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Coastweek -- Winner under-18 category, Noor Mohamed of Memon High, with his Mother and Grandfather, Amier Muravej of Aga Khan Academy receives a trophy and medal from Mr. Lewa of Sheikh Khalifa and John Kamau of MM Shah receives a trophy and medal from Prachi Shah.
Coast Region Qualifiers For Kenya
National Youth Chess Championship 

Coastweek -- The Kenya Nationals Youths and Cadets Chess Championship - Coast Region Qualifiers took place on 25/02/2017 at Wild Waters in Mombasa.

The event was Organized by Mombasa Chess Club with the tournament director being Mr. Paul Ombui assisted by Gideon Kirwa the Chief Arbiter, Joram Micheal and Nicholas Waigwa as Arbiters.

A total of 38 players from the following schools took part;  Sheikh Khalifa, Aga Khan High, Aga Khan Academy, MM Shah, Mombasa Academy, Memon High and Oshwal Academy.

In under 8 category Amier Muravej was position 1 with 5/5 points, followed by Jason Hira with 4/5 both players from Aga Khan Academy.

Aayan Natha of Mombasa Academy came 3rd with 3 points.

John Kamau and Peter Njogu of MM Shah topped Under 12 category both with 5/6 points, followed by Haimi Shah of Aga Khan Academy who had 4 points.

17 players registered for under-18 category.

Noor Mohamed Shabbir of Memon High garnered 4.5/5 points to top the group followed by Mahek  Shah of Aga Khan Academy and Sri Chaitanye of Oshwal Academy both with 4 points.

Top four in each Category qualified for the Nationals Qualification in 18th March, 2017 at Alliance Girls, Nairobi.

The event was also used as preparations for Mombasa Open International Chess championship which is set for 19th to 22nd April 2017 at Wild Waters.


Mombasa Chess Club To Host Two Prestigious Events In April 2017

Coastweek -- Mombasa Chess Club has been honored to host the Africa Zone 4.2 Under 16 Youth Team Chess Championship which will be held from April 15th 2017 to April 22nd 2017.

The zone 4.2 includes the following countries: Benin Republic, Djibouti, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sao Tome and Principe, Seychelles, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, Togo and Uganda.

The championship will be played in a team format with each country presenting a team of 4 players to battle it out with the other countries in the zone.

The winner of each match will be declared by the aggregate of the scores of each player in the team.

This tournament is set to attract the strongest chess players from across the Africa Zone 4.2 as well as give privileged and under-privileged players an opportunity to play on an equal platform.

Other zones will also have their  separate championships to choose the teams that will represent Africa in the World Youth U-16 Chess Olympiad 2017 to be held in Ahmedabad, India from 10th to 20th December 2017.

This is the first time we will have a qualifying process for the Olympiad in Africa and Kenya is honored to be the first to present the teams for the Olympiad.

Kenya will be represented by 4 teams as we are the host country and the qualifiers to select the 4 teams will be held in Nairobi on March 18th.

Alongside this continental event will be the Mombasa International Open Chess tournament 2017 which will kick off from the 19th April and end on the 22nd April 2017.

The closing ceremony for the two events will be held together at Wild Waters, Mombasa.

Grand Master Vishwanathan  Anand, who is the immediate former World Champion of Chess, has graciously accepted to honor us with his presence to inspire the players and present a special simul performance on the 23rd with select players.

He reigned from 2007 to 2013 and has challenged the current world champion Magnus Carlsen twice for the crown.

He will also assist in distributing prizes on the last day of the tournament which will be on 22nd April.

As a sponsor, we would like to invite you or your representative to join in the presentation of prizes.

For more information kindly log onto or or call 0721 846234/ 0774 305997.


Zone 4.2 Africa U-16 Youth Team

Coastweek -- Mombasa Open Chess Championship is a flagship annual event of Mombasa Chess Club organized each year since the year 2002.

Over the years, Mombasa Open Chess Championship has turned out to be one of the most successful chess tournaments in Kenya, attracting over 100 players from Kenya and across East Africa.

This year we expect a total of 600 players from across Africa as some will be coming to participate in the Zone 4.2 Africa Under 16 Youth Team Chess Championship to be held at the same venue.

In 2016, we had representatives from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania represented.

The winner of the tournament was International Master Elijah Emojong from Uganda after a hotly contested battle with his Ugandan counterpart International Master Authur Ssengwanyi who was the defending champion of the 2015 edition.

The last Kenyan to hold the coveted trophy Athena is Brian Kidula from Nairobi in 2012.

Mombasa Open -2017 will be held at Wild Waters, Links Rd, Mombasa ( on April 15th to April 22nd 2017. 

