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Coastweek -- The Winners, Runners-up and the family of the Late Bakir and Rozy Ganiwalla. PHOTO BY ALI GANIWALLA
Team Deepak Vyas brilliant bowling score

Coastweek -- The Late Bakir and Rozy Ganiwalla Tournament is considered as one of most commemorating tournaments in the Bowling fraternity of the Mombasa Sports Club, reports BOWLING GREEN.

It was sponsored by the late Bakir Ganiwalla for 21 years in memory of his late wife Rozy who passed away in 1994 until 2015 when Bakir passed on and for the last two years his son Shoeb and family have been sponsoring this tournament in memory of their late parents.

Both Bakir and Rozy loved this game, were active bowlers and played national and international tournaments.

18 players participated on Saturday, the 16th September 2017.

This tournament was especially memorable for some of the bowlers who used to play with both Bakir and Rozy.

Before the game commenced, Shoeb threw the first wood in remembrance of his late parents.

This was a very touching moment for him and for all the bowlers.

The game played was trips (three woods) divided into six teams.

Coastweek -- Shoeb Ganiwalla reliving the game enjoyed by his parents Bakir and Rozy Ganiwalla.  PHOTO BY ALI GANIWALLA.

The team led by Deepak Vyas with second as Aftab Mohamedbhai and Raman Patel as lead were untouchable and attained a brilliant score of 34-7 against the team led by Vijay Bij, Alihussein Namajee as the second and Ali Jeneby as the lead.

It was good to see Deepak lead his team to victory especially after just returning from India having had gruesome medical treatment. Vishal Shah had a cake made specially to welcome Deepak back.

The team led by Kusum Patel, Norbert Fernandes as second and Mariam Hassanali as the lead emerged the runners up with a score of 19-15 against a strong fight with the team led by Kirti Channiyara, Tara Shah and Kalim Hassanali.

The remaining two teams had a nail biting game with the team led by Pankaj Shah, Shobha Bij as the Second and Rasik Shah as the lead who were leading until the last end when Dr. Dhillon, who was the lead, did excellent drawing bringing his three shots closest to the jack whereby his team led by Chandu Shah and second, Vishal Shah and beat the team led by Pankaj by just one shot to score 16-15.

After the game, bowlers and guests of the Ganiwalla family were treated to a sumptuous dinner at the Mvita Tennis Club and the shield and prizes were thereafter presented by the family of Late Bakir and Rozy Ganiwalla to the winners and runners up.


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