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Angolan Cabinda port construction projects running smoothly

CABINDA Angola (Xinhua) -- The construction works of the  passenger terminal and the breakwater of the Cabinda port in northwestern Angola are going smoothly, according to one senior official of the port Wednesday.

Artur Carvalho, administrator for the port’s technology and operation department, told a press conference that 28 percent of the construction has been complete, and that half of the work for the concrete foundations of the terminal’s main building were done.

The two projects are contracted by China’s state-run hydraulic engineering company CGGC based in the central Chinese city of Wuhan.

Carvalho said the two projects are vital to local economic development. The port plays a strategic role in the region’s industrial development, especially in the oil and gas sector, he said.

The port will meanwhile support trade with the Republic of the Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, he said.

The two Chinese-contracted projects of the Cabinda port are planned to be completed between June and July 2018.



Angola government promise to fight corruption and nepotism

LUANDA Angola (Xinhua) -- Members of the new Angolan government sworn in Saturday in Luanda promised to fight corruption and nepotism.

The commitment consists of the term of office signed by the new executive members in the presence of the newly-inaugurated president.

The newly appointed ministers and provincial governors also pledged to refrain from practices that harm the public interest, according to the term of office read by Jose Filipe, the director of the ceremonial of president.

On the other hand, a statement released Friday by the opposition coalition CASA-CE accused the Angolan president of having “once again deceived” the people with the newly appointed government.

CASA-CE considered the new executive a “continuation of the state apparatus of the same party, with the same people, the same practices and with the same blemish that, over the decades, led to the dilapidation of the country due to corruption and other illicit acts.”

With 16 seats in the Parliament, the CASA-CE was the third most voted party in the August 23 general elections won by the ruling People’s Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) with qualified majority with 150 MPs.


Angola needs sustainable models to stabilize oil production: official

LUANDA Angola (Xinhua) -- The executive director of the Angolan Geophysical Association (ASGA) Alberto Jaime of Carvalho defended on Tuesday in Luanda the creation of more sustainable models to stabilize oil production, considering it as one of the main challenges of deepwater exploration and prospecting in the country.

The official was speaking at the opening act of the First EAGE/ASGA Workshop on Petroleum Exploration under the theme “Challenges and Solutions for Deep Water Exploration in Angola”, pointing out that other challenges include improving the image of reservoirs and pre-salt segments, and other technologies that must be considered to create a clearer image that reflects the real geology of the pre-salt segments.

He stressed that despite the natural decline affecting the sector, it is necessary to create other more efficient ways to increase production in other fields.

According to him, there are some ideas that lead us to reflect seriously on the future, not only in terms of exploration concepts, it is also needed to understand what failed in terms of pre-salt exploration in Angola.

The First EAGE/ASGA Workshop aims at reflecting on the challenges of oil exploration, especially in relation to new exploration concepts that may emerge from some failures that hit the country during this period of production exploration and development in Angola.

The two-day event counts on the participation of professionals of all oil companies operating in Angola.


Czech farm company to invest one million euros in Angola

LUANDA Angola (Xinhua) -- The Czech company of farm machines and tools Agrico on Tuesday here expressed its interest to likely invest more than one million euros (about 1.18 million U.S. dollars) in Angola’s livestock projects.

The representative of the Agrico, Michal Karmizin, made the remarks during a seminar on the presentation of bilateral business intentions between entrepreneurs from the Czech Republic and Angola.

Karmizin also said Agrico can provide available means and products for agriculture, poultry, cattle breeding and aquaculture.

In turn, Angolan Secretary of State for the Agricultural Sector, Carlos Alberto Jaime, said that Angolan business people should present viable projects to satisfy the guarantees and comply with payment to Agrico’s credit line.

He said that the partnerships between Angolans and Agrico could greatly contribute to diversifying the national economy.


Angola says China remains its top export destination

LUANDA Angola (Xinhua) -- China mantained its position as the largest buyer of Angolan goods and services in the first quarter of this year, accounting for 62.6 percent of the country’s total exports, the Angolan National Statistics Institute said Wednesday.

Angolan export to China reached 5.04 billion U.S. dollars during the period, up 97 percent from the same period of 2016, the institute said in a post on its website.

Import from China fell by almost 20 percent from the first three months of last year, it added.

Other main destinations of Angolan exports were India with 6.5 percent, South Africa with 4.1 percent, Spain 3.6 percent, and the United Arab Emirates with 3.0 percent.

Angola imported during the same period mainly from Portugal with 18.8 percent, China with 11.5 percent, the United Kingdom with 8.0 percent, Brazil with 6.0 percent and South Africa with 5.7 percent.

Globally, Angolan exports rose 56.2 percent in January-March 2017 as compared to the same period last year. Imports surged 7.8 percent.


UNAIDS director says Angola HIV/AIDS prevalence “worrying”

LUANDA Angola (Xinhua) -- Country Director of the Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) Michel Kouakou said Thursday the 2.4 percent HIV/AIDS prevalence rate in Angola is “worrying,” despite the government’s efforts.

UNAIDS actions in Angola will continue to focus on supporting the government in actions to fight the disease, the official told the press on the sidelines of a national workshop aimed at strengthening the country’s community health system.

He said the UNAIDS has been supporting the government in implementing a program launched in June called “Testing and Treating,” for everyone suffering from HIV/AIDS.

Its goal, he said, is to reach, among others, 90 percent of the people diagnosed with AIDS under antiretroviral treatment by 2030.

The official also spoke of the need for preventive measures against the disease.

The national workshop ending on Thursday in the Angolan capital of Luanda, was organized by the Angola Network of AIDS Service Organizations (ANASO).



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