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Coastweek-- [LEFT] Nabil Adamjee (Nyali rotary) Peter Odote (LTC Chairman) and Amar Desai (Aperture Africa Productions) watch rehearsals for Home is where your clothes are at LTC. [RIGHT] Rehearsals for comedy Home is Where your are underway at Little Theatre Club starting on 17th and 18th March 2017.
LTC Teams Up With Nyali Rotary Club in the
Comedy “Home Is Where Your Clothes Are”

Coastweek-- The Little Theatre Club in conjunction Rotary Club of Nyali is putting up a comedy: “Home is where your clothes are” on Friday 17thMarch (premiere and cocktail) and on Saturday 18th March, writes PETER ODUOR-ODOTE.

The two clubs are innovatively raising funds through talent promotion and enhancement to support their activities including helping sustain the youthful performing artistes.

By supporting talent enhance-ment programmes among the youth, an avenue is being crea-ted here for improved livelihoods

The play currently at an adva-nced stage in rehearsals sees many familiar and new faces on stage some who benefitted from a recent and continuing training programme for performance artistes conducted by the Little theatre club for talent enhancement.

The synopsis of the play: When his wife, Elizabeth (Eunice Rimba), runs off with Ronald (Masha of Ufalme Africa), the Major (Ashik Yusuf) decides to solve his debts problems by letting the basement flat of his wife’s house-to two different tenants simultaneously!

Jill (Georgia Lenny) , who works in Brussels, only uses the flat at weekends, while Philip (Peter Mbugua), a barrister, lives there during the week.

The Major simply swaps over their belongings at the beginning and end of each week and every-thing runs smoothly until Jill is unexpectedly given a week off work, just as Philip returns to the flat after his weekend out of town.

Further complications arise with the arrival of Elizabeth and Ronald, particularly when Elizabeth lets the flat again.

The Major’s resourcefulness is stretched to breaking point but after a wild confusion of mista-ken identities, awkward confr-ontations and hectic misunder-standings, all ends happily for the Major and assorted tenants!

The other roles are played by Davies Lule Lule (Humphrey)’ Brenda (Patience Mathenge) and Jackline (Anne Awuor Amoth).

The play is directed by Ashik Yusuf and Hillary Namanje.

The producer is Nabil Adamjee assisted by Peter Oduor-Odote

Apart from the play tickets, there will be a programme booklet for the play for advertisers to buy space to support the production.

The rates are very competitive at 20,000/= for back cover, 15,000/= inside back and inside front cover; 10,000/= full page; 5,000/= half page; 2,500/= quarter page.

Tickets are available at Little Theatre Club Tel No. 0710 824 674 and the Mpesa Till is 527006

The other production running from Thursday 9th March till Sunday is another comedy “Golden Tongue” by Jukwaa Arts Productions.

The play is produced by Carolyne Ngorobi and directed by John Wesonga.

Synopsis of “Golden Tongue”: Rodgers, a 50 year old looking for young spicy love...

He leaves home one weekend for a business trip.

Little did he know his wife was also on an escapade at the same venue of his ‘business trip”...come watch as the drama unfolds.

Who will burst who?

Who is with whom?

Who will trust the other?

“He wears the pants, she controls the zip”

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