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Coastweek -- South African rally driver, Geoff Bell.
Geoff Bell To Test Datsun Classic Car In ARC Safari Rally

Coastweek -- South African rally driver, Geoff Bell is among the foreigners enlisted for the African Rally Champion-ship Safari Rally slates for Nakuru, Nairobi and Naivasha on March 17-18.

Bell will be testing his Datsun 240 Z machine ahead of the 2017 East African Safari Classic Rally slated for November 23 to December 1.

The South African oldie has over the years developed a penchant for marathon rallies will be partnered by regular co-driver, Tim Challen of Kenya.

The duo will again do battle in a Datsun 260Z which has been Bell’s weapon of choice for three of his five previous Safari Classic rallies.

The South African narrowly missed overall Safari Classic victory in 2011, eventually finish-ing second behind the late, great Björn Waldegård in a Porsche 911.

Having rallied their 260Z on several continents, Bell and Challen will be a formidable force and real spectator favourites in the Classic category of the forth-coming Safari which will start at KICC on March 17 and finish at Afraha Stadium on March 18.

KMSF General Manager Mwaura Njoroge said over 10 foreigners have handed in their entry.

“We have received 52 entries so far. It’s good to see Bell back for the umpteenth time. The number of foreigners is quite encouraging.

Coastweek -- Safari Rally podium finishers Passi Torma-Tapio Laukannen (3rd), Gugu Panesar-Jassi Chatthe (1st) and Greg Stead-Rajbir Rai (2nd) celebrate their suceess at KICC grounds.

“We anticipate some cut throat competition given that most of the foreigners will be at it to sc-ore ARC points,” said Mwaura.

This year’s edition returns to the ARC calendar after a two year hiatus and will traverse the Great Rift Valley region which is synonymous with the defunct WRC Safari.

Other foreigners entered for the “World’s Toughest Rally”  include the Singh siblings of Zambia Muna and Jassy, Jas Mangat of Uganda and Ahmed Huwell of Tanzania.

Reigning African Champion Don Smith has entered a Subaru Impreza N14 and will be navigated by current co drivers champion Bob Kaugi.

Former Britain and Finland rally champion Tapio Laukkanen will be the man to beat on this year’s edition.

Laukkanen -better known as the “Flying Finn”- is the defending KNRC Champion and the fastest driver on the Kenyan series at the present.

Kenyan bigwigs include Carl “Flash” Tundo, Baldev Chager, Onkar Rai, Manvir Baryan, Que-ntin Mitchell and the legendary ian Duncan.

Safari Rally 2017 will count towards the second round of the ARC coming after Rallye Bandama of Ivory Coast. It will also serve as the second round of the 2017 kenya National Rally Championship after Mombasa Rally.

ARC Safari Rally 2017 Entry List 27 February 2017 at 1200 Hrs

KNRC Round Two 17-18-19th March;

1 (4) Jassi Chatthe/Gurdeep Panesar- KEN/KEN (Evolution 10)

2 (29) Jonathan Somen/Richard Hechle-KEN/KEN (Ford Escort MK2)

3 (68) Don Smith/Bob Kaugi- KEN-KEN (Subaru Impreza N14)

4 (200) Duncan Mubiru/George Semakula/UGA-UGA (Evolution 10)

5 (202) Jassy Singh/Sajid Khan ZMB-ZMB (Subaru N14)

6 (203) Muna Singh Jnr/ Zunaid Khan ZMB-ZMB (Subaru N14)

7 (204) Leroy Gomes/Urshilla Gomes ZMB-ZMB (Evolution 10 RC2-N4)

8 (205) Kleevan Gomes/Eric Small ZMB-ZMB (Evolution)

9 (206) Christakis Fitidis//Eric M Nzamwita UGA-RWN (Evolution 10)

10 (207) Jas Mangat/Joseph Kamya UGA-UGA (Evolution 10)

11 (208) Yasin Nasser/Ali Katumba UGA-UGA (Subaru GDB N10-RC2-N4)

12 (209) Mohamed Roshanali/ Jean Giesen (TZA-RWA (Subaru N10 )

