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KSPCA Goat Derby Held in North Coast Was a Big Disappointment

Coastweek-- Pauline McKenzie, of Diani, has for the last 17 years put on an amazing Goat Derby at the South Coast raising a considerable amount of money which is divided between several charities.

She decided to do the same on the North Coast in aid of the KSPCA, who are much in need of funds, and to give the North Coast residents a chance to have a fun day out without having to contend with the Ferry.

Everything had to be brought up from Diani, the 25 racing goats came in a Canter, the racetrack, goat boma and much else by lorry.

Saturday, the 25th was spent erecting the track, hiring and putting up the tents in readiness for the races.

Many of the motor companies had their newest cars on display, several caterers were there serving the most delicious food, and we had a wine tent selling bubbly too.

Event sponsors CBA, Stanbic, Toyota D.T. Dobie, Nissan, Lota Motors, SKF and Base Titanium, were very supportive, the wine, beer and food stalls excellent.

Cold beers, sodas and water were available. At mid-day the first race started.

Despite the fact that thousands of E-mails were sent out not just from the KSPCA but many other organizations forwarded it on to their addresses.

Posters were put up everywhere and it was also in Coast Week.

We only got 47 visitors - no, that is not a typing error.

Diani always have more than 1,000 people coming through the gate.

Also, Pauline’s many dedicated helpers came in mini buses.

We actually had more South Coast people there than from the North Coast.

We have actually made a loss on this event.

On the Monday when we got to work we found a dog that had been left at our gate - it appeared to have been hit by a vehicle.

Later a dog came in from Vipingo, so emaciated that it could hardly stand.

Late afternoon we were called out to a dog on the road to Braeburn.

This dog had rabies and as I type our vehicle is on its way to Mariakani with the head, to the Government Veterinary Laboratories there.

A while ago we managed to rescue a dog that had fallen down a 50 foot dry well and miraculously survived, dogs and cats have been brought in that have had boiling water, or even worse, oil, thrown at them - a sight you would not want to see.

We visit slaughter houses to make sure they are using the stun guns that we provide and that they have enough ammunition.

We are called out to camels that have been hit on the Causeway by trucks.

We bring in animals that have been hit by vehicles and left on the side of the road.

People who have lost their jobs and are leaving the Coast surrender their pets to us.

These are just a few of the things that we deal with.

The KSPCA is a charity and we get out funds from donations and fund raising events.

We do not get funds from anywhere else.

We are the only animal shelter in the country.

We desperately need the financial help and support from the general public and without this the KSPCA cannot keep going and we will be forced to close down.

Please help the KSPCA continue their work.

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