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Zimbabwean commander says military
will step in to protect revolution

HARARE Zimbabwe (Xinhua) -- Zimbabwe’s top military commander on Monday urged the ruling Zanu-PF party to put its house in order, saying the military would step in if the revolution that brought independence was under threat.

While pledging allegiance to President Robert Mugabe as Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defense Forces, Constantino Chiwenga told a press conference that some counter-revolutionaries were bent on reversing the gains of the liberation struggle and making Zimbabwe a neo-colonial state.

“May I remind those behind the current treacherous shenanigans that when it comes to matters of protecting the revolution the military will not hesitate to step in,” he said.

Chiwenga noted that there were current purges within the party targeting people who had a history with the liberation struggle while those who did not participate were gaining ground.

“The current purging and cleansing process in Zanu-PF which so far is targeting mostly members associated with our liberation history is a serious cause for concern to us in the defense forces,” he said apparently stung by the recent dismissal of Emmerson Mnangagwa as the country’s vice president.

Mnangagwa was subsequently fired from the party and has since left the count

HARARE,  (Xinhua) -- Commander of Zimbabwe Defence Forces General Constantino Chiwenga ® addresses journalists during a press conference in Harare, Zimbabwe, Nov.13, 2017. Zimbabwe’s top military commander Chiwenga on Monday urged the ruling Zanu-PF party to put its house in order, saying that the military would not hesitate to step in if it felt that the revolution that brought the country’s independence was under threat. XINHUA PHOTO

The history of the revolution could not be rewritten by people who were not part of it, Chiwenga told the press conference which was also attended by the top brass in the military.

The general added that the conduct of the ruling party could not be seen merely as being an internal matter because it had a direct impact on the welfare of all Zimbabweans.

“As a result of squabbling within the ranks of Zanu-PF, there has been no meaningful development in the country for the past five years. The resultant economic impasse has ushered in more challenges to the Zimbabwean populace such as cash shortages and rising commodity prices,” he said.

Among other security threats emanating from the goings-on Zanu-PF were “reckless utterances” by some politicians denigrating the military, which he said were causing despondency among its members, he said.

“Further, we note with concern the attempts by some politicians to drive a wedge between the security services for their own selfish interests. This is unacceptable.”

He quoted the constitution to justify the military’s interest in what was happening in the ruling party, saying that the military provided government with various forms of assistance as provided for by the supreme law.

Mugabe has in the past ordered the military to stay out of politics arguing that it is politics that leads that gun and not the other way round.



Zimbabwe army chief urges ruling party to stop firing ousted VP’s supporters

HARARE Zimbabwe (Xinhua) -- Zimbabwe Defense Forces Commander Constantino Chiwenga on Monday urged the ruling ZANU-PF party to stop the expulsion of party members with liberation war background.

Chiwenga’s remarks came after President Robert Mugabe last week fired Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, his political ally for more than 40 years, on allegations of disloyalty and deceit.

The party has said it would also take disciplinary action against scores of party members perceived to be loyal to Mnangagwa.

Mnangagwa is currently in self-imposed exile.

Among the big wigs alleged to be loyal to the former vice president and facing the axe are state security minister Kembo Mohadi, cyber security mister Patrick Chinamasa and Environment minister Oppah Muchinguri.

Addressing a press conference in the capital, Chiwenga, a perceived Mnangagwa loyalist, said the purges must stop.

“The current purging which is clearly targeting members of the party with a liberation background must stop forthwith,” Chiwenga said.

He also urged some party members to stop denigrating the military as it was causing despondency within the rank and file.

Chiwenga said what was happening in the ruling party was a result of machinations of counter revolutionaries who have infiltrated the party to destroy it from within.

The ruling party will next month hold an extra ordinary congress to reaffirm Mugabe’s candidature in next year’s presidential elections and also amend the party constitution to allow for a female vice president.

The party’s ten provinces, the Women’s League and the Youth League have endorsed First Lady Grace Mugabe to be the party’s female vice president and to replace Mnangagwa.  



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