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Coastweek -- Future Stars FC U-19 team players pose for a group photo prior to one of their many friendly matches.

Future Stars Prepare Players for Professional
Soccer In Arabian and European Leagues

Coastweek -- The thoughts of many football pioneers are to make sure their clubs are involved in the league from the grassroots to the Kenya Premier League.

But the founders of the Future Stars FC, Khamis Baghazally, Alhady Muhiddin and Hatim Bana, did not intend to incorporate the club in any league but they have a common interest of developing talented youngsters who blossomed in order to playing football abroad.

Baghazally, said in an interview with Coastweek at a football ground used by former Coast soccer giants Liverpool (Mwenge) that they don’t want to join any league because of making sure players are not injured and develop their talents for greener pasture of playing professional soccer in Arabia or Europe.

“We know when any team participates in the league; most of the players got injured.

“We don’t want to play in any league but to develop their skills and play friendly matches with competitions which teams play it cool and in the sportsmanship spirit!” said Baghazally.

At the moment, Future Stars FC play friendly matches against teams whose players play football to demonstrate their skills.

Coastweek -- Suleiman Salyany, the team main sponsor.

Last Saturday, Future Stars U-19 team was in Nairobi where they beat Kariobangi Sharks U-20 side 3-1.

The most interesting thing is that the Future Stars has trustees who are increasingly helping the club and persuade other sponsors to help raise the required money and facilities for the players to be able to concentrate in playing to achieve their intended goals of making to the professional football abroad.

The two main sponsors in the Future Stars FC are Suleiman Salyany who has for the past many years involved in helping youngsters and Mahmood Noor.

In co-operation with the club Chairman Hashim “Oscar” Ali, they made possible to have many pairs of jerseys and with track-suits, footballs and other playing kits.

Salyani said he found no reason as to why not to involve himself with the club which is committed to developing young talented youngsters.

“I want to offer every help to this youthful club which I’m sure will prosper and its players to play top flight soccer,” he said.

Hashim Oscar who works in the United Arab Emirates says he will work hard to ensure the players meet the required standard of football to join the paid ranks; playing for professional clubs.

Head Coach Yusuf Ndere says in all four age-group categories of the teams they have, there are many talented footballers who after few years, they will be ready to play for big clubs locally and overseas.

Players for the Future Stars FC Under 19 team are Alele Said, Mohamed Casilas, Kevin Ochieng, Munir Mohamed Abdalla Ali, Faraj Abdalla, Kamal Abdulnasir, Swaleh Mohamed, Omar Mwinyi and Mathew Okumu.

Others are Anthony Okoth, Shimai Fuad Ahmed Swabiri, Hussein Machinga, Nurein Mohamed, Swaleh Ali, moreover Ibad, Matano Omar, Clinton Okoth, Ismail Ibrahim, Aboud Amin, Salim Hassan, Abubakar Hassan and Steven UIA.

The club is led by many former soccer stars.

They are; Mohamed Madigi, Alamin Ahmed, Mahmoud Baresi, Abdulmalik Wafula, Ali Breik, Omar Faraj, Salim Rashid, Mohamed Ridha, Shahabuddin Haidar, Bernard Ogola, Fuad Rashid and Hussein Rashid.

Coach Sportsman Ndere told that they have big plans to travel to neighbouring Tanzania, Zanzibar and Uganda later this year or early next year to play friendly matches so that the youth may have the experience and develop their talents.

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