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Coastweek -- First row [from left] are Qandeel Khowaja, Karima Alibhai, Inaara Kanani, Zarina Mamadbekova, Faliha Mukhi, Inara Janmohamed, Bijou Mwaura,  Principal of Senior School Francis Kariuki, Head of Academy Ray Zinsli, Resident Representative of Aga Khan Development Network Kenya (AKDN) Dr. Azim Lakhani, Noorin Pattni, Suhaila Noorani, Inaara Gangji, Muslima Niyozmamadova, Salma Bajaber, Nasra Abdallah, Simran Khataw, Qamili Dave, and Ivy Akinyi. Second row [from left] are Kaleb Wheeler, Salim Abdalla, Fadhili Deche, Fiona Odhiambo, Tariq Kichawele, Caroline Kameta, Nicholas Mutiso, Collins Sam, Festus Nyawa, Zuhali Suhrob, Eman Salim, Shukufa Sultonmamad, Arshi Ratansi, Muskaan Premji, Raheel Minocher, Elsie Kerubo, Feddis Mburugu, Vaishnawi Gupta, Yasmyn Ntege, Ziana Bhanji, Zoya Mohsin, Flocia Akeyo and Brandy Awuor. Third row [from left] are Danish Jamal, Ian Ngungi, Sheena Kathurima, Erica Nondi, Ganjina Vanjova, Amaal Virji, Mir Vyas, Inaara Savani, Ali Fazal, Stacey Namara, Nafisa Rahimjonova, Nicole Wanjira, Danielle Minja, Diana Biegon, Zahra Ahmed, Preyansh Kaushik and Rithwik Gokhale. Fourth row [from left] are Tama Mule, Naail Lalani, Christopher Mboya, Sadiq Egeh, Fidel Ananga,  Bilal Gulleid, Sadiq Issa, Kaashif Mawji, Nihal Shavdia, Jishaan Minsariya, Saleh Hamada, Elisha Tibatemwa, Brian Kimwatan, Muriuki Njonjo, Murtaza Jafferji, Alisher Kukanbekov, Alim Khoja, Aftab Hirani, Robin Murphy, Vivian Mung’aro, Nduta Wasike, Phylister Nassora, Gabrielle Namadoa, Shekinah Githinji, Michelle Nyabila, Jineid Bawazir and Alisher Abdumamadov. PHOTO CREDIT - MAIAFREIA PHOTOGRAPHY
Aga Khan Academy Mombasa’s IB Graduates Excel

Coastweek -- The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma is emerging as the world’s most successful university entry qualification, writes ALEESHA SULEMAN.

Dr. Azim Lakhani | Coastweek  

According to The IB Diploma Graduate Destinations Survey produced by IGraduate International Insight, the acceptance rates for IB students into Ivy League universities, such as Harvard, Yale and Cornell, are up to 13 percent higher than average.

“The IB Diploma prioritizes several skills that are essential for success in higher education, and in the increasingly diverse workplace of the 21st century,” said Alexandra Holland, Curriculum Development Manager at the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa.

“Critical and creative thinking, self-management skills, inter-cultural understanding and the ability to work under pressure are all developed through the programme.

Universities and employers recognise that IB graduates have already gained many of the characteristics that will ensure their academic and professional success.”

The Aga Khan Academy Mombasa is a leader in Kenya in the quality of its IB results. In 2015, one of its students achieved a perfect score of 45 in the IB Diploma, placing her in the top 0.3 percent of candidates worldwide.

Last year, the Academy’s IB Diploma average score at 34.4, compared to the global average of 30.07.

Guest Speaker Dr. Azim Lakhani, Resident Representative of Aga Khan Development Network in Kenya. PHOTO CREDIT - MAIAFREIA PHOTOGRAPHY  

The IB develops students with expert subject knowledge and exceptional skills in research, essay writing, leadership and social skills as well as fostering a spirit of intellectual inquiry.

Following her graduation from the Aga Khan Academy in 2016, Ruhi Manek went on to attend Yale University where she is double-majoring in Ethics, Politics & Economics and French.

She says that one of the main ways in which she benefitted from the Diploma Programme was the learning of critical thinking.

Through it, she has cultivated academic curiosity which has driven her to venture outside of her comfort zone. In her Theory of Knowledge (TOK) class, which is a philosophical enquiry of the nature of knowledge, Ruhi had the opportunity to engage with and appreciate diverse perspectives and ways of thinking.

On Saturday, 20 May 2017, the Aga Khan Academy celebrated the achievements of 83 fresh graduates who are a testament to the growing recognition of the value of the IB curriculum.

This is confirmed by the numerous acceptances the graduates received to prestigious institutions of higher education around the world, including Cornell University, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), University College London and McGill University.

Furthermore, the class was collectively offered almost 5.1 million USD in grants, financial aid and scholarships.

The cohort will be pursuing their tertiary education in a range of different countries including USA, England, Canada, Australia, UAE, Qatar, Kenya and Mauritius.

One of the members of the Class of 2017, Zoya Mohsin, will be attending Cornell University, and hopes to continue pursuing research into environmental conservation that she began at the Academy through one of her IB courses.

She plans to contribute to the environmental conservation efforts within the African continent after gaining the necessary knowledge and skills at university.

According to Adnan Visram and Samantha Caras, University Counsellors at the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa, “The emphasis within the IB and at our Academy on providing a holistic learning experience –academics, sports, community service, personal development and engagement with the arts – develops our students into young leaders who think critically, are both locally and internationally-minded, and seek to leave a positive impact upon their communities.

“With a diverse student body accepted based on merit regardless of their socio-economic background and hailing from different countries and cultures, our students gain a deep appreciation for the transformative power of such an education, often a luxury that many of their peers do not have access to.

“It is this understanding that brings them back home to help improve the quality of life of their own societies, and what makes them so unique and sought-after by top universities around the world.”

As the International Baccalaureate goes on to celebrate 50 years in 2018, it is growing exponentially in popularity as educators and leaders begin to appreciate the true value of the academically rigorous, value-based education system which is the IB.

Between 2012-2017, the number of IB programmes offered grew by 39.3 percent and are currently offered in over 4,655 schools across the globe, 6 of which are based in Kenya.

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