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Coastweek -- The girls team [left] of Aga Khan Academy take the first place, Oshwal Academy Mombasa second and Braeburn Mombasa International takes the third place while the boys team [right] of Aga Khan Academy takes the first place, Bandari Swim Club second and Oshwal Academy Mombasa takes the third place with Coach Kingori and Coach Malik.
Aga Khan Academy Wins Top Trophies In
CASA Open Junior Swim Championships

Coastweek -- Coast Amateur Swimming Association (CASA) hosted its Junior swimming gala at The Aga Khan Academy on the 7th of November 2015.

The two day gala received entries from Aga Khan Academy Mombasa, Oshwal Academy Mombasa, Braeburn Mombasa International, Busy Bee School, Mombasa Academy, Bandari Swim Club, Blue Ocean Swim Club, Dolphins Swim Club, Kivukoni Creek Club, Jaffery Academy Mombasa and Tudor Swimming Club.

The nine years and under swimming meet was the last gala for the present academic term.

Tugi Mwige, Ivan Hart, Sathyam Gohil, Alexandra Hart, Ameir Muravej, Lisa Serem, Ava Devan, Ryan Pasta and Samira Gulamali from The Aga Khan Academy Mombasa, scooped twenty two gold medals, eleven silver medals and seven bronze medals for their school.

Oshwal Academy Mombasa was awarded three gold medals, ten silver medals and fifteen bronze medals through Michelle Otieno, Natasha Thuranira, Emma Wambui, Faris Balala, Tshomela Muriuko, Deeya Shah, Dhairyan Shah, Imani Waganagwa and Moosajee Mohamed.

Hakeem Salim Kitendo, Ally Jamal, Haadiyah Jamal, Tariq Salim Kitendo, Brown Mitsanze, Eddy Wambuguand Erick Wambugu received eight gold medals, ten siver medals and ten bronze medals for their club, Bandari Swim Club.

Mombasa Academy scooped six gold medals, one silver medal and one bronze medal through its swimmers, Duini Caffini, Iqbaal Bayusuf and Aayan Natha.

Lubaina Islam Ali, Neema Ruwa, Van Acroschot Robine, Willa Barnett, Max Rippon and John Southward achieved a total of two gold medals, six silver medals and five bronze medals for their school, Braeburn International Mombasa.

Blue Ocean Swim Club were awarded three gold medals, two silver medals and two bronze medal through its swimmers Maria Bianchi.

Jaffery Academy Mombasa received two gold medals and three silver medals from Aliredha Gulamabbas, Mohammed Khazim and Khaku, Abdulazizi Mohammed.

Ameena Walji, Aryan Joseph and Zahida won one silver and two bronze medals for their club, Dolphin Swim Club.

Sam Davies won one gold medal and one bronze medal for his club, Kivukoni Creek Club.

Tudor Swimming Club received one bronze medal through Triumph Hekima.

The girl’s team of Aga Khan Academy won with 200 points, followed by Oshwal Academy Mombasa with 196 points, third place was awarded by Braeburn Mombasa International with 93.50 points.

Fourth place was given to Busy Bee School with 75 points, Mombasa Academy took fifth Place with 60 points.

With 43 points, Bandari took sixth place, Blue Ocean Swimming Club gained seventh place with 41.50 points, eighth place went to Dolphins Swim Cub with 25 points and with eleven points, Kivukoni took ninth place.

In the boy’s category, The Aga Khan Academy also took first position with 217 points, Bandari was awarded second place with 189 points and Oshwal Academy took third place with 127 points.

Fourth place was given to Jaffery Academy Mombasa with 122 points, while Braeburn Mombasa International got fifth pace with 35 points.

The sixth position was awarded to Busy Bee School with 32 points, Mombasa Academy took seventh place with 27 points, Tudor Swimming Club took eighth place with 16 points, Kivukoni Creek Club took ninth place with 12 points and with 9 points, Dolphin Swim Club took tenth place.

During the same gala, CASA were pleased to have had time trials for their senior swimmers where 11 National records and 13 CASA records were broken.

Emily Muteti broke the first National record in the 200m Butterfly which was being held by herself at an old time of 2:24.78.

She breaks three categories with her record, the All Commers, Open and 16 and Over category, the new record is now being held at 2:21.12.

Emily’s second National record was the 100m Butterfly which she was holding in the All Comers and 16 and Over Category at a time of 1:05.94. Achieng Ajulu-Bushell was holding the same event in the Open category with a time of 1:05.51.

The new record now is being by Emily is all the three categories at a time of 1:03.43.

The third National record broken by Emily was the 200m Individual Medley in the All Comers and 16 and Over category.

The records were held by herself and now rest at 2:27.94 after cutting off a second. She automatically holds the CASA record in all the above events in their respective categories.

Maahir Harunani went out to break the Boys All Comers National record of the 200m Butterfly which was being held by Abdulmajid Kadernani.

The new record of 2:13.36 erases the old record of 2:15.84. He also hold the CASA record in the same event and category,

The Girls 10/11 years 50m Backstroke National record was eliminated by Tiana Vora when she set a new time of 36.34, breaking the old time of 36.41 of Sharmee Shah which has been held since 2006.

The CASA record for the 200m backstroke was also improved by herself and sets it at a time of 2:52.94, missing the National record which is 2:52.57.

In the Boys 10/11 years category, Kunaal Khagram broke the 200m Freestyle record which was being held by his brother Karan Khagram at a time of 2:28.22, now stands at a new time of 2:27.84.

CASA is very proud of the achievements attained by their swimmers showing dedication and commitment to the sport; not to forget the positive support from their coaches and parents..

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