima Oloo (Member), Mr. Mehboon Harunani (Member) and Mr. Sanjeev Khagram (Member), would like ask for all support from parents and well wishers.

They are also calling to the Mombasa County for their support and other sponsors with any assistance to the sport.

They wish the swimmers an excellent swimming season and are looking forward to a great year ahead.


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