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Coastweek-- Seen [from left] in front row: Chef Gurpreet Singh Mehta, Isha Khan, ZulHarunani. Second Row: Gurdeep S. Nayer, Bailli Delegue du Kenya Shabnam Nayer, Bailli Mombasa Alya D’Silva , Bailli Delegue du Tanzania Hatim Karimjee Karimjee, Fernando Marques, Sarah Scott. Third Row: Carlo Vitulli, Marwan Misbah, Thomas Scherer.
Chaine Mombasa Promote Three Members on Induction Night

Coastweek-- The Mombasa Chapitre of the Chaine des Rotisseurs hosted their annual Induction Ceremony followed by a formal dinner at the Sarova Whitesands Beach Hotel on Saturday 18th February 2017.

The evening began with cocktails and canapés in the front lawn of the hotel.

This was followed by the Induction Ceremony which saw the promotion of three members and the induction of one new member.

Bailli Délégué Mrs. Shabnam Nayer was the Inducting Officer and Mr. Michael Hughes was the MC for the ceremony.

Mrs. Aliya D’Silva was promoted to Bailli for Mombasa; Chef Gurpreet Singh Mehta was promoted up the rank of professional chef to Maitre Rotisseurs; Mr. Zul Harunani was promoted to Conseiller Culinaire at the National Baillage Level.  Mrs. Isha Khan was inducted as a new member.

This induction ceremony marked the 20th anniversary of the Chaine des Rotisseurs in Mombasa.

After the induction ceremony, guests moved to the dining area in the conference centre for the formal dinner.

The newly promoted Bailli, Mrs. Aliya D’Silva, started the dinner with the loyal toast and her welcome remarks.

She began by congratulating those members who were promoted and inducted and then welcomed a very special delegation from Dar-Es-Salaam who had travelled to Mombasa especially for the occasion: Bailli Délégué of Tanzania, Mr. Hatim Karimjee with two members of his committee, Mr. Thomas Scherer and Ms. Sarah Scott.

She made a special mention of two pioneer members present who were inducted 20 years ago - that is Mr. Zul Harunani and Mr. Phillipe Zimmerlin.

Alberto Lazerri then entertained guests with his famous opera voice, after which dinner service began.

Guests were treated to a most exemplary meal prepared by Chef Gurpreet Singh Mehta and his team.

The Bailli then gave the vote of thanks during which she gave a special mention to Bailli Délégué Mrs. Shabnam Nayer and Bailli Honoraire Gurdeep Nayer for organising the induction ceremony with great commitment as well as for providing valuable support to herself and her committee.

She especially mentioned that Shabnam and Gurdeep have been the backbone of the Chaine des Rotisseurs Mombasa and attributed its standing to their passion and dedication.

She then proceeded to invite the Bailli Délégue from Tanzania, Mr. Hatim Karimjee, to present Chef Gurpreet Singh Mehta with a Chaine plaque to commemorate his promotion.

Bailli Délégué of Kenya, Mrs. Shabnam Nayer, was invited to present Chef Gurpreet with his certificate on behalf of the Chaine des Rotisseurs Mombasa in recognition for hosting the dinner.

The Bailli then invited Chef Gurpreet to accompany her to present the management team and senior kitchen staff with their certificates after which the committee for Mombasa presented certificates to the entire kitchen and service brigades.

The evening ended on a high note with a few more recitals from Alberto.

This was a most memorable evening commemorating 20 years of Chaine des Rotisseurs in Mombasa and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

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