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Coastweek -- Philip Mbugua, [left], overall winner during KPA Golf Day with 38 points at Nyali Golf and Country Club, receives a prize from KPA Managing Director, Mrs. Catherine Mturi-Wairi and NGCC Captain Jon Stokes.
KPA Golf Day Attracts a Field Of Over 170
Golfers At The Nyali Golf and Country Club

Coastweek -- Majority of Golfers are businessmen and women or connected in a significant manner in some way or the other to the business world, reports THE DRIVER.

All businesses need to move their goods and products which is where Kenya Ports Authority comes in, exporting those goods and products or importing things those businesses need to carry on their activities and therefore all golfers need KPA and KPA need golfers.

Such was the syllogism, or deductive logic to similar effect, by which Captain Jon Stokes explained the immense popularity of the Kenya Ports Authority Golf Day when welcoming the sponsors and guests at the close of the competition at Nyali Golf and Country Club on Saturday 11th November 2017.

Katherine Mturi- Wairiri, the Managing Director of KPA echoed similar sentiments in her welcoming address to  the players and guests, noting the synergy between golfers and KPA which drew one of the largest number, a total of over 170 players.

Katherine also noted that her organisation which is strongly represented by A teams in many other sports does not contribute in the same way to the game of golf where it is under represented.

Coastweek -- Alyssa Jamal, junior winner with 41 points during Kenya Ports Authority Golf Day at Nyali Golf and Country Club, Receives a prize from KPA Director Steve Lokedi.

She promised to make amends by producing a strong golfing team in future although she recognised there were notable exception who take a keen interest in the game, such as Yobesh Oyaro, Japhet Obonyo, Charles and Teresia Odoo, some of whom are in fact known to be more active members of Nyali Golf and Country Club than of KPA !

Katherine also reiterated her promise to take up the game herself, following the example of KPA’s Public Relations Manager, Bernard Osero who regaled the audience with tales of his efforts at coming to grips with the game, starting with acquiring the right clothing and equipment, realising much to his dismay that as a leftie he needed a different set of clubs from what he had been looking at and had  to procure one from abroad at some considerable expense !

Having finally kitted himself up and started with  serious and persistent training, he discovered there were many slips between him and a handicap and almost thought of giving up in despair.

He may take some consolation from the knowledge that this is the experience of an average golfer who finds his/her game is never the same, that there are massive swings to their swings from day to day !

Things go effortlessly smooth one day while nothing seems to work the next time, or sometimes, maddeningly in the course of the same round.

There was one player in the entire field of 170 plus players for whom it was a sort of day when nothing went wrong, everything work.

That was the young lady Alyssa Jamal who soared above all with a great score of 41 stableford points.

It started with  the 2nd hole, a double stroking where she picked up a surplus point with one over and then another to a par on the 3rd.

There was a bit of down slide as she immediately dropped both extra points to a triple bogey on the double stroking 4th and double bogey on the 5th but with regulation 2 points then on and a surplus point earned off a par on the closing ninth, she ended the first nine with 19 points.

It was on the back nine that Alyssa struck a rich vein of 3 points, collecting a huge surplus of six points with a string of pars, on the 10th, 12th, 14th and 15th and one over on the double stroking 13th and 16th.

However, on the two par fives, the 11th and the 17th where, both being double stroking holes and being within easy reach with her length, she would expect to reap more dividends, she came to grief, losing out two  points through very uncharacteristic triple bogeys.

But her total of 22 points added on to the 19 points in the first nine  turned out to be the best score of the day.

Best score of the day did not however qualify Alyssa for the Overall Prize, her youth  going against her, Alyssa could only take the Best Junior prize.

But youth is the time of life when such small disappointments are taken as part of the learning curve, quickly overcome and on to the next challenge to be taken head on.

That next challenge was thrown at her immediately.

In recognition of her achievement, the Captain called upon Alyssa to tell how she did it and she responded well with words of appreciation for her playing partners who supported and encouraged her through the 18 holes and for the sponsors for a super competition. 

For the Overall Prize there were two contenders with identical scores of 38 points, Philip Mbugua and Vanessa Peris.

Philip did not allow his sense of chivalry to come between himself and the KPA Golf Day title, falling short on chivalry but gaining on count back with a break down of 17 and  21 points over Vanessa’s steady score of  19 points for each nine.

Philip started steadily with 2 points a piece on the first four holes but lost a point on the 5th to a bogey and further down  2 points to the blanked 7th but then steadied himself again, playing a par game from 8th through to the 13th, four of which, the 8th, 9th, 12th and 13th yielded 3 points each which brought his tally for the first nine to 17 points and left him with 2 surplus points up to that point on the back nine.

