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Coastweek-- [LEFT] Kenya Red Cross Mombasa branch welfare officer Rafik Rauf during the Children’s home visit on Christmas day. [RIGHT] Kenya Red Cross Mombasa branch members at the Little Sisters of the Poor, elderly home in Tudor.
Red Cross Graces Children’s Home with Christmas Gifts

Coastweek-- It was more than just Christmas holiday when the Kenya Red Cross Mombasa branch graced several children’s homes in Mombasa with Christmas gifts from well-wishers and the branch staff.

Led by the Kenya Red cross Mombasa branch Welfare Officer Rafik Rauf, they visited the Portreitz APDK Rehabilitation center for disabled children, Portreitz mental asylum, Mji wa Salama children’s home and Nyumba ya Wazee in Tudor where elderly and sick live.

Rafik who was speaking at the Portreitz APDK for children living with disabilities said that more assistance was a need for the children to get their basic needs and Paris plaster as well which helps their joints recover or becoming stable as they grow.

This is what Rafik had to say “Kenya Red Cross Mombasa branch has been conducting the exercise for many years and will carry on with the same spirit with the assistance from well-wishers as well.

It was the best way to visit and remember those suffering this Christmas so as to bring the real meaning of Christmas to the suffering and forgotten community in the society.

"We need more well-wishers to join the initiative since we want to do it not only during Christmas and Eid-Ul-Fitri or Eid-Ul-Adhah celebrations but every time we have enough donations to give to the needy children, the elderly, people living with disabilities, orphans and the sick people in our community,”

He said the initiative from Mrs. A.A Molu and Mrs. Batul Chakera has received more support from the Kenya Red Cross staff in Mombasa who have been contributing towards enabling the kitty to serve the needy in the society.

The gifts included food, juice, sweets, and clothes from well-wishers whereby Mombasa Maize Millers company contributed maize and home baking flour while Nafisa and Khanbhai company provided sweets juice and other gifts for the children in various children home visited.

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