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What Would A Country Bumpkin Like Me Know?

Coastweek -- My two year old pick-up was ‘arrested’ recently for what must be a ‘major offence’ in the eyes of the ‘cops’ who caught it: One of the brake light was not working.

It was quite diabolical they way they actually went about the task.

Apparently (according to the driver) they stood a wee distance from the traffic light on Digo Road awaiting cars to brake at the lights so as to nab the ones whose brake lights failed to light up.

Now that is what I call ingenious thinking.

I talked to the cop and tried to explain to him that it would be virtually impossible for anyone to keep tabs on petty faults like these and it would be more prudent for the traffic department to bring it to the notice of the driver and let them off with a warning to have it fixed within 24 hours instead of arresting and detaining the vehicle and the driver.

He told me that I was supposed to check these things each morning before my vehicle hit the road.

In essence I am supposed to have someone stand behind the vehicle and
step on the brakes for us to test the brake lights each morning. Really?

The time I took to resolve the issue would have been better spent be me going about my business and thus adding to the economy according to me but then what would a country bumpkin like me know?

My second beef is against the Tuk-tuks.

While I am all for them as they not only offer cheap and fast transport within town, but also generate much needed employ-ment.

My beef is the fact that they are allowed to ply in residential areas at any hour and that is what is really irking me.

With the noise they generate they should not be allowed to operate within residential areas between 9.00 p.m. to 7.00 a.m.

They not only disturb our sleep but disorient school going children who end up going to school bleary eyed each morning.

In a society where even playing loud music at a party requires permission from NEMA, I wonder how these noisy machines are allowed to roam freely in quite areas like Kizingo and Ganjoni unchecked.

I really hope someone realizes that this is an issue and tackle this problem in the very near future

Paresh Morjaria, Mombasa.

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