Things got even better with a 2 club birdie on the 15th yielding 3 more points followed by a birdie on the stroking 16th adding 4 points to earn him a total of 5 surplus points.

The dream however came to an end and reality kicked in on the last two holes which he bogeyed to lose a point each ending with a total of 21 points for the back nine.

In her two even nines of 19, Vanessa had her ups and down in the first nine, dropping a point on the 1st but more than making up with two holes worth 4 points each, through a 2 club birdie on the 3rd and a par on the double stroking 4th, followed by a less spectacular par on the 5th worth just 3 points !

However, she dissipated the advantage of 4 surplus point by blanking the 6th and dropping 2 more on the 7th and 9th through bogeys.

In between the two, having parred the 8th she finished with a surplus of one for the first nine.

The back nine started badly with a blank but which she made up with 3 points off two pars, on the 13th and the 15th.

The 14th took a toll with a double bogey costing her a point but made up with 3 points on the 16th and a par on the concluding 18th put her in a surplus on one for the back nine as well.

Vanessa had to be content with the Winner Lady prize. Mary Kandu followed her with 35 points to take the Runner up Lady prize.

On the men’s side, the gap was narrower.

Right behind Philip were two gentlemen, William Kaguta and Evance Manono in a tie for the Winner Man prize with 37 points.

Willie prevailed with a better count back relegating Evance in the second place with a break down of 19 and 18 whereas Evance had a more uneven breakdown of 20 points in the first nine, 3 points coming off pars on the 4th, 6th, 7th and the 9th, of which 2 points were lost to bogeys on the 3rd and the 5th.

On the back nine he could only add 17 points, despite picking up 4 points off a 2 club birdie on the 18th and another additional point earned on the 10th off a par, he lost out 4 points to bogeys on the 11th, 13th and the 17th and a double bogey on the 16th

Willie  started well, picking  an extra point on the stroking 2nd with a par and two more with birdies on the 5th and the 7th but dropped  a shot each  on the 6th and the 9th to finish with 19 points in the first nine.

On the back nine it was par all the way except the 12th where he dropped a shot to a bogey but immediately made up with a par on the stroking 13th to finish with regulation 18 points.

Count back was also needed to resolve a tie for the next place between Aaron Kikuvi and George Munyao on 36 points.

Steady play of two even nines of 18 points did not help George against the more erratic Aaron with his 16 and 20.

Aaron had a blank in each nine, starting with the very first hole and he then went on to drop two more to a double bogey on the 4th and a bogey on the 5th, making up two points with 3 each on the 3rd and the 6th.

On the back nine he made a great start with a 2 club birdie for 4 points but lost 2 straightaway with the blanked 11th.

Pars on the 12th, 16th and 18th helped to add 3 surplus points of which he lost one to a bogey on the 17th.

George too had the misfortune of blanking a hole in each nine.

On the front nine it was the 4th and in addition to  losing a point to a bogey on the 3rd.

However, he made up all three with a par on the stroking 2nd and birdies on the 5th and the 9th.

On the back nine after gaining 3 points each off a birdie on the 12th and par on the 13th, he lost both extra points by blanking the 14th.

Further down, a birdie earned him 3 points earned off a birdie on the 16th were squared off a bogey on the 17th to level his score to 18.

There were plenty more prizes for various categories but in the end everyone who played was a winner, going home with a goodie bag, having enjoyed the generous hospitality of KPA, starting from drinks and tidbits at half time, lunch, tea and dinner accompanied by drinks and music under a marquee, set out not at the usual venue but on the practice range to accommodate a larger number, comprising of the players, staff and the guests of KPA in attendance.

Warm round of applause to KPA for a very enjoyable golfing day.


Overall Winner: Philip Mbugua 38 points

Men Winner: William Kaguta  37 points

Men Runner up: Evance Manono 37 points

Men Third: Aaron Kakuvi 36  points

Lady Winner: Vanessa Peris 38 points

Lady Runner up: Mary Kandy 35 points

Best  Junior: Alyssa Jamal 41 points

Best Senior: John Smith 33 points

Guest Winner: Fumihiro Obara 32 points

Guest Runner up: Aish Duba 30 points

Guest Third: Henry Obino 29 points

Guest Fourth: Ben Omundo 29 points

Best Staff: Yobesh Oyaro 33 Points

Staff Runner up: Japeth Obonyo 32 points

Staff Third: Teresia Odoo 31 points

Staff Fourth: Charles Odoo 30 points

Longest Drive men: Joseph Oluoch

Longest Drive ladies: Joyce Masai

Nearest to the Pin men: Mark Mbua 11 inches

Nearest to the Pin Ladies: Joyce Masai 11 feet 4 inches.


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