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Coastweek -- Nyali Golf and Country Club Captain, Keli Muindi looks on as Standard Group Finance Director and Chief Operation Officer Orlado Lyomu [left] presents a trophy to Maina Gichungu, [centre], the overall winner with 41 points and Atul Patel, [right], men winner with 39 points and Florence Karimi lady winner with 40 points during the Standard County Golf Classic at Nyali Golf and Country Club. GOLF PHOTOS COURTESY OF GILBERT ONCHOKE.
Alyssa and Maina Battle for Standard County Golf Classic

Coastweek -- Alyssa does it again ! Alyssa topped the score list again with 41 points, albeit sharing it with Maina Gichungu but with better count back, reports THE DRIVER

But also, again missed out on the main prize of the Standard County Golf Classic played at Nyali Golf and Country Club on Saturday 13th August 2016, allowing Maina Gichungu to take the Overall Prize of the day.

Alyssa will have to wait a few years, to grow to full adulthood to take the honour !

Alyssa made a steady start with 18 points in the 1st nine and followed up with a  high scoring 2nd nine which produced 23 points for the grand total of 41 points.

It was not easy on the 1st nine, she had to work hard to reach regulation 18 points, having blanked the 7th and lost a point each on the 2nd and 4th with triple bogeys.

But she made up the loss of 4 points with 3 points each on the 3rd, 5th, 6th and 9th, all double stroking holes, through one over par. 

The back nine started well with 3 points through one over par  on the double stroking 10th and then one big stride with 4 points on the 11th through a par put her 3 points ahead in the first two holes to which she added 2 more surplus points by picking 3 points each on the 13th and 15th to finish 5 points ahead of the regulation 18.

Coastweek -- Alyssa Jamal, junior winner with 41 points during the Standard County Golf Classic at Nyali Golf and Country Club, receives a trophy from Standard Group Non - Executive Director Shaun Zambiuni.

Maina on the other hand had a more evenly divided breakdown, scoring better with 21 points on the more difficult  front nine and 20 on the back nine.

The twelve handicapper lost only one point in the 1st nine, with one over par on the 3rd but 3 points each earned on the 2nd,  6th, 7th and 9th left him with 3 points in hand over and above the regulation 18 points.

With a flying start with a 2 club birdie on the 10th, Maina scooped up 4 points and ended the back nine too with a flourish with a par worth  3 points.

n between it was smooth 2 points each all the way except the 14th where he lost a point  with a double bogey.

Following closely the duo at the top, just a point behind with 40 points, was Florence Karimi.

Not the most promising start for Florence, a bogey on the  first hole cost her a point but she recovered it on the very next hole with a par.

Another par on the 7th gave her an extra point to finish with 19 points.

On the back nine, it was par on all but three holes, the 13th, 14th and 16th where one over was good enough for 2 points each and so she ended the nine with 21 points, which  placed Florence at the top on the ladies side.

Atul Patel was next in line with 39 points to take the top spot on the men’s side.

Atul too, like his counter part on the ladies side, lost a point but made it up and collected a surplus in the 1st nine.

His loss came on the 4th with a double bogey but pars on the 6th and the 9th  produced 3 points each to end on similar score as Florence’s.

On the back nine he fell one short of Florence’s 21 with 20 points, starting and ending the nine with bogeys and with bogeys on the 12th and 16th, but without suffering any loss, all being double stroking holes.

His  pars on the par five 11th and 17th earned him 2 points each while pars on the 13th and 14th earned him 3 each, to finish with 20 .

While not detracting from Atul’s good performance in any way, it is not unexpected that someone of his ability and who plays the course week in, week out would know the course well enough bring in a score of 39 points.

Not so understandable was the similar result produced by someone not so familiar with the course, the Financial Director/ Chief Operational Officer of the Standard Group Orlando Lyomu.

He confessed in his speech at the prize giving to have been quite daunted by the course to start with, especially playing with big hitters like Daniel Nduva, William Kaguta and Tony Wanyama, blanking the 2nd and the 4th and losing a shot each  to double bogeys on the 5th and the 6th to finish with just 14 points.

But he found his feet as he went along, finishing very strongly with an outstanding score of 25 points, coming off 4 points off a par on the 12th and a flurry of 3 points each on the 11th, 13th, 14th, 16th and 18th.

The next best score was 38, shared on both the ladies and gentlemen’s side and on both sides there were two contenders on the same score, Dominic Makau and

Mathew Githinji on the men’s side and the Lady Captain Teresia Odoo and Lindsey Nicholls on the ladies side.

Dominic and Mathew also had the same breakdown of 19 on each nine, requiring a further count back in which Dominic prevailed with his 13 against Mathew’s 11 over the last six holes.

Dominic had  picked up 3 points on two holes, the 13th and 18th while lost  a point on the 14th whereas Mathew lost a point each on the 14th and 18th and made 3 on just  the 16th, losing the second prize to Dominic and had to be content with third.

Between Terry and Lin, it was Terry who counted out Lin with her breakdown of 17 and 21 against Lin’s 18 and 20.

Terry lost just one point to a double bogey on the 16th but made up the deficit and  picked up 3 extra points with 3 each on the 11th, 13th, 15th and 18th while Lin having dropped a shot on the 11th through a triple bogey, could only recover the loss and add 2 extra points with 3 points scored on the 13th, 16th and 18th to end with 20 points.

Among these winning scores on stableford counting on the board, there was one  score on stroke play, a 72 carded by Daniel Nduva who was rewarded with Best Gross prize.

After a slow start with three over par 39, Daniel picked himself up, packing birdies on the 11th, 15th and 17th, dropping just one with a bogey on the 16th to complete  the back nine with two under par 33. 

Tania Williams won the Guest prize on a good score of 32 points while in deference to his  wishes, J Okulu’s score for the Runner up Guest will not be mentioned.

Captain Keli Muindi won the Best First Nine with 20 points whereas Peter Barnard and Ijaz Sheikh tied for the Best Second Nine on a very good score of 23 points,  requiring further count back.

Ijaz  played out better golf on the first three holes, picking up 3 points on the 10th and 11th and a haul of 4 points off a birdie on the 12th, finished with 13 on the last six holes whereas crucially Peter reserved his better play on the last six holes, claiming 4 points on the 13th and 3 on the 16th earning 15 points to  beat Ijaz.

The prizes for the Longest Drive were claimed by Willie Mbote off the men’s tee and Susan Stokes off women’s.

Jackson Maalu landed his tee shot just a foot and seven inches from the hole  to take the Neatest to the Pin  prize and Alice Wahome took it off the ladies tee landing 8’ 5’’.

Paul Cummins was recognized for his Best Effort.

Standard Group were in attendance in full force, representatives from their various publications and media addressed the assembled crowd at the prize giving, at the end of an enjoyable golfing day, when every player and caddy received the sponsor’s T-shirt, lunch time soup, tea and dinner with complimentary drinks were  laid out for the players to round off the day.

Many thanks for all that and we look forward to next year!

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