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Coastweek -- The General Manager, Human Resources and Administration of Kenya Power Abubakar Swaleh [left], presents prizes to Joyce Masai, overall winner with 38 c/b points and Patel Anand, [right], men winner with 37 c/b, during Kenya Power Golf Day at Nyali Golf and Country Club. While Johnstone Turana, Corporate Communications Manager Kenya Power, presents a prize to Pauline Gachihi, lady winner with 38 c/b. GOLF PHOTOS COURTESY OF GILBERT ONCHOKE.
Junior Golfer Brings In the Best Scores
of the Day at Kenya Power Competition

Coastweek -- Nyali Golf and Country Club hosted Kenya Power and Lighting sponsored golf competition on Saturday 4th September 2016, reports THE MARKER.

The competition was well supported with 130 players  participating.

Again, as has been the case in the last few weeks, it was a junior who brought the best score of the day.

This time however, not the usual name which we have come to expect, not Alyssa  but Alijawad Molu who beat the field to come at the top with 39 stableford points but due to the age barrier could not claim the top prize of the Kenya Power Golf Day competition and had to be content with the Best Junior prize.

Alijawad lost just one point in the front nine with a bogey on the 3rd which he made up immediately with a par on the stroking 4th and added 2 more points with pars on the 7th and 8th to finish with 20 points.

On the back nine he dropped 2 points by taking 6 shots each, on the 11th and the 14th but made up with pars on the 13th and 16th and ended the nine with a flourish with a 2 club birdie on the 18th which gave him an extra point, a total of 19.

Coastweek -- Alijawaad Molu, [right], junior winner with 39 points receives a prize from Kennedy Owino, CBM Mombasa County.

With Alijawad out of the way, the contest  for the top honour of the day was among three  ladies, Joyca Maasai, Pauline Gachihi and Truphena Oyaro  who stood just a point behind Alijawad with 38 points.

Joyce  turned in a  steady round of two equal nines of 19 and beat her two rivals on count back followed in descending order by Pauline who made her 38 with a better first nine score of 20 followed by 18 and Truphena  who had an even more lop sided round with 21 in the first nine and 17 in the back nine.

Like Alijawad, Joyce too lost just one point in the first nine with a double bogey right at the end but her pars on the two preceding holes earned her 3 points each and  so the lost point was taken care of and she was left with a point in hand.

On the back nine too, it was a similar story, she lost a point to a double bogey on the 17th but earlier in the round,  pars on the 11th and 12th had produced 3 points, leaving her with 19 points to make 38 and  clinch the title.

Pauline  had a very up and down first nine, starting with a par for 3 points but a triple bogey on the 4th wiped out her gain of a point and with worse to come, the blanked 5th put her in a deficit of 2 points which however was quickly balanced out with a par on the double stroking 6th giving her 4 points.

She took advan-tage of the last two  double stroking holes where she picked up 3 points each with one overs and ended with 20 points.

Her back nine too started well  with 3 points to which she added 3 more on the 11th but the blanked 12th wiped off the 2 surplus points.

She lost  further points to triple bogeys on the 14th and the 17th but made up both lost points by picking up 3 points on two  par threes, with a one over on the 15th and a  par on the 18th.

Truphena had an even better than Pauline, picking up 4 points with a birdie on the 1st and then added 3 more points on the 2nd, 5th and 8th, but lost a point each on the 3rd and 4th so finished with 21 points.

Her back nine turned out less profitable, with 2 lost points on the 12th and 15th, of which she could just make one up with one over on the double stroking 17th.

Pauline and Truphena took the first and second prize respec-tively in the ladies category, followed by Mary Mariga in the third place with 36 points. 

On the gentle men’s side also there was a contest for four available prizes, among  four men, Anand Patel, John Smith, Abubakar Mohdhar and Eric Ngeera all vying for  on similar scores of 37 points.

Anand and John had a similar break down of 18 and 19  which prevailed over  Abubakar and Eric who between themselves had similar break down of 20 and 17  and so needed a further scrutiny to decide the third and fourth prize.

On further count back, Anand prevailed over John for the top prize in the men’s category  with his better score of 14 points on the last six holes.

He picked up 3 points each on the 14th and 15th  to end with 2 surplus points while John who had earned 3 points each on the 11th and 12th, also finished well with 3 points each on the 17th and 18th, but unfortunately had earlier lost points to the blanked 13th and another to a double bogey on the 15th so ended with 11 points on the last six holes.

Between Abubakar and Eric, Ababubakar emerged the winner.

With a haul of 4 points on the 13th off a birdie and 3 off a par on the 18th, he had 14 points whereas Eric had lost 2 points with double bogeys on the 13th and 16th of which he could only make up a point with a par on the 15th and had to be content with the fourth prize.

Alijawad was followed  by Andrew Wahome to take Runner up Junior prize with 30 points while on the Senior side, Pia Swatton was the winner with 34 points, followed by John Riley in the Runner up position  with 31 points.

In a generous line up of prizes, there were three prizes for guests, Joseph Kogo took the Best Guest prize on a good score of 35 points, followed by Jack Okuku as Runner up with 32 points and Peter Serem in the third  with 31 points.

Anthony Mwangi was the Staff Winner with 23 points.

The two nines were also rewarded with prizes, Tony Wanyama taking the first with 20 points whereas for the second nine, Sandeep Gudka with a similar number had to fight off with Abdulgani Pasta, also  with 20 points.

Sandeep  managed to collect 14 points on the last six holes with a 2 club birdie on the 15th and par on the 17th earning him 3 points each  while Abdulgani who finished in great style with 3 points each off pars on the 16th, 17th and 18th but having lost points on the blanked 14th fell short by a point.

The third prize winner on the men’s side Abubakar may have been beaten on count back for the top prize but he claimed the longest drive off the men’s tee while the Overall Winner Joyce claimed the longest drive prize off the ladies tee.

Rohit Devani took the Nearest to the Pin prize with his tee shot landing 5‘ from the pin and Sarah Hoare came closest, 8’3’’ off the ladies tee.

Thank you very much KPL for the prizes and  the dinner with drinks that followed  that rounded off the day.

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