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CAIRO (Xinhua) -- Egyptian and Chinese traders discuss business while a Chinese trader (centre) introduces products during the China trade fair at the Cairo International Convention Center in Cairo, Egypt, Aug. 25, 2016. The third edition of China Trade Fair Egypt has registered 100 percent growth in exhibitor number, featuring 500 Chinese leading companies and over 20,000 products. XINHUA PHOTO: MENG TAO
China-Egypt cultural year enriches mutual exchange: official

by Emad al Azraq, Zheng Kailun CAIRO (Xinhua) -- The Chinese-Egyptian cultural year is a great chance to know more about Chinese culture, Anwar Moghith, director of Egypt’s National Center for Translation (NCT), told Xinhua in a recent interview.

“The Chinese literature is rich, but we do not know much of it. That is why the cultural year is really important, as it is a gate to the Chinese culture,” the Egyptian official said.

Chinese-Egyptian Culture Year was launched by the two countries earlier this year to mark the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Egypt.

Egyptians paid much attention to the western culture in the 20th century in an attempt to modernize the Arab communities, the official said, adding that the Arabs have become “prisoners of Eurocentrism.”

“However, the results were not what the Arabs hoped for,” the official said.

Moghith believed that cultural openness to China’s experience is extremely vital, especially since China has undergone historic conditions similar to the experiences of the Arabs such as foreign colonialism and underdevelopment.

“But China has managed to become an important world economic, industrial and scientific power, a model that many countries admire and follow,” he said.

China and Egypt have been promoting their friendship and bilateral cooperation in the past six decades, and in December 2014, leaders of the two countries upgraded the relations to a “comprehensive strategic partnership.”

China has become Egypt’s largest trading partner, with bilateral trade reaching 12.9 billion U.S. dollars in 2015, while Chinese investment in Egypt hit over 6 billion U.S. dollars and the number of Chinese enterprises in Egypt exceeded 80.

Moghith revealed that the NCT is playing a major role in enhancing mutual exchange by translating books.

“We have recently translated 20 books from Chinese into Arabic, and another 20 Chinese books from European languages into Arabic, which are about Chinese political, economic and cultural experience,” the official said.

Moghith stressed the necessity to translate more Chinese works because Egyptians “really need to know more about China and its culture with a history of thousands of years.”

“I have met with many Chinese officials who are very keen to cooperate, but we have not so far signed any protocols to decide which books would be translated and the commitments of each side,” Moghith added.

He said the procedures to translate a Chinese book is complicated as the NCT should first ask China Writers Association which contacts the author to get his/her permission.

“This takes a long time... we suggest that these procedures be done directly with the Chinese embassy in Cairo,” he said.

Talking about Egypt’s participation at the G20 summit to be held in China’s city of Hangzhou this September, Moghith said the economic meeting will similarly serve the cultural interests of both nations.

“Economic partnership enhances cultural exchange because trade requires communication, which is an important tool to connect cultures,” Moghith explained.


China Trade Fair shows promising trade prospect between Egypt, China

by Ahmed Shafiq, Wang Xue CAIRO (Xinhua) -- The third edition of China Trade Fair Egypt has registered 100 percent growth in exhibitor number, featuring 500 Chinese leading companies and over 20,000 products.

The three-day fair, held at Cairo International Convention Center, kicked off on Thursday.

Looked like a mini-China, the fair gathered hundreds of Chinese business men showing their products at the hall that was decorated with red slogans and signs, reflecting a taste of Chinese culture.

Key product sectors at the show include textile and garments, home appliances, lighting, building material, gifts, household, hardware, tools and food.

“This is the third China Trade Fair in Egypt, the growing exhibitor number reflects the keen interest of Chinese supplier to do business with their Egyptian counterparts,” Zhou Chunxiang, project manager with Meorient international exhibition company which organized the exhibition, told Xinhua.

“We hope to build a platform not only in Egypt, but also in Africa and the Middle East to help the Chinese companies enter the market and satisfy the demand in the regions,” she said.

She said the exhibition provides the buyers and sellers with different kinds of services, including a market matching zone, translation and consultation.

China Trade Fair is a series of trade show held in nine countries including Poland, Turkey, South Africa, Jordan, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Egypt, the UAE (Dubai) and India; it is a part of the official platform of China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative.

The close ties between China and Egypt enjoy a further strength where such fairs made it possible for Egyptian traders to interact with quality manufacturers from China, and at the same time give more opportunities for Chinese companies to start business in North Africa’s most populous country.

Chen Sheng, a project manager with Dongguan Lontion industrial company that focuses on digital production, said it is a good chance to market the company’s products in Egypt.

He said his company mainly manufactures solar air lantern which can be used for eight hours after charged. They also make solar bags which are suitable for safari journeys.

“We hold great expectations to find some trade opportunities here, because in Egypt, a country with great sunshine but in lack of energy, these solar products will really improve people’s life. Meanwhile, the solar energy is a kind of clean energy,” Chen told Xinhua.

Another Chinese businessman named Qian Guanjun showed colorful electric torch in his exhibition space, attracting many customers.

“I didn’t expect so many visitors,” Qian told Xinhua, “my company really wants to take this chance to enter Egyptian market.”

Just like Qian and Chen, more Chinese businessmen are seeking overseas market with high quality products.

This attitude provided Egyptian businessmen with confidence in the Chinese traders who flew all the way to Egypt to offer face-to-face meetings and business discussions for true partnership.

Mohammed al-Sayyed, an importer of home curtains, has reached a business deal with a Chinese company in less than half an hour.

He said this was the fastest business deal he has ever done as an importer, adding that the exhibition helped him save money as he planned to travel to China to order some products for his business in Egypt.

“I have done this here... the real costs were the money I paid for the translator and the fuel for my car,” he said with a smile.

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