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Coastweek -- Seen [from right] is the School Director Fatih Akdogan, Tanweera Muhammed, Mvita MP Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir handing over certificates of merits, Taheeya Mohamed and Teacher Najma Abdallah.
Gold Medals for Qubaa Muslim School Mombasa

Coastweek -- Qubaa Muslim School located in Mombasa County has managed to bring three gold medals and eight silver medals in International World Scholar Cup in Thailand to Kenya.

The success brought to Kenya by two Muslim girls made Mvita MP. Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir visit the school and award them certificates of merits for their exemplary performance.

World Scholar’s Cup is an international team academic tournament involving primary and secondary scholars with students participating from over 40 countries.

Qubaa Muslim School students achieved the thirteenth position countrywide and thus qualified for the global round in Thailand.

In the global round there were 1150 teams with more than 270 teams from Africa but after a vigorous competition, two sisters, Taheeya Mohammed and Tanweera Mohammed bagged 11 medals - three gold and eight silver medals and emerged 6th position in Africa.

The World Scholar’s Cup offered an incredible opportunity to these two amazing girls who emphatically discussed the theme of the year “an imperfect world” which fit well with the problems bedevilling today’s society.

Qubaa Muslim School is providing holistic education and thus making a whole round student ready to face the ever changing world.

This dynamism has made the school participate in this year world scholar’s cup in the Republic of Thailand.

Qubaa Muslim School has a pool of professionally trained caregivers with a vast of experience and teaching acumen ready to produce problems solvers.

Director, Mr. Fatih Akdogan says, “We believe that the each individual student possess the potential to make it in life and that’s why we have the different clubs such as debate and public speaking which have provided the base needed to produce refined speakers such as our very own Taheeya Mohamed and Tanweera Mohamed.

“We support projects that nourish young minds. One of the recent clubs that is being initiated is “robotic club”.”

Tanweera Mohamed says “The school’s curriculum is the reason for our success.

“We are encouraged by the Project Office which most schools don’t have.

“Therefore we managed to join the global round”.

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