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NAIROBI (Xinhua)-- Chinese actors perform a tibetan dance during the 2016 Cultures of China Festival of Spring Chinese New Year celebration performance at Moi International Stadium in Nairobi. XINHUA PHOTO - SUN RUIBO

Talented Chinese artists provide excellent performance in Nairobi

NAIROBI (Xinhua) -- Leading Chinese performing artists who included opera singers, acrobats, dancers and instrumentalists on Sunday entertained a mammoth crowd in Nairobi.
Chinese Ambassador to Kenya, Liu Xianfa and senior Kenyan officials graced the concert where traditional and classical music from the Asian giant enlivened the audience who filled an indoor arena.

In his opening remarks, Liu said the music concert was part of a series of activities that have been lined up to promote Sino-Kenya cultural cooperation.

The Chinese Embassy in conjunction with businesses and expatriates based in Kenya has launched a new initiative to promote friendship with host communities.

According to Ambassador Liu, China is committed to enhance its partnership with Kenya in key areas like education, culture, trade, infrastructure development and environmental conservation.

The Nairobi concert was part of the Chinese spring festival events that has been observed in different parts of the world.

Kenya is among Sub-Saharan African countries that host a large number of Chinese expatriates and corporations hence the ongoing initiatives to enhance interaction among people from diverse cultural background.

Charles Sunkuli, the Principal Secretary in the ministry of environment and natural resources said the Nairobi musical concert was a testimony that Sino-Kenya cultural diplomacy had blossomed.



NAIROBI (Xinhua) — A Chinese actress performs a dance at Moi International Stadium in Nairobi. XINHUA PHOTO - SUN RUIBO

"Holding a music concert in Nairobi that was headlined by Chinese artists was a noble idea. It reaffirmed the resolve to strengthen interactions with the Chinese society," Sunkuli remarked

The Kenyan government will support initiatives that promote ties with China in diverse areas like culture, education and ecological protection.

Sunkuli observed that as an ancient civilization, China has a rich culture that has spread in all parts of the world.

"As a country, we are committed to elevate cultural diplomacy with China to new heights," Sunkuli remarked, adding that the Kenyan society has gradually appreciated Chinese culture

Chinese artists not only made a sterling performance but also exposed a rich and authentic culture to the Kenyan society.

Beatrice Elachi, a nominated senator said the Nairobi concert offered vital lessons on how Kenya should promote its indigenous culture.

"I was impressed by Chinese musicians and acrobats whose performance was electrifying," said Elachi, adding that Kenya has learned lessons from China on how to nurture and promote local culture.



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