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Coastweek -- Alyssa Jamal [right], junior winner during Sanlam Golf Day at Nyali Golf and Country Club, with 33 points receives a prize from Group Head Marketing and Corporate Communications Lilian Onyach.  GOLF PHOTOS COURTESY OF GILBERT ONCHOKE. 
Father, daughter top winners list during ‘Sanlam Golf Day’ !

Coastweek -- An exciting, high scoring game of golf took place at Nyali Golf and Country Club on Saturday 2nd September 2017, where half the field of 120 players were able to score up to 30 stableford points, reports THE MARKER.

Among the  main winners all but three out of a total of nine played to or better than their handicap, a couple of players carding regulation 36 points and half a dozen others carding 35 points standing no chance to feature in the list. 

This was the Sanlam Insurance sponsored Sanlam Golf Day.

A special feature of the winners’ list was the top and the rear end of the list being occupied by the father Aly Jamal and daughter Alyssa Jamal respectively, Aly claiming the Overall Winner prize with 40 stableford points and Alyssa, one of the three in the winners’ list that fell short of the regulation 36 stableford points, taking the Best Junior prize with 33 points.

Aly made a strong start, scoring 14 points over the first six holes, by reason of two holes, the 2nd and the 6th yielding 3 points each.

He lost a point on the 7th with a bogey but with 2 each on the next two, finished with 19 points.

Aly went on to improve his back nine score by a couple of more points, with 3 points each off pars on the 11th, 16th and 17th and regulation 2 points on the rest.

His knock of nett 67, one under handicap 35 in the 1st nine and three under handicap 32 in the back nine not only secured him the Overall Sanlam Golf Day prize but also earned him a well deserved chop of two, bringing him down to handicap 15. 

Coastweek -- Aly Jamal, overall winner of Sanlam Golf Day at Nyali Golf and Country Club with 40 points, receives a prize from Sanlam Life CEO Stella Njunge. Looking on is NGCC Captain Jon Stokes. GOLF PHOTOS COURTESY OF GILBERT ONCHOKE.

Two points behind Aly were two players, Pauline Gachihi and Suleiman Shikely, each taking the top place in their respective categories of the Winner Lady and Winner Man.

Pauline made a steady start with 10 points up to the 5th, her double bogey on the 3rd costing her a point made up with one over on the double stroking 5th.

However, a blank on the 6th dented her score by 2 points and one more was lost to a triple bogey on the 8th but  with 3 points on the 9th she finished with 16 points.

The start on the back nine was less promising with a blanked 10th but she made up the loss by picking up 4 points off a par on the 12th and added four extra points off one over on double stroking 11th, 13th, 17th and a par on the 18th to finish with an excellent score of 22 points.

Closely following Pauline was Nimisha Shah with 37 points.

Nimisha picked up 19 points in the 1st nine, despite blanking the 4th, the loss of 2 points off set by gaining 4 off a par on the double stroking 8th having gained an extra point with a bogey on the double stroking  2nd.

On the back nine she had the misfortune of not one but two blanked holes in a row, the 13th and 14th but the loss of 4 points was made up with 3 points each gained on the 10th, 11th, 15th and 16th.

The 17th also yielded 3 points but a double bogey on the 18th cut the gain on the 17th to end with 18 points and earning Nimisha the Runner up Lady prize.

Suleiman, the winner on the men’s side managed to pick up regulation 18 points, despite blanking the 4th and losing  another point on the 5th, making up with 3 points each off a par on the 3rd and one over on the double stroking 8th and 9th.

On the back nine he lost only one point off a double bogey on the 11th but made it up with 3 points on the 12th, adding two extra points on the 14th and 18th to finish with 20 points.

A point behind Suleiman was Peter Barnard who but for that single point would have clinched the top place with a  great count back of 22 points, made up with three extra points off pars on the 10th, 12th and 17th while his par on the double stroking 13th yielded 4 points, with only one point lost to a double bogey on the 16th.

However, it was his 1st nine that let him down with just 15 points, five singletons coming on the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 8th and 9th, the loss of five points being recovered only partly by 3 points on the 5th and the 6th off pars.

Next in the line there were no less than three gentlemen on 36 vying for the last remaining prize in the men’s category.

Of the three, Atul Patel was counted out in the first round with his count back of 18 points, leaving it to Jimmy Kingori and Akil Mughal both on 21 points to fight it out.

Jimmy emerged victorious, with his count back of 14 points on the last six holes, over Akil’s 12 points, having  picked up 3 points each on two holes, the 13th and 16th while  Akil scored three only on the 15th and lost another point with a double bogey on the 14th.

Clive Barnsley was the Best Senior with a good score of 35 points and Alyssa Jamal, as mentioned earlier, the Best Junior with 33 points.

Thirty three was also the score of the Guest Winner M Itote.

The Longest Drives in each category saw a departure from the usual suspects, Evans Nyagah winning it off the men’s tee and Salome Mundia off the ladies tee.

Kim Lanxe took the Nearest to the Pin with 6 ‘ 7’’ and even closer was Hildah Mugure off the ladies tee, landing  her ball 5’ 8” from the pin.

The usual festivities followed the prize giving, rounding off a very enjoyable golfing day. Asante sana Sanlam.


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