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KSPCA Raises Shs.197,000/- at Shaggy Dog Show in Vipingo

Coastweek-- Meet Ziggy who won the Class for the Shaggiest Dog at the KSPCA Shaggy Dog Show up at Vipingo Ridge Conference Centre, on the 11th November.

Both Ziggy and Harry were re-homed, from the KSPCA, to the same family, and are the very best of friends.

Polly, who is also owned by this family, won the Veteran Class – she will be 20 years old in January!

We had a fantastic Shaggy Dog Show with 50 dogs competing in a number of Classes including the Sausage Eating, both dog and handler.

The dogs of course woofed theirs down in seconds, but the handlers struggled !

There was also an Obstacle Course which caused some confusion and a Young Handlers Class.

There were tables there selling all sorts of lovely things and masses of visitors came to enjoy the day.

KSPCA made Shs. 197,000/- which was fantastic. My very sincere thanks go to Pippa, Debbie and Julie for their amazing efforts in organizing such a successful day.

We had so many helpers too, Ariuka, Nash, Nicolle, Sue, Eric and so many more.


Shaggiest Dog title winner Ziggy with her friend Harry | Coastweek

  Coastweek-- Shaggiest Dog title winner Ziggy with her friend Harry.  

Huge thanks to all those that participated and all the visitors who came along to enjoy the day to support us.

Every child should have a dog that they can cuddle up to!

A lovely happy forever home for one sweet good natured dog and her beautifully marked ginger companion.

Even the baby loves them. What more could they ask for!

We were called out recently to bring in a dog from someone’s house in the Nyali area.

This dog had suddenly become extremely aggressive and was trying to bite everyone and everything – he had rabies.

It turned out that their dogs had not been vaccinated for rabies.

How sad because this could have been avoided.

As you probably know, when a rabid dog is brought in, it is immediately put to sleep, the head removed and taken to the Government Veterinary Laboratories in Mariakani.

The brain is then tested for rabies and we receive the results the same day, via a text message.      We then notify the people in the area from which the dog has been brought in.   

We also had a call to say that a dog had been hit by a car near Wild Waters on Links Road.  We went there immediately, but sadly the dog had died.

We rescued three kittens, about three months old that had been thrown down a fifteen foot dry well, near the Kibaki Flats.

Very fortunately, they were not injured and were in reasonably good condition.

Our little ginger cat that was so badly burnt has almost healed completely now – she is so sweet and loving and is looking for a good home.

At the moment we have over 60 dogs and over 90 cats looking for kind and loving homes.

So, if you are thinking of getting a dog or cat any time soon, please do call in and have a look here as we do have some lovely dogs and cats.

We have managed to re-home our two three legged dogs.

The one that came in with a bone sticking out of her leg and another one that was abandoned at one of the vets and brought in to us.

I would like to thank everyone for all the newspapers that we have been receiving.

This has made our lives so much easier and we are happy to have as many newspapers as you can find.  

I would also like to thank one of our supporters for enabling us to put new mabati on our Recovery Room.

This is totally wonderful and soon we shall no longer have to mop out the place every time it rains.

Our table at the Kilifi Garden Festival (Craft Fair) went very well with quite a lot of people attending it.

The KSPCA did well and everyone seemed to have a good time.

There was also a lecture on insects (It’s a Bug’s Life by Dino Martins), which was fascinating and we all learnt a lot, especially just how important the insects are for pollination and for the well being of all.

Our next event is the KSPCA Christmas Craft Fair which is being held on the 2nd December at the Bahari Beach Hotel.

This will be well worth visiting as there are going to be very many tables (55 confirmed so far), with a great variety of things on sale, of every description.

We have five new Christmas card designs donated again by artist Kim Kay.

This could be your chance of finding that elusive Christmas present which is giving you so much grief.

The one that was held there last year was fantastic and we are expecting this one to be even better.

Our very sincere thanks to all our many amazing supporters who keep the Mombasa KSPCA functioning.

From Di, her many wonderful helpers, the staff and all the little residents at the KSPCA.

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