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East African lawmakers in Rwanda to
examine genocide ideology, denial

KIGALI Rwanda (Xinhua) -- The East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) members are in Rwanda to examine matters of genocide ideology and denial in the region.

The 9-member team from the regional parliament on Tuesday visited Kigali Genocide Memorial Center as part of mission to investigate genocide ideology in the East Africa region.

Speaking to reporters shortly after touring the center, Judith Pereno, EALA member from Kenya said that genocide ideology is one that cannot be overlooked by policy makers in the region.

“We are have three months to find out more about genocide ideology and denial among citizens in the region. Rwanda is a case study because of the 1994 genocide,” she noted.

The idea of such a study follows another resolution moved by MP AbuBakr Ogle from Kenya and passed by the Assembly early last year condemning genocide, its ideology and denial. Lawmakers decided to conduct a study to assess the extent of genocide ideology and denial in the then five partner states.

According to Martin Ngoga, EALA member from Rwanda, the committee was appointed during the recently-concluded EALA sitting in Arusha, Tanzania, and is scheduled to visit partner states for meetings with stakeholders.

“What the Assembly has set out to do is an import step in the work of the Assembly. Genocide ideology and denial in the region is catastrophic to humanity and the development of the East Africa, Africa and the entire globe,” he added.

During their study, the lawmakers will be, among others, considering the likely security impact of genocide ideology and genocide denial in the region; considering ways and means of combating, outlawing and preventing genocide; studying and making recommendations on combating hate speech, genocide ideology, genocide denial and related matters in region.

They will also make proposals on how EALA and other EAC institutions can provide leadership in the fight and prevention of genocide.

The team will visit Rwanda’s institutions such as the National Commission for the Fight against Genocide (CNLG) and  Center for Conflict Management (CCM).

They also plan to travel to other regional countries before tabling their report during an EALA sitting in Kampala, Uganda, in January next year.



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