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 The winners of April Medal played at Nyali Golf and Country Club | Coastweek

Coastweek -- The winners of April Medal played at Nyali Golf and Country Club. Seen [from left] are Suhas Gudka, Alice Wahome, Perviz Barnsley, Susan Stokes, Joyce Masai, Farida Saeed, Hildah Mugure, Pia Swatton and Teresia Odoo.
Pia Swatton Cards 70 Nett in Bronze Division 

Coastweek -- You have to give it to the ladies, the so called, wrongly of course, weaker sex, reports THE DRIVER

Over the long Easter weekend when friends and families from upcountry and even further afield descend down at the coast which result in planned and quite often unplanned get together meetings, lunches, teas and dinners, with the intense heat of the sun at its fiercest just before the eagerly awaited  rains, the temptation to stay cool  indoors, eat, drink and make merry would be overwhelming.

However, shunning these temptations and shaking off the lethargy and laziness which follow the parties that go long, late into the night, the ladies at Nyali Golf and Country Club took to the field early morning on Saturday 15th, to play a competition, not just any old competition but the one which is of the most demanding form, the monthly medal, for the month of April 2017.

With the hot and humid conditions, the wind alternating between almost still and blowing hard, particularly when  in your face, it was not an easy day to score but one player conquered it all, beat the course and managed to  play under her handicap.

That was Pia Swatton in Bronze Division carding nett 70 to take the top place in her division.

Starting steadily with one over on the first three holes, of which the 2nd being a double stroking hole and two over on the double stroking 4th, Pia had a stroke in hand when she got to the 5th where she picked another shot with a  par, followed by a par on the 6th to have the cushion of three strokes in hand.

However, the double bogeys which followed on the last three holes depleted her surplus down to one stroke, the bogeys on the 8th and 9th  being one over her handicap allowance, to finish nett 35.

The back nine started well too, with one over on the 10th and the double stroking 11th, followed by a par on the 12th which gave her an advantage of two strokes in hand, both of which however she lost on the next two holes,  to a triple bogey on the double stroking 13th and double bogey on the 14th.

Another triple bogey, on the 16th made a further dent by a stroke over her handicap but which Pia managed to recover with a par on the 18th to finish nett level par 35.

Next after Pia’s nett one under 70 was the nett  par 71 carded by Teresia Oddo in Silver Division.

Despite starting with a three putt bogey 6 on the 1st, Terry finished the first nine with a knock of four over par 40, three under handicap of nett 33, helped tremendously by her putting feat of 14, resulting from a string of single putts on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th, all of which holes, except the 4th, she parred, followed by another par on the 8th.

Terry lost the momentum however, on the back nine, going three over her handicap, nett 38 resulting from loss of a stroke each with double bogeys on the 10th, 13th, 14th and bogey on the non stroking 15th out of which she recovered only one, with a par on the 11th .

Two strokes behind Terry was  Susan Stokes to take the second prize in Silver Division.

Susan too dropped a shot on the very first hole with a bogey but then went on steadily with one over on the stroking 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th, only to  drop a shot each on the 6th and the 7th with double bogeys, recovering just one with a par on the 9th, finishing two over handicap nett 38.  

With pars on the 11th, 12th and 15th and steady one over on the 10th, 13th and 14th, Susan’s back nine looked  promising, until she came to grief on the 16th with a horrible quintuple bogey, taking six shot to get to the green  and three putting to boot and lost all three surplus shots plus one more.

Not daunted by this set back and putting it right behind her, Susan picked herself up and finished the round with two pars in a row, ending with nett level par 35.

Alice Wahome took the third prize in Silver Division with nett 76.

Three double bogeys in the first nine, on the 3rd, 4th and 7th left her three over handicap nett 39.

On the back nine it was steady scoring, her double bogey on the 13th being made up with a par on the 15th and another double bogey, on the 16th being made up with another par, on  the 18th.

However, a triple bogey on the 17th left her two over handicap, nett 37.

In the Bronze Division, Farida followed Pia a bit of a distance in second position with nett 77, the result of nineteen over par shots of 55, resulting from bogeys on the 2nd and 9th, double bogeys on the 1st, 3rd, 6th, 7th and 8th, triple bogey on the 4th and worse, a quadruple on the 5th which left the twenty seven handicapper 5.5 over handicap, nett 41.5.  

The back nine was a much improved round of 49 shots, 6 better than the first nine, cont-aining a par on the 15th and one over on  the 10th, 11th, 12th 13th and 18th being within her handicap allowance, only one dropped shot each coming on the 14th off a double bogey and on the double stroking 17th off a triple bogey.

Ulla Grimwood followed Farida in the third place in the Bronze Division with her nett 79, first nine nett of 38.5 being followed by back nine nett of 40.5.

In the first nine, the loss of 3 shots came off triple bogeys on the double stroking 4th and 7th and worse, a quadruple bogey on the double stroking 8th, made up partly by a par on the 3rd.

Ulla however lost more shots on the back nine, two shots to a quadruple bogey on the double stroking 11th and a shot each to triple bogeys on the double stroking 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th

Ulla’s absence at the prize giving however resulted in the forfeiture of the prize, the benefit going to the next best scorer Perviz Barnsley with nett 81.

For the last remaining  prize on the prize line, Best Putting prize, Terry Odoo with her 14 putts in the first nine, followed by 18 was obviously a likely candidate, only to find herself in a contest with Suhasini Gudka who brought the same score of 32 putts, requiring a count back.

Suhas had three putted the 13th but with two single putts, on the 14th and 17th, she managed to  beat Terry who three putted twice, on the 10th and the 13th and with two single putts, on the 5th and the 17th finished one behind Suhas.

The ladies rounded off the game with a delicious “African Lunch”, in the manner the ladies are accustomed to doing, a help yourself project, all the mouth watering dishes having been contributed by the players, accompanied by glasses of cool sparkling  wine.

The only element of their regular arrangement that was missing was “ African Dress”! 

The Medal was sponsored as usual by Johnnie Walker to whom go thanks, once again.


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