This year there will be 5 different categories including: Prestige for players rated 1800 and above; Open for any players rated below 1800 and unrated players; Team for cooperate, schools, families and friends who can make a team of 4; Ladies Open; and finally Juniors

In Kenya, Many Chess players look forward to participate in Mombasa Open Chess Championship for many reasons, include the following;

It is the most competitive Chess. Competition in Kenya attracting the strongest players from Uganda and Tanzania

It is registered with FIDE – World Chess Federation ( )

It is open to Chess players of all age categories (from 6 years and above) with different background and nationality.

It is the biggest Chess event that happens outside Nairobi.

Provides chess players with opportunity of getting International & National rating or improve in their current rating.


Mombasa Chess Club history and Activity

Coastweek --Mombasa Chess Club is one of the biggest Chess Clubs in Kenya. We have been in existence since the year 2002.

We strive to provide the best experience for Chess players at all levels and all age groups.

Our club is run by volunteers who are passionate about chess and we welcome new members every week.

We are registered with Ministry of Sports, Culture and Arts.

At the moment Mombasa Chess Club is the only Organization that deals with Chess activities in Coast region.

We meet on Saturdays at 2pm for Chess practice session at The Little Theater Club.

Dr Mwashe successfully introduced chess in schools programmes and the following schools are currently running active chess clubs in Mombasa:

Tumaini Children’s Home · Mikoroshoni Primary School · Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan Secondary · Aga Khan primary · Tudor Day Secondary School · Nyali Primary School · Mombasa Secondary School for the Physically Handicapped Plans are underway of reaching the following schools: · SOS Children’s Villages · Shree Swaminarayan· Mama Ngila Girls High School · Star of the Sea · Oshwal Academy Mombasa ·Jaffery Academy

Our focus is to provide a platform where Chess players of all age categories exercise their talents and develop into strong Chess players of excellent caliber and character.

We have achieved this by involving ourselves in the following activities:

Organizing interschool Chess competitions for Primary and Secondary schools

Organizing for Open tournaments including the annual Mombasa Open Chess Tournament.

We participate in Kenya Chess League.

Volunteer chess coaching in primary and secondary schools in coast region.

Provide assistance and advice to schools as they develop chess clubs and chess programs.

Provide assistance and advice to individual players who would like to participate in Chess competitions.

Benefits of Chess to Pupils:

Playing chess in school helps students achieve many learning outcomes faster and more effectively. Put simply, chess makes kids smarter. In a world where education is more about thinking Skills and less about knowledge, and where engaging young people is harder than ever, chess has proven to be an invaluable educational tool.

Chess benefits are numerous below are just but a few:

Improves concentration and memory.

According to studies done at the University of Memphis, playing chess significantly improves children’s visual memory, attention span, and spatial-reasoning ability.

Perhaps that’s because, in chess as in school, concentration and memory go hand in hand.

In order to play well, you have to focus completely on your objective—capturing the opponent’s king.

As you constantly visualize the board, its pieces, your moves, and your opponent’s every possible countermove, your power of concentration grows.

As your concentration grows, it becomes easier to memorize past games and classic strategies. In the process, both concentration and memory grow stronger in a kind of mutually reinforcing “dance.”

Enhances reading and math skills.

With its focus on problem solving and move variables, it’s not surprising that chess can improve a student’s math skills.

Numerous studies show that chess improves reading skills as well !

In separate multi-year studies of elementary-school-age children in Texas, Los Angeles, New York, and Pennsylvania, researchers found that students who played chess showed more improvement in reading and/or math assessment scores than their non-chess playing peers.

A Venezuelan study even found that playing chess increased students’ IQs!

Why does chess improve reading skills ?

One researcher, educational psychologist Dr. Stuart Marguilies, suggests that it’s because the cognitive processes for both are similar— requiring decoding, thinking, comprehension, and analysis.

Fosters logic, critical thinking, and creativity.

Chess favors the “if–then” thinker. “If I move here, then my opponent may move here, here, or even here.”

That’s logic and critical thinking in action!

But studies also show that chess boosts creativity, most dramatically in one specific area—originality.

In a four-year study of students in grades 7 to 9, researchers found that playing chess increased original thinking more than two other creativity-training activities did.


Researchers theorize that by encouraging students to imagine all possible move alternatives, chess trains the mind to play with possibilities, which is a cornerstone of original thinking.

Encourages and rewards hard work.

Chess offers immediate feedback. Lose your focus, lose a piece. Practice and study the strategies, win more games.

Mombasa Chess Club is looking for volunteers to help with spreading the gospel of chess in the coast region and in Kenya in general.

Coastweek -- Round 2 of the tournament going on.


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