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Coastweek -- Runners up team [from left] Players Dushyant Kanabar and Tanveer Diamond, Mombasa Sports Club Vice Chairman Benjamin Gitonga, Tournament Director Moiz Hassanali, Player Hussein Virjee and Squash Section Captain Anand Thaker. SEVENSHOTS PHOTOGRAPHY – SABAH JABEEN
Ndovu And Simba Battle It Out At MSC Team Squash Tourney

Coastweek -- Between the 11th and 15th of September, the MSC Team Squash Tournament was held.

It was a self-sponsored tournament organised by the MSC Squash Section captain Anand Thaker and Coast squash champion Yusuf Zavery. 

There were a total of 24 participants split into 6 teams namely: MSC Ndovu, MSC Chui, MSC Simba, MSC Swara, MSC Nyati and MSC Kifaru.

All teams played against each other and the top 4 teams proceeded to the Semi Finals - MSC Ndovu, MSC Chui, MSC Simba and MSC Swara.

The final was played between Ndovu and Simba and Simba emerged victorious.

This was an amazing competition down at the coast. Squash is a hugely underrated sport in Kenya but its popularity is slowly growing.

Interesting facts about squash:

In 2003, Forbes rated squash as the number one healthiest sport to play.

Squash was invented in Harrow School out of the older game racquets around 1830 before the game spread to other schools, eventually becoming an international sport.

Squash provides an excellent cardiovascular workout. In one hour of squash, a player may expend approximately 600 to 1000 food calories.

The sport provides a good upper and lower body workout by utilizing both the legs to run around the court and the arms and torso to swing the racquet.

According to the World Squash Federation, as of June 2009, there were 49,908 squash courts in the world, with 188 countries and territories having at least one court.

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Coastweek -- Winners [from left] Players Yusuf Zavery and Rishi Dodhia, Mombasa Sports Club Chairlady Sheetal Devani, Player Kevin Magotsi, Tournament Director Moiz Hassanali and Player Adnaan Sulemanjee. SEVENSHOTS PHOTOGRAPHY – SABAH JABEEN



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