13 (211) Hassan Alwi/Enoch Olinga UGA-UGA (Subaru N14 RC2-N4)

14 (212) Valery Bukera/Nital Khetia BDI-BDI (Subaru N12)

15 (6) Manvir Baryan/Drew Sturrock KEN-GBR (Skoda Fabia RC2)

16 (8) Onkar Singh Rai /Gareth Dawe KEN-KEN (Skoda Fabia )

17 (10) Amaanraj Singh Rai/Tauseef Khan KEN-KEN (Ford Fiesta)

18 (1) Tapio Laukkanen/Gavin Laurence KEN-KEN (Subaru Impreza GVB13)

19 (3) Baldev Singh Chagger/Ravi Soni KEN-KEN (Mitsubishi Evolution 10 )

20 (11) Tejveer Singh Rai//Zahir Shah KEN-KEN (Mitsubishi Evolution 10 RC2)

22 (5) Ian Duncan/Amaar Slatch KEN-KEN (Mitsubishi Evolution 10)

23 (7) Carl Tundo/Tim Jessop KEN-KEN (Mitsubishi Evolution 10)

24 (9) Quentin Mitchell/Steve Cook KEN-KEN (Subaru Impreza N14)

25 (14) Jasmeet Chana /Ravi Chana KEN-KEN (Mitsubishi Evolution 10)

26 (15) Farhaaz Khan /Keith Henrie KEN-KEN Mitsubishi Evolution 10)

27 (16) Izhar Mirza/Kavit Dave KEN-KEN (Mitsubishi Evolution 9)

28 (17) Piero Cannobio/Silvia Frigo KEN-KEN Mitsubishi Evolution 10 RC2-N4)

29 (20) Mahesh Halai /Ketan Halai Halai KEN-KEN (Subaru Impreza N12 RC2)

30 (26) Jansher Sandhu/Feisal Khan KEN-KEN (Mitsubishi Evolution 9)

31 (30) Osman Abdullahi/ George Mwangi KEN-KEN (Subaru Impreza N10)

32 (63) Karan Karan K Patel/James Mwangi KEN-KEN (Mitsubishi Evolution 10)

33 (32) Eric Bengi/ Tuta Mionki KEN-KEN (Subaru Impreza N10)

34 (34) Natasha Tash Tundo/Chantal Young KEN-KEN (Subaru Impreza N10)

35 (46) Minesh J Rathod/TBA KEN-KEN (Mitsubishi Evolution 10)

36 (65) Manmeet Singh Puee/Salim Khan KEN-KEN (Mitsubishi Evolution 10)

37 (67) Paras Pandya /Falgun Falgun ‘fally Fal’ Bhojak KEN-KEN (Mitsubishi Evolution 10)

38 (210) Kepher Walubi/ Susan Kalema UGA-UGA (Mitsubishi Evolution 10 RC2-N4)

39 (66) Sohanjeet Singh Puee/ Gurveer Pandhal KEN-KEN (Subaru Impreza NAT-S)

40 (19)Asad Khan/ Harshil Limbani KEN-KEN (Subaru Impreza GC8 )

41 (45) Ramesh Vishram/ Riyaz Ismail KEN-KEN (Ford Escort MK2 CLASSIC)

42 (64) Raaji Singh Bharij/Rajay Sehmi KEN-KEN (Ford Escort MK1)

43 (107) Rommy Bamrah/Jutley Harvey KEN-KEN (Datsun 240Z)

44 (201) Geoff Bell/Timothy Challen –ZAF-KEN (Datsun 240Z)

45 (42) Leonardo Varese/Kigondu Kareithi KEN-KEN (Toyota Corolla RSI NAT-2WD)

46 (54) Daren Miranda/Wayne Fernandes KEN-KEN Subaru Impreza GC3)

47.       Issa Amwari KEN

48.       Hardev Sira

49.       Ahmed Huwel/Faza Maisam TZ-/TZ (Ford Fiesta Proto)

50.       Sammy Nyorri KEN (RunX)


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