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Ethiopia to set up five specialized cancer treatment centers       

ADDIS ABABA Ethiopia (Xinhua) -- The Ethiopian Ministry of Health on Sunday disclosed its plan to set up five specialized healthcare institutions exclusively for cancer related patients.

According to the ministry, the Ethiopian government has allocated close to 80 million U.S. dollars for the construction and establishment of the five specialized centers across the East African country.

The five healthcare institutions are said to provide specialized healthcare treatment for cancer related victims in Oromia, Amhara, Tigray and SNNP regional states, state news agency ENA quoted Ethiopian Ministry of Health officials as saying.

The five centers are under construction in Hawassa, Gonder, Mekelle, Jimma and Haramaya cities in the four regions.

Bisrat Desalegn, official at the Ethiopian ministry of health, said that the five centers, upon completion, will augment the current cancer related treatment capacity in the country, as Ethiopia presently relies on a single healthcare center for every caner related case.

Black Lion referral hospital, located in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa, is the sole healthcare institution presently providing cancer treatment for Ethiopia’s burgeoning population, which is estimated at 104 million.

The ministry further indicated that the construction of facilities and installation of equipment for the five centers will be finalized within the coming Ethiopian 2018-2019 fiscal year. 



Ethiopia road network grows by over 315 per cent in two decades: ministry

ADDIS ABABA Ethiopia (Xinhua) -- The Ethiopian construction ministry disclosed on Monday the east African country’s road network has grown by 315 percent from 1997 to 2015.

According to the the ministry, Ethiopia’s road network has grown from 26,550 km coverage in 1997 to 110,414 km in 2015.

The ministry further indicated that the country’s road density had increased from 24 km per 1,000 square km in 1997 to 100.4 km in 2015.

Road with good quality status had also increased from 22 percent to over 70 percent during the reported period, the ministry said.


Ethiopia establishes national council to boost construction industry

ADDIS ABABA Ethiopia (Xinhua) -- The Ethiopian government officially launched the Construction Industry Transformation Council on Monday in a bid to add new impetus to the country’s growing construction sector.

The council, to be chaired by the Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, has brought together government ministries and stakeholders from public and private entities. It is expected to serve as a consultative platform.

Aisha Mohammed, Ethiopian Construction Minister, said during the launching ceremony on Monday that the council “will immensely contribute to the sector’s sustainable development through the development of new ideas, policies and recommendations regarding the current state of the construction industry in the country.”

As Ethiopia’s construction sector keeps expanding, with its contribution to the east African country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) currently standing at around 9 percent, the newly established council is expected to tackle major challenges affecting the sector’s general development.

“The council will serve as an impetus towards the sustainable development of our country’s construction industry,” Aisha said.

Construction sector contractors, regional administrative officials, city mayors, and professional associations are also said to be part of the council.

The draft bill for the establishment of the council was ratified by the Ethiopian council of ministers in October.


Ethiopian Airlines plans flights to Chongqing

ADDIS ABABA Ethiopia (Xinhua) -- Ethiopia’s national flag carrier Ethiopian Airlines (ET) is mulling flights to Chongqing, a major southwestern Chinese city, an Ethiopian official said on Monday.

Speaking to Xinhua, Yared Berta, Regional Director for China, Mongolia and North Korea at ET, said the airlines wants to tap into the increasing demand for passenger and cargo traffic between China and Africa.

Chongqing, a city of around 17 million people is a major center for motor vehicle and high value electronics production.

Berta also said Ethiopian Airlines wants to attract an increasing number of Chinese tourists to Ethiopia as the East African country seeks to be a top tourism destination in Africa.

Ethiopian Airlines currently has five destinations in China, being Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Chengdu and Guangzhou.

ET is already preparing to start flights to the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen from June 2018.

Shenzhen, in China’s Guangdong Province, is home to internationally known high-tech companies including Huawei and ZTE.

Ethiopian Airlines became the first African carrier and the fourth in the world to fly to China back in 1973.


Ethiopia pardons 361 suspects of violence last year

ADDIS ABABA Ethiopia (Xinhua) -- Ethiopia’s Southern regional state on Monday pardoned 361 suspects who had been charged with involvement in deadly riots in October 2016.

Seifu Keneso, Attorney General for Justice Office at Southern regional state, said the individuals were pardoned to encourage them to be productive members of the society.

However, 141 individuals suspected of grave offences including murder, severe bodily harm and rapes will have their criminal cases continue.

Parts of Southern regional state was convulsed in deadly ethnic riots in October 2016 which left at least 34 people dead.

The disturbance centered around Gedeo zone of Southern regional state saw ethnic Gedeos attack the properties of other ethnicities which they accuse of unfairly exploiting their resources.

Gedeo zone is a key coffee producing region in Ethiopia earning the country millions of U.S. dollars in coffee exports annually.

Coffee is Ethiopia’s top export commodity that earned the country 866 million dollars during the Ethiopian Fiscal Year 2016/17 that ended July 9.


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